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"Okay," Raven said as she set her book down. "We're watching what movies?"

"The porn!" Starfire said cheerfully as she threw the what seemed like thousands of DVDs.

The whole gang peered over to the coffee table which held the movies.

"Uh," Beastboy said, drooling slightly, "Do you, uh, KNOW what porn is?"

"Well," Starfire began as she thought deeply, "when I got to the movie store, I asked the guy there what he suggeseted. He mumbled something about Paris Hilton porn. I said, 'what is that?' and he smiled and said 'Go check the back left corner'. So ... that's how I got these!"

Raven rolled her eyes.

"Well," Cyborg said, "should we send her back, or should we just watch them?"

Beastboy, already completely drooling over the censored covers began to speak. "Yes ..." he sort of groaned.

"Are you sure?" Raven asked. "It could be bad for Beastboy's health."

"Please," Starfire said, giving the puppy dog pout to Robin. "I would like to find out what the 'porn' is."

Robin sighed. "Allright. But only ONE video."

AAA 13 andA HalfHours Later AAA

"Did we watch them all?" Cyborg said, tongue hanging out.

"A few left," Raven said as she bit her lip. She was having a major orgasm moment.

" Put. Them. In." Beastboy said, eyes twinkling.

"This is very interesting!" Starfire said perfectly allright to Robin. Robin was doing shifty eyes at Starfire.

"I know," Robin said, licking his lips.

"It looks sort of like fun, too!" Starfire said.

Robin smirked, completely horny. "You wanna go try it?"

Starfire smiled and crossed her hands. "Would you REALLY do that for me, friend Robin?"

"Sure." Robin said, his mind completely in the gutter. "Your room or mine?"

"Mine please," Starfire said as she stood up. "Good bye friends, me and Robin are going out to try the 'porn'."

Starfire flew up to the room. Robin turned to Cyborg. "Yeah!" Cyborg said as he and Robin did knuckles. "Bang her," Cy said as he crossed his legs and set them on the table.

"You know I will!" Robin said smiling as he walked out.

"You guys are awful," Raven said as she crossed her arms.

Beastboy snapped outta his condition and turned to Raven. "Rae," Beastboy said as he did a charming/pathetic look. "You wouldn't last FIVE MINUTES in sex."

"Oh really?" Rae said as she uncrossed her arms and stood up.

"Yeah," Beastboy said, standing up too. Cyborg, catching the hint something was gonna happen, stood up and turned off the t.v.

"I"m goin' to bed," Cyborg said as he left the room.

"Night," Rae and BB said at the same time, as they circled each other, anger and annoyance in their eyes.

AAA Star and Robin AAA

Robin knocked on Starfire's door and walked in. Starfire was putting up her dolls and turned to see Robin in the doorway. He held up a plastic bag.

"What's in the bag?" Starfire asked as Robin entered the room and the door shut behind him.

"Oh, it's things to make it more fun." Robin smirked. He set the bag down on the bed. "Would you like to start now?"

"Oh yes," Stafire said, as she pulled her boots off. Robin rested his hands on her shoulders.

"Don't worry," Robin said smiling as he looked her over, "I'll do it for you."

Starfire smiled. "Well that's very considerate of you ..." she sat down on the bed as Robin began to lick her neck. She layed down compeltely as Robin grabbed the shirt and pulled it off. He then tugged on her skirt and pulled it down, leaving her in her undergarments. He reached for the bra when he was interupted.

"What about you?" Star said as she sat up. "Can I take off your clothes?"

Robin smiled. "Of course you can." She grabbed his cape and threw it over. She leaned over and untucked his shirt with her mouth. She pulled it off and then grabbed his shoes and threw them to her corner. She unbuttoned the button and zipped down his zipper ... with her teeth. Robin sighed.

Why can't this happen EVERY day? Robin thought.

He and Starfire now only in their undergarments looked at each other. Starfire unhooked her bra and pulled it off and threw it aside. Robin stared at her breasts and took in every second of it. He leaned over and began sucking her right nipple. Starfire laid down and began to feel a pleasure on the bottom part of her.

While Robin was sucking her nipple he was biting on it lightly, and massaging the left on. He then threw his other leg over her. "Okay," Robin said, while holding Starfire down a little bit with his legs. "The undergarments come off next."

"Okay," Starfire said as she feintly smiled. "This is so much fun!" Robin nodded.

He grabbed the baggy and pulled out a condom and some liquid. He handed the liquid too her. "Here," he said as he leaned over and pulled her underwear down with his teeth. He looked at her vagina and then ripped off his own boxers.

"Wow," Starfire mumbled as she admired his penis. Robin leaned over and Starfire laid down but set her knees up. Robin licked down and began to lick her vaginal area.

Starfire moaned in pleasure. "Oh Robin," she said, and then giggled. She began to massage her boobs then grabbed his head and pushed it lightly to his area. Robin stuck his tongue in farther until Starfire had an orgasm. He then licked up to her pussy and then laid on his back. He picked Starfire's legs up and moved down, to where he could see her butt hole. He began to lick that, and Starfire laughed out loud.Robin removed from where he was and sat up.

"Should I not lick there?" He asked.

"Yes please," Starfire said. "That is my 'tickle spot'."

Robin shrugged and bent down to lick his vagina some more. Robin finally couldn't take it anymore. She got on her knees quickly and pushed Robin down on his back. She then moved down and down until finally, she was at his ... well, you know (a/n: lol). She then licked the testis and smiled. She then moved over to his penis and began to suck. She smiled as cum dipped down the side of her mouth. Robin smiled at her.

"More," Starfire said as she sucked. She sucked, and sucked, and she stuck her tongue in the head. Robin moaned. Robin leaned over and rubbed her hair.

"It's time," Robin said. He grabbed the little bottle of juice and injected it into her vagina. "Wait a few minutes," Robin said.

Starfire nodded and then leaned down to suck more cum.

"Are you swallowing it?" Robin asked, wondering where all the cum had gone.

"It tastes so good," Starfire said as she bent down for more. A few minutes later, Robin was laying on the bottom and Starfire on top, in a 69 position (for those of you that don't know what it is. the circles are heads and the lines are the rest of the body so ...)

While Starfire was licking and sucking Robin's cock, Robin was licking Starfire's vagina. Robin then sat up and Starfire smiled, mouth full of cum. She swallowed and jumped on Robin, as she began to explore Robin's mouth (while Robin exploring hers, finding some cum in little corners and tasting it for himself) Robin licked her. He grabbed the condom and put it on his penis.

Starfire laid down and put her knees up; ready for injection. She bit her lip.

"Ready to get fucked?" Robin asked.

Starfire giggled and said, "Fuck away!"

Robin aimed his penis and inserted. He repeated that a few times, while Starfire was being pushed back and forth.

"Fuck!" She yelled as she smiled and moaned. "Fuck! Fuck! FUCK!"

Robin then smiled and pushed his penis completely in.

"Ahh!" Starfire moaned. Robin sat their for a few seconds, his cock in her vagina, until Starfire grabbed it and forced it in more, so hard Robin fell over. He got back up and jumped on her. He kissed her, while sharing tongues, Robin injected in and out, not as hard and not as quick, and then turned her over. Robin aimed for her butthole and shot that in. He repeatedly did that until Starfire, using her force again, grabbed it and forced it back into her vagina. After a few more minutes of that, Robin pulled out and didn't go back in. He pulled his condom off and at the bottom, was a little bit of cum.

Starfire smiled happily, as Robin poored the cum all over her.

Suddenly, out of the bag, Robin pulled a popsicle. He licked it and then rubbed it over Starfire, sort of circling the cum. He then rubbed it near her pussy, taunting her. She reached over and grabbed the popsicle and put it in her mouth.

"You little mynx," Robin said, smiling.

Starfire laughed.

AAA Beastboy and Raven AAA

"How perverted can you get?" Raven yelled at Beastboy. "Your drooling over porn stars! They've probably fucked as many people as their are in Cuba!"

"Well," Beastboy said, fighting back, "I've never HAD sex before, so is it a CRIME to think it's interesting to WATCH it! It gives me ... kind of a mind strategy. How I could fuck someone and not get emotional about it."

"Whatever!" Raven said. "I bet you can't fuck to save your life!"

"OH really!" Beastboy said as he stood still. "I bet YOU can't fuck to save YOUR life!"

"OH yeah?" Raven said. "Well ... I'll show you."

"No ... " Beastboy said, "I'll show YOU."

Raven smiled and crossed her arm. "So ..." she said, "are we organizing a fuck?"

"Yes," Beastboy said, smiling, "I believe we are."

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