Title: WAIT! Do I have a twin sister…!

Summary: Let's say that a certain pink-hair girl didn't know she had a twin sister, and when she-her sister- stay in Konoha a lot of crazy events occur… Who even thought her twin sister would be a TOTALLY bad girl? SakuNeji; TwinSisSasu; others

Chapter One: Playful encounter.

It was a beautiful day in the morning as usual in Konoha since the peace between the Sound and it's allies had restored. There she was… a pink haired girl with a piece of map in her hand. "Konoha… yeah, here we're… let have some fun first…" she said at the sigh of the principal gates with a playful smile.

At the Hyuga Compound, there was a one of the hottest man in Konoha, without forgetting he was considered since a genin like a genius and a prodigy in the Hyuga clan.

He was in his unusual 2 hours' meditation, when it only takes Neji one hour to think in important subjects… Maybe you probably are wondering what subject of this particular morning is…

'… I can't believe she took my hair brush without my permission, even if she would have the appropriate education of ask me in this un-natural event I wouldn't give her my special hair brush. I assume when she come back she will have the gentleness to turn it back to me, not like my "Long Straight Hair Special Care New Formula" kit…She even has not long hair…'

He thought with a pronounce frown.

Yes. That was the subject, a really important subject in fact. His just perfect hair as he call it before go to bed, it was an old habit, fifteen minutes of "beauty talk" to his hair always, always work out he said. Of course, nobody excepting him and God knew about it. He will probably just kill if his manhood is questioned by anyone. 'It's only hair… and as part of myself I have the duty of take care of it as much as possible. That does definitely not estrange. Not. At. All.' He uses to think.

But there he was, thinking in essentials matters, sitting on one of the gardens when he saw passing by a certain pink haired girl in the main street in front of the compound.

'She must have return of the mission…but she seems different.' For sure, Neji, she is different.

The Hyuga followed her tracks from a considerate distance; let's say he wanted to surprise her friend in an original way, a.k.a. 'scared her till she shows his special hair brush in perfect conditions'.

'Mmm… interesting, someone is following me… Oh my, oh my, he is really hot… let's play his game…' She chuckled evilly. She really doesn't have good intentions with the white-pearl-eye guy. Nope.

She started to run to the thick forest knowing that the guy was still following her. She narrowed her bright green eyes at what it seems to be a training field. Actually by coincidence, it was the training field that Sakura and Neji use to train and spar till passed midnight.

"Here. It looks like a good place." She whispered to herself with a slyly smirk.

"Where is she going?" He groaned.

'That clearing… Maybe she wants to knock me out and keep my hair brush. I won't let you win like the last time, Haruno. You're officially in an induced coma state' He thought forming his everlasting smirk. And yes, years of friendship with the top medic-nin in the entire country, made him learn some after his many visits to the hospital half dead after ANBU missions. Sakura was his officially medic.

She stopped jumping from tree to tree just for lay under the shadow of an oak tree. She smirked and closed her eyes, putting her hands as pillows under her head.

"……" The Hyuga arrived with a non-expression face. As always he does. And he stood at her foot waiting something.

"……" But nothing came. Only a smooth breathing from the girl in front of him… and she was…

'Smirking?' A little vein popped up in the Hyuga 'almighty' forehead. He couldn't stand the awkward silence and Sakura's possible smirk… HE was the only one who smirks here!

Suddenly she applied a key to Neji's legs with her so flexible ones, stopping his train of thoughts.

"Now, you would not escape from me" She said… in a seductive voice?

"Wh--!" Neji felt on her. In a not-so-chaste position.

Neji's eyes were wide as saucers, and her eyes were… full of lust! Neji fell confused. Neji fell awkward. Neji fell like faint. But he wouldn't, he was the Hyuga. The prodigy. The genius. HE wouldn't faint in a situation like this. He tried to keep the rest of composure and dignity it had left.

"Sakura, what are you doing?" Neji said calmly.

"……" She chuckled… evilly. 'He knows my name? Interesting… Nobody told me Konoha would know about my arrival.'


And then she snaked her legs around Neji's waist pulling hard enough till the white-pearl-eye guy totally felt over her. She didn't lost time and put her arms around his neck, pulling him again, but this time to a deep French kiss. She obliged Neji to open his mouth. Neji's eyes got wide at this situation!

'Why is she behaving this way… I don't understand… maybe Sakura has a crush on me' So wise Neji, soo wise. But you are wrong!

He made a gigantic effort to push away the crazy girl and successfully, he could break the one-side kiss.

"Sakura, we need to talk… Don't laugh… Stop it. Stop---!" Neji said coldly before someone interrupted him. Guess who people.

"Neji?" Said Haruno Sakura with a quizzical look in her face and with a hint of what-the-hell-are-you-doing in her voice. Oh, yeah, she was mad. She was enraged, and didn't know why… exactly.

"Sakura? I thought you… her…" He said totally up side down, almost literally, watching the real Haruno stand right in from of them.

"Who are you!" Neji and Sakura said at the same time. Neji stood up next to Sakura with an unpleasant look. He was almost histerycal.

"Oh, well, fun it's over…" The girl said still in the ground giggling in a scary and sweet way.

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