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Chapter Eleven

It was time

Since the stressful confrontation with the sannin, two weeks passed like an eternity for the ones who's wounds had been recovering successfully but painfully slow. The two sisters—the twins, were in a coma state since they were transfered immediately to the nearby hospital, courtesy of the country all of them were in.

The Godaime Hokage herself couldn't miss this little party of nurses running every now and then, when her apprentice was involved as one of the main atraction—How could she?

The blond woman managed to become the head doctor, and nobody could blame her though, the two girls were in a pitiful state, that they were almost with one foot in the morgue room. The council of Konohagakure tried to stop the little trip with no avail for Tsunade-hime threatened them with make Maito Gai the Sixth Hokage. Fuming, they decided that this trip was the best choice they could make since green spandex was not the best election if a country wants to have allies that wouldn't laugh behind its back mimicking awfully 'nice poses'.

What Tsunade found in the Snow country put every knowledge of her in practice; both Sakura's had no chakra left, their chakra highways were no where to be found for were almost destroyed for the excess the girls put them through and because of that their internal organs suffered immensely if not the worse part. Fortunately, she, with a large group of medical specialists could untangle the mess before it was too late.

Tsunade frowned at the sight of the young women in the intensive care room.

She sighed concerned, maybe they wouldn't never wake up of that slumber; as a doctor she was prepared for that but as a teacher who was fond on her student, and even on her sister who always made her laugh with the bickering she and the Hyuuga prodigy usually—if not always held, she wasn't.

Like two prodigies, who's facial expressions were more unreadable as the days passed by watching that there was no improvement in the pink haired sisters.

- - - - - - - - - - - - -

It was the seventeenth day, and every Leaf shinobi were ordered to leave the Snow country for their wounds were to handle the trip back to their village. But whatever the Hokage could said, was nothing nor even a direct order that could move the carriers of the Sharingan and Byakugan from that country.


Some nurses started to run in the long hallway of the hospital like white flashes.

The machines in the intensive care room were beeping obnoxiously in an alarming way, snapping four eyes open in the outside of the room.

They saw their Hokage ran with the nurses inside, checking every monitor attached to the rosette haired beens, and saw after a pair of minutes that the Godaime had a smile on her face. The constant beeping fade away and two pair of green orbs opened slowly.

Neji and Sasuke kept observing from the glass wall and let escape a breath no one of them knew thwy were holding.

One of the nurses approached the young men with a impassive expression.

"Tsunade-sama says that you both can go in their for some minutes. They still need to rest." And with a bow she left with the other nurses.

When they came in, tired green eyes shone in the room, repairing hearts that were broken for the worry they were holding inside.

"I will leave you now," Tsunade smiled to the girls then turned to face the other ANBU members, "do not stress them or I will send you personally flying to Konoha", she scowled.

They nodded and the Hokage left.

Silence filled the white room, an awkward one; the ones who were not laying down in a bed didn't know exactly what to do. Sasuke and Neji wanted to get near them, but how?

They looked like two droplets of water.

Who was who? That was the question.

One of the girls sighed and guessed their predicament, even in their current state they didn't need to be a genius to wonder why they stood straight, like frozen, looking—

No. Almost glaring at them.


The dark long haired young man blinked in recognition and approached with a soften expression to her bed.

The bed of Haruno Sakura.

"I can't believe you" Other voice from the other bed said sounding a little irritated.

The raven haired young man with piercing onyx eyes approached her and sat down on a side of the bed.

The bed of Takeuchi Sakura.

- - - - - - - - - - - - -

Minutes passed and they could bring their talkative selfs in a complete activity trying to take out more than monosyllables from the remaining Leaf shinobi in that country.

Even if Neji was a little more open that the Uchiha heir, Sakura noticed that every word he spoke held something that was bothering him big time—she just couldn't guess what it was.

"So you and Sexy stay here watching us" Saku-chan smirked amused.

"Hn" Sasuke answered taking her hand in his.

Saku-chan glanced at her left, and watched intently the scowling face of the Hyuuga with the look on his tighten fist gripping on the covers of her sister's bed. Then looked at Sakura who was with a worry face trying to make more questions about the state of the others and the news about the village.

"Um, Sasuke..." Saku-chan called her boyfriend's attention with a helpless sweet little voice.


"would you help me go to the bathroom? You see, I can't by my own..." Saku-chan looked how Sasuke felt unease for the suddenly petition, and with a quick side glance she wished her sister could make Neji spit what was bothering him. Sexy you'd better do what I think you're going to do sooner or later...

Sasuke heaved a sigh and carried Saku-chan in his arms and the pink haired dragged the serum pole with her, heading to the bathroom that was crossing the hallway.

Sakura gave Neji a tired smile, "Neji what's going on with you? Are you tired? Maybe you need som—"

"I don't need to sleep" He interrupted her calmly, deepening his frown.

The medical ninja felt her rage arise and with a swift movement she covered herself with the blankets and turned her back to the white eyed young man.

"Then leave, I'm tired" She knew she was going to regret that the second she hears his steps nearing the door of the room.

But that never happened.


The petal haired felt how the bed moved at the other side for the new weight on it. She could feel the closeness of him, his warm... Her heartbeat was with every second quicker till she felt it stopped abruptly when Neji pushed behind her ear a lock of her short hair.

"What?" She asked softly without moving.

"Look at me"

Neji waited, but she never made an effort to change her position; he sighed trying to calm down, but his patience was wearing thin with the pass of the minutes.

"Sakura," Neji reached for her wrists and pulled them till she took a sitting position almost roughly.

"You're hurting me", Sakura looked down were their shadows became one.

"Look at me" The dark haired jounin lifted her face with two fingers till their eyes met.


"No. I'm the one who's talking." Damn his bossy self. Sakura cursed mentally, how he dare to boss her around like a dog? Was she a dog? Nuh huh.

The Hyuuga prodigy left her chin but never broke the eye contact with her, and started.

"When I saw you there in that state—"


"and saw their faces—"

"stop it—"

"looking at the both of you—"

I don't want to hear this now—"

"you, Sakura—"

"I'm having a headache—"

"laying there, so helpless,—"

"why now? After—"

"an annoying kunoichi—"

"all the time we spend as friends—"

"an important medic-nin, an important—"

"waiting for something—"

"person to this village—"

"to happen, that someday—"

"to her friends, to—"

"we, our friendship would—"

"me; you are one of my best friends—"

"grow more—"

"but I can't stand our current situation—"

"and when you were blue-pale that time—"

"anymore; Sakura—"

"I could not handle it for too much longer; Neji—"

"I love you" They said at same time and stared at each other, their hearts pounding hard that they could hear them beat in a rush pace. Sakura was opening and closing her mouth in bewilderment, no word could make it out of it, and Neji just failed for the first—and he thanked God that the Takeuchi and the Uchiha wasn't there to notice—to mask his feelings, the surprise was evident in every expression of his young and always handsome face. He would have jump over her if not that he would never permit such a behavior for his part. Hyuuga Neji was after all Hyuuga Neji and no 'I love you' form the object of his affection would stumble down a lifetime of self control.

But from the first start he met her, he was not that Hyuuga Neji anymore.

Blinking a few times, Sakura could manage a sweet smile and reached for his callous hand; Neji's gaze was soft even if he could reestablish his calm demeanor.

"I love you too, Neji" the medic-nin blushed a pretty shade of pink. The white eyed man pulled her in a swift movement into a hug, burying his face in her silky pink hair.

"I'm glad" Sakura could feel the smile in his face at the sound of his words.

A pink haired girl sighed dreamily from the open door, "It was time! I was just so fucked up for to much crap between the two of you that I was sicking till death—

"Shut up" The raven haired man next to her, holding her by the waist used his free hand to clap it on his girlfriend's mouth while a smirk graced his features at the sight of the new formed couple.

Saku-chan freed herself from Sasuke's grip staggering for her weak legs, trying to walk to their side; the pink haired opened her arms, "Sexy welcome to the family!"

And she tripped.

Face first.

"Told you. You can't do anything without me" The Uchiha approached her tiny frame that was shaking in anger and pulled her up smoothly.

"Aren't you supposed to behave as my boyfriend?" The Takeuchi hissed rubbing her face.


Saku-chan opened her mouth to talk back, but the Uchiha did it first, "I wouldn't be your boyfriend anymore"


"You're going to marry me"

"Oh...", She blinked when the words sank in, "W-what?"

"You would be my wife"

"Who-Who says that!" The pink haired started to panic.

"You don't want it?"

"I... I-I..."

"What?" This time Sasuke sounded a little annoyed.

"I am going to be your wife, as Sasuke Uchiha's wife?"

"Who else"

The Takeuchi looked at her right searching for her sister green orbs, "I'm going to be his wife?", she asked poking the Uchiha's chest.

Sakura giggled, "That seems", and Neji pulled her closer.

Sasuke sighed exasperated and ran a hand in his spiky hair, "Are you done", he stated.

The Takeuchi faced him with a priceless expression, "Yes, I do—I mean, I am", she stuttered. Sasuke smirked.

"Wait till the ceremony"

And they disappeared through the door once again.

This time Sakura sighed dreamily, "A wedding is around the corner..."

"Maybe two", Sakura raised her pink brows at the long haired man holding her.



"Not yet"

"Why?", he narrowed his white eyes, "Have some other in mind?"


"Then, wh—"

Sakura pulled him from the hem of his shirt, "Shh, just kiss me", she whispered with a seductive smile, and he obeyed.

Minutes later, Neji broke the kiss panting slightly, "Sakura,"


"I saw my hairbrush..."

Sakura gulped.


"Ne-Neji, I—", The Godaime's apprentice stammered.

"You will pay for that," The ANBU captain tightened his arms around her, "now", and a triumphal smirked appeared in his face.

The End

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