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Chapter 9:

Sam fell into Dean's arms. It took everything Dean had to hold his baby brother up, but Dean wasn't about to drop him. He held him tightly and scooted backwards until he was propped up against the wall. He ran his fingers through Sam's hair.

"You did good kiddo. I'm so proud. Dad would be too." Dean's voice came out in a whisper. "You rest now." Dean knewSam was just wore out from saving them. He knew it. But he couldn't keep the worry from building up. Sam had been so powerful. Could it have hurt him? Did the demon hurt him? No. "You're fine, right Sammy?" Sam didn't answer. "Yeah, you'll be fine." Dean smiled and leaned his head against the wall. He was mentally and physically tired. He was finding it harder and harder to breathe. He could taste the blood in his mouth. At first he was afraid that if he closed his eyes, he wouldn't open them again. And the thought of Sam waking up and finding him dead broke his heart. So he fought. Once again he pushed away death for Sammy. He had to be here when he woke up. Even death could wait.

But as time passed and Sam refused to rise, Dean was finding it harder and harder to hold on. Finally he could fight no more. His body had given up. He bowed his head down toward Sam's ear and whispered, "I hate to say this again little brother, but I'll see you on the other side." With that his eyes closed and his head fell, the darkness finally took him.

"Sam...Sam, it's time to wake up. You've rested long enough. Sam."

The voice was soft and sweet, like a melody floating along the breeze.

"Come now Sam, you're brother needs you."

Suddenly his eyes shot open. At first his dazed mind didn't comprehend where he was. Then it hit him, like a hammer. He was laying in Dean's arms. Dean's eyes were closed.

"Sam. You're okay now. You did good, but it's time to help your brother."

Sam's eyes darted up, and in front of him Angela was standing.

"Get away from me!" He snapped, jumping up, regretting it when his head began to spin.

"Take it easy Sam. I mean you no harm. That was not me you saw earlier." She smiled. "You did wonderful Sam. You saved your brother and you got rid of the demon. Your brother was so proud of you."

"Was?" Sam looked to Dean. He was pale and his body lay limply against the wall. He looked dead. He knelt and felt for a pulse. It was there, but he could barely find it, and it was too slow. Sam began to panic.


Sam spun around to look at Angela.

"Don't panic. You need to be strong a little longer. You can still save him...And I might be able to help. If you will let me. I owe you, at least that."

Sam studied her for a moment. She seemed sincere, and he didn't sense any evil left in the cabin. "What can you do?"

"I cannot heal him completely, but I may be able to repair some of the damage. Enough to at least stop the bleeding. But he is going to need time to heal, and he needs the strength and will power to live now."

Sam snorted, "Believe me, he'll live. If you can help him somewhat so that I can take care of him, he'll fight." But then the realization hit him hard. The memory of what happened before he fought the demon off. The vision of his brother holding a gun to his head. Ready to die, to kill himself. Sam shook his head. No, he'll fight. He doesn't have a choice. He knelt down beside Dean and whispered in his ear. "Listen to me big brother. I know you're tired. But we're alive and that bastard's gone. But I still need you Dean. You hear me? I need you, here. Don't you let go yet. Angela's gonna help, let her help Dean. Please, I'm begging you."

He stood, "Please do whatever you can."

Angela smiled and knelt beside his big brother. She placed her hands over him and a brilliant light filled the room. Sam held his breath. After only a few minutes the light faded and she stood. "I've stopped the internal bleeding and a few other things. But he needs to fight now Sam. I've done all I can. I wish both of you boys peace. And thank you."

"For what?" Sam asked.

She smiled, "For setting me free. When you killed the demon you released his hold here. I am free to move on now. Be safe Sam. " She looked at Dean and smiled and then back to Sam. "Take care of each other. Your big brother loves you very much Sam. And so does your father. Never forget that." And with that she was gone.

Sam went to Dean. He prayed Angela had been able to help him enough. He swallowed the lump that was forming in his throat and fought back the tears. He wasn't going to cry right now. His brother was still alive. He was going to be strong, just like Dean would.

"Damn it Dean. I sure wish you'd wake up, cause I'm getting a little tired of being in charge." He laughed, "Can you believe I just said that? After all my bitching." Come on Dean, he thought, I know you have a smart ass reply to that. When he got no response he bent and lifted his brother as gently as he could and headed towards one of the bedrooms. "I'm sure you wouldn't want to stay here right now, but I don't think I can carry your ass outta here for a day hike. So we're going to stay here. For a little while. Okay Dean?" He gently laid his brother down on one of the beds. "I'm going to fix you up and then we'll walk out together. I promise."

Sam patched his brother up as good as he could, with the first aid kit they had packed and what little he found in the cabin. Dean was still in bad shape. He was pale, the bruises were beginning to show brightly now, and he was taking slow shallow breaths. Sam's mind was overwhelmed with fear and uncertainess. He had officially bit off every fingernail till there was nothing left to bite. He prayed over and over for Dean to wake up.

He didn't want to stay in that cabin anymore. All he wanted to do was escape. The demon was gone, but his mind went back to what Angela had said. This place was still a gateway for evil. The longer they stayed the longer they were still in danger. And suddenly, as just an ugly reminder, he heard the low growl outside the window. His head snapped up. That fucking dog. Giving his brother a quick look, Sam stood and sprung into action. If they couldn't leave yet, then he was going to make sure they were safe.

He ran through the cabin making sure every window and door was shut. Then he picked up the shotgun and made sure it was loaded. He then went to the front window and opened it, taking aim. Waiting. Waiting for the beast to come around. It was time for that fucking thing to die. Then he would take care of the rest of the cabin. He was going to end the reign of evil here. Once and for all.

The dog rounded the corner, it's red eyes glowing, even in the daylight. It was even uglier in the daylight too. It lifted it's head and made a sniffing motion. It smelled Sam. But he didn't care. It wasn't going to get close. One shot was all he needed. And that was all it took. Just as the beast's eyes landed on him and it bared it's teeth, Sam fired. Only a small yelp escaped it, then it lay dead. Sam smiled and closed the window. And as he turned he thought of what his brother would say at that moment, then he turned back and looked at the dog and said, "Cujo's dead."

With his mind set and a thousand thoughts swirling through his mind, Sam set about the task of cleansing the cabin. The first place he headed was the basement. When he first walked in he froze. His brothers blood was still on that fucking torture table. Visions flashed before him of what had transpired here. With a flash of anger he picked up an axe that was in the corner and went about destroying the room like a mad man. He chopped the table and chopped and chopped until it was nothing but splinters. He destroyed the alter and broke everything he could possible break. As he did he let out his rage and frustration and anger and sadness. He screamed and screamed. He released every emotion that had been pent up inside for so long. He cursed the evil of the world, he cursed his father, and he even cursed Dean.

Finally, his arms heavy, and emotionally exhausted, he dropped the axe and fell to floor. His chest was heaving and his head was pounding. But he felt like a weight had been lifted off his shoulders. It felt so good to release that anger. As he looked around the room, a small sarcastic laugh escaped his lips. Boy, he did some damage. He really was holding a lot in, wasn't he? If only Dean could see him now.
He wanted to check on his brother, but he had to finish this first. He took what salt was left and the lighter fluid and headed to the tunnel. With a feeling of disgust he gathered all of the bones into the center and burned them. The smoke filled the room causing him to gag, but he knew it would eventually head out the hole Sam had found yesterday. Was it yesterday? He couldn't even remember now. Satisfied that the bones had burned enough, he went through the cabin and began reciting blessing prayers and protection prayers.

When he was finished, Sam let out a sight of satisfaction. It would be okay now. He went to the bedroom and found Dean in the same way he left him. His eyes dropped to the floor. But he had no more tears to shed. Instead he walked to the bed and went to the other side. Softly he laid down next to his brother and fell asleep.

"Sam." Came the hoarse voice. Sam rolled over and groaned.

"Leave me alone Dean, I'm tired." He mumbled.

"Sammy. Wake up." The voice tried to sound tough, but it was still just a whisper.

"Come on Dean," Sam whined. Then suddenly with eyes wide he shot up. "Dean! You're awake!" He shook his head trying to shake away the sleep. He was still next to Dean. How long had he been asleep? Who cares, Dean was awake. "Hey man, how are you feeling?"

Dean blinked his eyes a few times, tryinig to focus. A small smile formed on his dry lips, "Like I got hit by a freakin' big rig."

Sam laughed, his smile spreading over his entire face. "God it's good to hear your voice."

Dean nodded, "Glad to hear yours too Sammy." He coughed a little.

Sam jumped up to get him some water. "You need to drink some, but slowly." He held the cup to Dean's lips and let him take a few sips. He still couldn't erase the smile from his face.

Dean rolled his eyes, "Good god Sammy, would you wipe that stupid grin off your face."

Sam laughed. "Get over it. Cause right now I'm so happy I could literally jump for joy."

Dean laughed softly. He took his eyes away from Sam and stared at the wall before him. They were still in the cabin he realized.

"Dean, something wrong?" Sam asked, getting nervous at the way Dean was staring off into space. "Dean?"

Dean cleared his throat, still not looking at Sam, and said, "I just wanted to say...uh...thanks. For saving my life."

Sam didn't respond. Did he really just get a thank you from his big brother?

"You did good kid. I...uh...I just wanted to say...I was damn proud of you. You were amazing little brother. You saved our asses."

Sam sat on the bed and blocked Dean's view of the wall with his face. "I only did what you would do." Sam said and smiled. Dean just looked at him, but then slowly he smiled too.

"Yeah, well...I don't think I could have done what you did, but I get what you mean. By the way, where the hell did all that come from freak?"

Sam let the word 'freak' slip past him. His brother wasn't trying to be mean. He shrugged his shoulders, "Don't know. It just came out."

"Remind me not to piss you off anymore." Dean laughed. But he stopped quickly when he saw Sam's face turn serious again. "What?"

Sam stood and paced back and forth for a moment then turned back, and with as much control as he could he said, "I have a question for you big brother. What the fuck did you think you were doing?"

"Excuse me?" Dean raised his eyebrows.

"Putting a fucking gun to your head? Ring a bell? Wanna explain Dean?"

Dean blushed slightly, of course Sam would be freaking out about that. Then he laughed.

"What the hell are you laughing at you jerk!" Sam yelled.

"It was a bluff Sammy. That's all."

"That's all? No that's not all, cause see I seem to remember that if I hadn't stopped it you were pulling the trigger. Again, what the hell?"

"Sammy, calm down. Like I said, it was a bluff." When Sam still didn't get it, Dean smiled and said, "There were no bullets in the gun doofus. A bluff. Get it now?"

Sam exhaled loudly. "You freakin jerk! You scared the hell out of me!"

Dean, still laughing, said "Come on now Sammy boy, you didn't really think I'd bail on you, did you?"

"I didn't exactly know what to think. How was I supposed to know. I'm not a freakin mind reader Dean."

Dean cocked an eyebrow, "Maybe not yet... but after this..."

Sam lightly punched him in the arm. "Shut up. You need to eat. We've still got some granola bars left. I'll be right back." Sam got up to leave the room then turned around and smiled at Dean, all his anger gone again. "I love you Dean. I wouldn't know what to do without you."

Dean sighed and rolled his eyes, "That's sweet Samantha. Wanna bring back a bucket so I can puke?" He laughed.

"Yeah, fuck you too." Sam laughed and left the room. Leave it to the Winchesters to find the most screwed up ways to say I love you.

The End