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Today is a snowy day in Ivalice, just like the other days. Seems that Ivalice never have any sunny day, when there's no snow, no ice.

A white-haired girl sitting on a chair in a class room, looking at the window. She seems bored, since she looks sleepy. One of her friends, the blond-haired boy, looking at her with curiosity. She doesn't notice him at all.

"Radiuju, I know you're smart, but if you keep not paying attention to my lessons, your grades gonna get down," the teacher protested the blond-haired boy. He just smiled, then pretends that he is paying attention to the lesson. After some minutes, he looks at the girl again.

"Marche, are you stupid? If the teacher caught you again, you may get a punishment!" a brown-haired boy warned the blond-haired boy with whisper.

"I know, but he explains things I already know, Mewt," Marche replied. Mewt sighed. He knows his friend is smart, but sometimes he is a very lazy bum.

The school bell rang and the kids are running out from class. The white-haired girl just walked slowly, she seems pretty disappointed. "Hey, Ritz, wanna go to the library with us?" Marche asked. Ritz shakes her head.

"No, thanks. You two can go without me," she answered. Marche realized there's something strange of Ritz. She is really not herself today.

"Let's go, Marche," Mewt called.

"You go first, Mewt. I got some business to attend."

Mewt shrugs his shoulders, and then he walks out from school.

"Are you all right, Ritz?" Marche asked in worried tone. Ritz nods, but then she shakes her head.


"What happened to you? You can tell me your problems. We're friends, aren't we?"

Yeah, we're FRIENDS, Ritz thought.

"Nothing at all, Marche. Well, actually…"

"What is it?"

"I… I'm not pretty, am I not?"

Marche is being speechless when he heard that.

"Wh... Why do you think like that?"

"…Today, before you and Mewt come to school, some girls are talking to me. They said I'm not cute, I'm not pretty, I... I…" Now she looks like she wants to cry.

"Ritz, you must ignore them! You know all they said all wrong!"

"But it's true. I'm not pretty, Marche. I know it. Only fools fell in love with me."

"Then I'm a fool," Marche caresses Ritz' cheek, he kissed her gently, then he resumed, "… for being fell in love with you."

Ritz can't speak. She's too surprised. Her face all red, like tomatoes. Marche's just the same. Both of them are speechless for some minutes.


"…Do I need any reason for being fall in love with you?"


"You must know that you're beautiful, Ritz. You're my only love. Only."

"Marche, I…" her tears are falling down.

"Don't cry. I don't mean to hurt you… I... I'm sorry…"

"No… I'm so happy, Marche, that my love loves me too."


"Of course! And you're really a fool, falling in love with me…"

"I know I am."

"Oh, Marche!"

Ritz hugs Marche and he replied to her hug.

I know I'm a fool…

for being in love with you.

But I know that even I'm a fool…

love is still a love.

The End


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