The Haunted Circus

Note to the readers: This fic takes place after the TV series, and a month after The

Ghost Hunt Continues fanfic. Since the said fic is in the M rated category, I will give you

some brief description on what took place during and after the aforementioned fanfic, as

well as to who will be appearing in this fic:

A) Hajime, Momoko and Leo are schoolmates at Seirin High. Satsuki was enrolled at

another high school near her old elementary school so that when classes are over,

she will fetch Keiichirou, who is still studying at elementary. When Leo and

Hajime met Momoko again after two years of being apart, Hajime felt smitten by

her beauty and charms, while Leo sense something in Hajime that he never felt

before. Following the events that happened during and after The Ghost Hunt

Continues, Hajime and Leo are now in second year while Momoko is in third

year. Momoko has since recovered from that incident, and she and Hajime

became closer friends than before.

B) Momoko's classmates, Natsumi Nomura, Aya Asimiya and Fuko Funaki are

also in third year, and are still Momoko's classmates. Became members of Ghosts At

School gang (A name of their group. In the Philippines, they are referred as

barkada) after meeting Hajime and Leo. Became Momoko's staunch friends after

witnessing the first ghost that tried to take Momoko's life.

C) Amanojako returns to the real world and again took possession of Kaia, but this

time as an ally of the G. A. S. gang. He told the gang the reason why he was awakened

again and sent back to earth is that two more ghosts are still roaming

around Japan, and that Hajime and Momoko are still in danger of being targeted

by the two ghosts, since Amanojako couldn't disclose what type of ghosts the two

ghosts are and why they are targeting the two teenagers. What's even more

complicating is that Satsuki's ghost diary remained in blank form.

D) Hajime's feeling for Momoko keeps growing stronger during and after The

Ghost Hunt Continues fanfic. Even though he was now closer to Momoko, he still

couldn't tell her his feelings since he still sees her as an elder sister to him. He was

afraid that she may hate him if he tells her his feelings, and that he wasn't sure if

courting her is the right thing to do, considering that she is in third year while he

in second year. Age was another reason for his hesitation, for Momoko is 15 and

Hajime is 13. The G. A. S. gang are now becoming more aware of this and uses

this as a way of poking fun at him and Momoko.

E)Even Momoko wasn't entirely sure if Hajime was showing signs of falling for

her, but she slowly sees him as more than just a little brother, but put those feelings

aside after her brush with her first, and now, ex-boyfriend. She felt that she wasn't

quite ready yet for another relationship.

F) Two foreign ghosts will make a guest appearance in this fic and they are from DC

Comics: Boston Brand (aka Deadman) and the Spectre.

G) And if Boston Brand is there, so is the Batman! ): (yeah, The


H) Some members of the Justice League will be making one-shot appearances in

certain chapters.

I) There will be some anime characters guest-starring in this fic as well. You'll just

have to wait. :P

J) This time this fic is rated T. For violence and little blood.

Disclaimer: Gakkou no Kaidan is owned by Aniplex and Fuji Television. Boston Brand

and Batman, as well as other Batman characters are owned by Bob Kane and DC Comics.

Spectre and others are owned by DC Comics. Justice League is owned by DC Comics

and Warner Bros. (If you don't know about it go to Type on the

search engine "Justice League Unlimited".)

Chapter 1: The Amusement Park

July 2006. 2:00 pm. Saturday. Tokyo Amusement Park. Many people were scattered all

over the park. Men, women, children, students, couples, friends, name them all. They

were everywhere. At the queue stand buying tickets for rides. Some buying foods. Some

are even playing games to win prizes. It was a busy day. And two friends are going to

make most of it just to enjoy, to have fun. Hajime and Momoko were walking around the

park, seeing a lot of people enjoying. Hajime was carrying some food and hotdogs while

Momoko was carrying a huge teddy bear that Hajime won from a game booth. Hajime

then gave the teddy bear to Momoko, saying that the prize was really meant for her. Both

of them had fun riding some of the most exciting rides, having good laughs riding on the

bump cars, and getting wet when riding on the log jam (a roller coaster-like ride in which

a passenger is riding on a log boat, descends down a hill, getting wet by being splashed

when landing on the pond). Hajime was happy that taking Momoko to the theme park

was a good way of making her forget the ordeal she had been through, when being

targeted by Charles Bradezuka as his latest victim. It turns out that Charles was a ghost,

taking the form of a human, absorbing life energies from his victims, who were female

high school students, by first courting them. When they become a couple, he took them to

a secluded place, hypnotizing them then slowly absorbs them while making love to the

victims. After killing his victims, he then stores them in various abandoned houses, then

finds more victims he fancied at. Thanks to Hajime's concern, and a little jealousy, as

well as his instincts, he was able to discover Charles' dark secret, and, with help from his

friends, he was able to rescue Momoko, saving her life. In the process Charles and his

mother were killed by Kaia and Charles' victims, who were the souls of the 80 female

high school students that he killed (by which they took possession of several bodies of a

house cat), ending their killing spree and their seemingly immortalities (Charles and his

mother were the last members of their clan). Hajime, and the rest of the G.A.S. gang were

there at hand to help Momoko forget what happened since she was nearly raped and

killed. Surprisingly, she was able to finish the rest of the school year, though she had

recurring nightmares about Charles and his attempts on her life. She had to cry silently

each time she woke in the middle of the night. Hajime's trail of thoughts was interrupted

when his shoulder was tapped by Momoko. "Hey Hajime, let's take a rest." Momoko told

Hajime. "OK." He replied. They sat a nearby bench with a table. As they sat down,

Momoko took a deep breathe while stretching her arms and legs after walking for 30

minutes. She then smiled at Hajime and said, "Thanks for taking me here. It helped me a

lot." Hajime smiled and said "No problem. It's the least I could think of to help you get

through what happened five months ago." Hajime then recalled on how he and Momoko

got here. FLASHBACK Three weeks after the first day of classes. Hajime was passing

by the recently opened amusement theme park. He looked at the scenery, feeling amazed

at what he saw. The rides, the booths, all the people inside. He wondered if he should

take the gang inside since it would be fun in going there together. He was then

approached by one of the park's mascot and said, "Here, kid. A free entrance and a ride

all you can tickets. For you and your companions." Hajime was taken aback and said,

"Huh? Are you sure?". The mascot replied "Your lucky to get this free giveaway kid.

You can use it to invite your family. OR you can take your girlfriend with you." He

winked. Hajime was blushing at what the mascot had said. He thought about how to use

the tickets and who should he invite to the park. Then all of the sudden, Momoko came

into his mind and went home, thanking the mascot. At his house, Hajime called Momoko

and asked her if she would like to go to the theme park with him. Momoko thought about

it and agreed. They then set the date on when they will go to the theme park. After

putting down the phone, Hajime's dad teased him. "YES! My son is a full grown man! He

has a girlfriend!" Hajime stood like a shocked person, blushing in the process, and

shouted back at his father, hurling angry words. Mr. Aoyama just laughed at his son's

reaction. Mrs. Aoyama had to interject herself to stop the quarreling between her husband

and son, although she was surprised herself that her son was getting close to Momoko,

even though she wasn't sure if he was really fallen in love with her or not. She decided to

ignore this and served dinner. Momoko, on the other hand, was happy that, after what

she's been through, she was still in control of her life. She was able to move on. She was

grateful to Hajime for saving her life. But then she had this feeling of why Hajime was

very concern of her since going with Charles. She also felt that she and Hajime were

getting real close to each other. And wonder if Hajime was really in love with her or not.

She then put it aside, since she only thought of him as a little brother. She also had to

ignore the jokes her friends told her between herself and Hajime. At that date, Hajime

went by Momoko's house to fetch her so that they can go to the amusement park together.

After they left, Momoko's parents looked at the two teenagers leave. "I think there's

something going on between those two." Says Mrs. Koigaburo." Relax, honey, Hajime's

with her, so she's in good hands. Although if he was a bit older, maybe he can be

Momoko' boyfriend." Mr. Koigaburo replied. They then went back to their houses and

finished their chores. END FLASHBACK.

As soon as they ate their food, Hajime and Momoko decided to try more rides. They then

passed by a pond and a ticket seller shouted "Step inside the Love Tunnel! All couples

please fall in love…I mean in line! Say you two! Why not try this ride! It nice and

romantic!" Momoko just stared at the ticket seller while Hajime blushed at that statement,

then innocently ask Momoko if she would like to take a ride there. 30 seconds later, she

agreed, thinking that there's nothing wrong with going there. After three minutes of

waiting in line, Hajime and Momoko got their turn and ride inside a boat and went inside

the Love Tunnel. During the ride, Hajime just stared through the slight darkness,

unconsciously holding her hand. He felt somewhat uneasy as to why he was having these

feelings toward Momoko. He knew that she was just her friend, and even like a sister to

him. Not wanting to cause any trouble, and to put their friendship in jeopardy, he puts

those feelings aside. Momoko was also wondering. After Charles' death, her friends

narrated to her on how Hajime knew where she and Charles were and why he was there.

Her friends told her that, at first they thought Hajime was jealous and that their teasing on

him had pushed him to the edge, but were convinced of Hajime's suspicion when he

showed to them "verbal" evidence of Charles, then, after a careful planning, they were

totally convinced of Charles' true nature. Aya and Natsumi then jokingly told Momoko

that Hajime has feelings for her and should give him a chance. Of course Momoko told

them that it's impossible, since Hajime was like a brother to him, and that she wasn't

ready for a new relationship. Since then, she wondered if it's possible that having Hajime

as a boyfriend would be a good idea. She then realized that she was holding hands with

Hajime. They both looked at each other, then their faces turn beet red, and looked away.

They managed to compose themselves and laughed before reaching the exit. As soon as

they stepped out of the ride, they were greeted by some familiar faces. Satsuki,

Keiichirou, Leo, Aya, Fuko, and Natsumi, were there, seeing them coming out of the

Love Tunnel. Momoko's three classmates began hurling romantic howling at Hajime and

Momoko, causing them to blush. Even Satsuki and Leo were joining in for the howling of

their friends, while Keiichirou looked on in confusion. The "couple" then hurled

rebuttals, saying that they were just friends, and that riding in the Love Tunnel was just a

matter of trying other rides and doesn't mean that they were a couple. When Leo asks

why they were just the two of them in the Park, Hajime reasoned that he was doing this to

help Momoko relieve herself from the stress of what happened five months ago. Leo and

the others then decided to let it slip for now, before they caused Hajime to make a scene,

but they also decided on how to make him blush later.

And so the eight friends decided to try more rides, play games and eat more food. By 6

pm, they were done for the day, and are ready to go home when Keichiirou spotted a

circus tent. "Hey Suki, let's go to that circus. Please." He pleaded. Satsuki looked to her

friends ask if it's okay with them. The others agreed and went inside the circus, which

was surprisingly full of spectators. They managed to get some seats as the show was

about to start. The Ringmaster then came out, announced the program of their show and

the show went on. Clowns doing funny stuffs, animals doing tricks, there was even the

human cannon ball and throwing darts at their targets. Then there was a flying trapeze

tricks done by renown acrobats. However, as the stunt was in progress, the acrobat who

was flying mid-air, was supposed to grab the hand of his fellow acrobat while holding the

trapeze, clutch his chest, not able to hold to his fellow acrobat, fell to the ground.

Although there was a net below to catch a falling acrobat, it did not prevent the accident,

as soon as the acrobat fell through the net, the net snapped, and the acrobat fell to the

ground, injuring seriously. Then the other acrobat who was on the trapeze also fell as the

trapeze snapped, and fell to the ground, killing him. This caused viewers to scream in

horror as more accidents occurred. Elephants went wild, the cages were unlocked and

several lions went on a rampage, attacking people and even animal trainers. The G.A.S.

gang managed to get out of the tent safely before getting into harm's way. Five minutes

later local authorities arrived to handle the situation. It took ten minutes to diffuse the

terror that happened inside the circus. After that, police carried almost 40 bodies of

viewers inside the circus. The fallen acrobats, the animal trainers, and even some of the

viewers, were covered in blankets. Some were trampled by elephants while others

were mutilated by the raging lions, and some died from stampede. The G. A. S. gang

where saddened that the circus had a good start, only to be ruined by an unfortunate

accident. The gang were about to leave when they saw a police officer handcuffing the

ringmaster. "But I'm not involved in this! I swear it was an accident!" he pleaded. "Still, a

tragedy is a tragedy. Cages opened by themselves, trapezes snapped, animals went wild,

you're still liable for this." Says the arresting officer. They then took the ringmaster away

while the theme park was closed early because of the incident.

As the gang went home, Leo broke the silence by saying that there was something odd

about what happened at the circus. The others took Leo's suggestion in consideration. Leo

then suggested that they should do some investigation. Hajime then whacked Leo on the

head, saying that police are now guarding the scene, and sneaking inside will be difficult.

Leo then said "What if ghosts are involved? Who knows, they could be the ones

Amanojako is talking about. The ones who are after you and Momoko." Hajime and

Momoko took that statement in consideration. True, Charles was the first ghost to go

after Momoko. Then Amanojako told them that two more are still roaming, and aside

from Momoko, Hajime was surprised that even he was a target. "Tell you what, let's meet

in your house, Hajime. There we can discuss, then make plans just like before. Hey, we

pulled this off before, so I'm sure we can pull this one off as well." Leo said

enthusiastically. The gang agreed and set the date for their meeting and went home. Leo,

Momoko's friends went ahead, while Hajime, Satsuki and Keichiirou escorted Momoko

to her house. Then Hajime and Miyanoshitas went home as well.

Three days later, at a city located in the United States, in a huge manor, a wealthy

millionaire was watching the news about the incident that happened at the Tokyo

Amusement Park. He was scheduled to go there to promote a joint venture between his

company and the park. "Sir, do you still plan to go there after what has happened?" ask a

butler. "Yes, Alfred. I'm still going there as planned. And maybe I'll do a little

investigation about that circus. I have a feeling that the incident was planned." Says the

millionaire. "Then should I prepare the "uniform", sir?" asked the butler. "Yes, Alfred.

And make sure the new gadgets are prepared ." Was the man's reply.

To Be Continued…

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