The Haunted Circus

Chapter 5: Sealing the Portal

Note # 1: This is the last chapter and the conclusion to this fic. This chapter will be full of

fighting and mild violence, and the anime (and non-anime) characters involved in this

story will participate in stopping the bad guys from unleashing hell on Earth.

(A/N: The special techniques that the Yu Yu Hakusho boys are using are uttered in

Japanese. Below are the Japanese and English translations of their techniques)

Rei-Gun Spirit Gun

Rei-Ken Spirit Sword

Jaou Ensatsu Kokuryuha Black Dragon Spirit Wave

Rosu-Whipu Rose Whip

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While the rest of the Justice League were dealing with the ghosts and demons near the

castle's entrance and in mid-air, providing distraction as Dr. Fate, Amazo, Hawkgirl and

Martian Manhunter penetrated the fortress via the rooftop to get through the cult's secret

book and machines used to maintain the opening of the portal between the human and

demon worlds, Superman's assault team were about to enter the fortress' alternate entry

via the sewers when Momoko, Amanojako, Boston Brand and the Spirit Detectives

sensed some supernatural presence behind the door to the entrance. To Batman,

Superman and Yusuke's slight bewilderment, they didn't expected that they'd be detected

so easily. Then the door exploded, sending debris towards the assault team. But

Superman stood in front and used his body to deflect the debris. The assault team were

greeted by a horde of ghosts and demons. Class Q, Nanami, Hongou, and the Ghosts at

School gang were surprised at what they saw. Instinctively, Hiei went past Superman,

threw aside his black dress, and his right forearm was enveloped with black flames.

"Jaou Ensatsu Kokuryuha!" A giant black dragon flew out from Hiei's right arm, and

went straight to the enemies' front line, burning them to ashes. Superman was amazed by

what he just saw. Yusuke, Kuwabara and Kurama then followed Hiei's lead, and fired a

barrage of energies against the remaining opponents standing by the entranceway. "Rei

Gun!" "Rosu Whippu!" "Rei-Ken!". A line of energy was fired from his fingertip, A

rose turned quickly into a whip, and a sword-like energy flowed out, and in seconds the

three Spirit Detectives disintegrated the second line of attackers. Superman then used his

heat vision, in conjunction to Yusuke's Rei-Gun, took out the remaining horde, finally

clearing the pathway. Superman and the rest then entered the entranceway and finally

made their way in. Boston Brand then reminded everyone that out of the 100 floors, their

main objective is that the tools used to open the portal to summon the ghosts and demons

are located on the 50th floor. Black Vulcan, Samurai, Superman and Wonder Woman then

offered Class A and Q a lift. They agreed. Kurama summoned a large plant that could fly,

so Batman, Robin, Yusuke, Hiei, Kuwabara, the two D. D. S. teachers and the Ghosts at

School gang and others who couldn't fly, could hitch a ride. After flying past the first 20

floors, they were intercepted by more ghosts and demons. Since Superman, Wonder

Woman Samurai and Black Vulcan have their hands full, Yusuke and Hiei volunteered to

take out the "obstacles", fired their spirit techniques, clearing their way. The assault team

then proceeded to fly their way up.10 floors have passed (they're on the 30th floor),

Superman noticed that Megumi, who was among the teens he was carrying, was glaring

at Kyuu. Superman gave a small smile, realizing that Megumi was getting jealous at

seeing Kyuu holding onto Wonder Woman. Wonder Woman also smiled softly, realizing

why Megumi was staring daggers at her direction.

Outside the fortress, Supergirl, who was leading the attack team, took out almost 200

ghosts. Looking down, she noticed that more and more ghosts are coming. John Stewart

flew beside Supergirl and said, "Hope the others get there on time. By the next hour or

two, we'll be past our limit, since these uglies are coming out and multiplying their forces

every five minutes.". "Let's just hope. But right now we have to keep them at bay."

Supergirl replied. But the two were startled as 50 more ghosts barged out of the roof and

heading towards Supergirl and Green Lantern. But all of the sudden, the 50 ghosts were

sucked into a vortex. Supergirl realized that Red Tornado has arrived. Red Tornado then

hurled the 50 ghosts towards Firestorm, who burned them to ashes. Looking down, the

rest the Justice League were fighting fiercely against the demons. The four JL members

then hovered down to assist their League allies.

On the 80th floor, Dr. Fate, Amazo, Hawkgirl and Martian Manhunter were busy getting

past a horde of demons, and smashing some of the fortress' high-tech weaponry and

defense systems. While Amazo was having a field day disarming and absorbing the

defense systems' data and energies, Dr. Fate, Hawkgirl, and Martian Manhunter were

busy taking out the ghosts and demons. After 15 minutes, the flying four proceeded to

head towards their target: the 50th floor. Dr. Fate prayed that Superman and the rest have

made it there first.

Dr. Fate's prayers were indeed answered, as Superman and the rest have arrived on the

50th floor. As everyone was settled down, Brand told Class A and Q, the Two D. D. S.

teachers, Leo and Keiichiirou to stay here. Brand then pointed out the door's entrance, as

three dozen hooded men in druid suits emerged, carrying knives with them. The D. D. S.

staff, Keichiirou and Leo agreed and decided to take out the small fries. Leo then took

Keichiirou to a safe place to avoid getting caught. 30 of the cult members saw the two

kids running and were going to get them, but apache chief blocked their way. "Ini-Chop!"

Apache Chief chanted and soon he grew into a giant. He then took out the pursuing cult

members. After that, he looked after the two kids. Black Vulcan didn't have problems

taking out the majority of the cult members, using their powers to render the cult

members unconscious. Black Vulcan did this by using his electricity, while Samurai used

his wind power, hurling them against the wall. As the fight ensued, the JL assault team,

Momoko, Hajime, Satsuki and Amanojako went inside the door. There the assault team

found what they were looking for, and finally stood face to face with Dibiasio and the

cult leader. Dibiasio was extremely nervous, but the cult leader showed no fear. He then

bragged at the Justice League and said, "You are no match for the Cult of Makai! Even if

you are the Justice League, no mortal or paranormal beings can match the power of the

Cult of Makai!". The cult leader raised the book and chanted the oration. The machine

behind him began to move, and in a matter of 30 seconds, 60 ghosts and demons emerged

from the portal, in which came from the machine's door-like gateway. Without wasting

time, Kurama transformed himself into Youko the White Fox demon, and summoned his

plant demons to intercept the arriving monsters. The Justice League joined Youko in

fending off the monsters as they attempted to set foot to the human world. Yusuke fired

his Rei-Gun, hitting the book, and was separated from the cult leader's hands. But before

Kuwabara and Batman were about to get the book, more cult members showed up and

pounced on them. Kuwabara then summoned his Spirit Sword and slew the cult

followers. "Rei-Ken!". Batman threw in some pellets to confuse the other cult members,

and giving Kuwabara an easy time taking care of the rest. But the cult leader wouldn't let

himself be intimidated. Grabbing the book, and opening the pages, he was going to

summon the ultimate demon. But Hajime and Momoko tripped the cult leader, causing

him to drop the book. The two teens held on the cult leader's feet to prevent him from

reaching the book. At this point, Dr. Fate and the others arrived, and used his powers to

levitate the book to his hands. Out of anger, the cult leader kicked Momoko, causing her

to land hard. Incensed, Hajime stomped on the cult leader's groin repeatedly, until

Batman and Kinta calmed him down. On the other hand, Amazo had caught up with

Dibiasio, who was trying to escape. Dr. Fate then opened the pages of the book, and

started to enchant the spells to prepare the ghosts and demons to return forcefully back to

their resting place. That, with Satsuki's chanting, was all it needs and soon the ghosts and

demons were sent back to the demon world. Superman, Wonder Woman and Hawkgirl

then pounded on the machine until it was rendered useless. It was over. The case of the

Haunted Circus was solved. And with the arrest of Dibiasio and the secret cult, the circus

victims can now rest in peace. Keichiirou, Kazuma and Leo went inside, inspecting the

post-battle scene. Outside the room, Team D. D. S. had just finished rounding up the

remaining cult members. Kyuu and Megumi kissed passionately after doing a job well

done. Ryu and Kuniko shook hands before hugging. Saburumaru was lying on the ground

after being pummeled by one of the cult members. Outside the castle, the rest of the

Justice League stood on the ground as the ghosts and demons that they were fighting

were sucked back into the fortress. After five minutes of silence, Supergirl used her X-

Ray Vision and confirmed that Superman and the rest have succeeded in shutting down

the portal. They cheered in victory.

10 minutes later, Nerima forest was filled with media from all over the prefectures of

Japan, taking coverage of the biggest scoop of the year: The combined forces of the

Justice League and the D. D. S. students solved the Tokyo Amusement Park murder. The

media, as well as residents witnessed the JL members fighting against what they believed

as ghosts. Superman then spoke with the media about how and why they were involved in

helping the D. D. S. in solving this case. Superman made it appeared that their resident

"Medium" sensed that there was indeed a cult in Japan, and Batman had leads in pointing

the tragedy of the park to the cult, and that these young detectives were at risk, since

they'll be facing with an organization that deals with supernatural activities. It turned out

that Yusuke and Hajime requested to Superman not to include their names as among

those who defeated the cult. They sighted several factors, such as being minors, and so

that they'll won't be put to risk against other would-be organization for fear of

retaliations, as reasons for their self-exclusion. After the press conference, the cult leaders

and Dibiasio were sent to prison, and were charged with murder.

A few days later, everything was back to normal. With the arrest of the suspects, the

theme park's owner was eventually cleared of the charges. He went straight towards the

theme park to make assessments, only to find the Ghosts at School gang, Class A and Q,

as well as Bruce Wayne and a few Justice League members, lighting some candles over

the areas where the victims were killed. The theme park's owner joined the rest in their

vigils. Bruce then proposes to the park owner about turning the amusement park into a

shrine, as a way of remembering those who perished inside the circus and the park. After

a few minutes of thinking, the park's owner agreed and pledged to start constructing the

theme park into a shrine starting next week. Half an hour later, everyone went separate

ways. Class A and Q, along with Nanami and Hongou, reported to D. D. S. about the

latest developments. The Ghosts at School gang went to Hajime's house to unwind, after

all the excitement that they experienced, Hajime gave Momoko's friends a glaring look,

and Aya, Fuko and Natsumi got the message and decided not to tease Hajime and

Momoko for now. The Justice League, along with Leo and Kazuma, were beamed to the

Watch Tower. Bruce secretly hid himself inside a bush, and was beamed to the Watch

Tower, and there he put his costume on. He then met with Leo and Kazuma. As

promised, Batman and Superman gave Leo and Kazuma some technological giveaways,

provided that they put them in good use. Then they beamed the two boys to their

respective destinations.

January 1st, it was a new year for our heroes, as they prepare themselves for the coming

Pre-Final lectures. The Ghosts at School gang have recovered from their "adventure", as

well as coming to terms with the tragedy that befallen the Tokyo Amusement Park, which

was reported that the park will be converted into a shrine as tribute to the victims of the

cult's vicious attack. Snow was still prevalent in Japan. And the gang decided to have a

snow fight. Satsuki, Keichiirou, Leo, Aya, Natsumi, and Fuko were having a blast. On

the other side, Hajime and Momoko were talking about school and other trivial things.

Hajime was tempted to tell her his feelings, but was still hesitant, not sure if this was a

good idea. The other gang noticed it and hurled snowballs at them. Soon a war broke out,

as everyone was hurling snowballs at each other.

Three days have passed and it was school time again, and the young main heroes went to

school. During lunch time, the gang, as well as viewers all over the world, watching the

late breaking news, learned that instead of the death penalty, Dibiasio and the entire Cult

of Makai were given life sentences. Hajime literally slammed his right fist against his

plate inside the cafeteria, causing a bleeding on his hand, and shouting explicit words

involuntarily, unable to accept what he is hearing. Momoko and the gang calmed Hajime

down, saying that the decision will change. The gang took Hajime to the school clinic. At

D. D. S., Kyuu, Megumi, Kuniko and Yukihira were watching the news inside the

conference room along with Principal Dan and the D. D. S. staff, were shocked at what

they just saw and heard. Principal Dan told everyone to stay calm, assuring that the

decision will change. Kyuu was clenching his fists, and staring daggers towards the TV,

as if he was coming up with clues and theories. Everyone in the conference room noticed

Kyuu's behavior, and Principal Dan told Kyuu to calm down, saying that as long as the

suspects remain behind bars, they won't pose a threat to the general public. By 1 pm, the

heroes were dismissed from their classes. Hajime and Satsuki went home, Momoko and

her friends went window shopping, Leo went straight home to try out the giveaways he

got from the Watch Tower. On the DSQ front, Kazuma was also trying out the giveaway

he got from the Justice League. Kinta was off to work, Ryu, Kuniko and Yukihira were

assigned to a case. At the Renjou residence, Kyuu's mom went to work, and won't be

back until 6 pm, leaving Kyuu and Megumi alone. Megumi saw the look on Kyuu's

face, full of worry, seeing the news flash earlier. Megumi told Kyuu that she, too, was

suspicious, but reminded him of what principal Dan told him. Kyuu smiled, thanking her

for cheering him up. He then gave in to his girlfriend's assurance and kissed her on the

cheek. Megumi then kissed him back. They then went to Kyuu's bedroom. There he

locked the door. Taking his socks and shirt off, Kyuu had Megumi leaning against the

wall, and started to kiss her passionately on the lips. Megumi kissed back, and soon their

kissing turned to making out. And five minutes later, it turned into necking. Fueled by

desire, Megumi's hands unbuckled his belt and his pants fell down, leaving him only his

underwear. Her hand again found its way through his privates and felt his need. Kyuu, also

consumed by desire, lifted her skirt, and leaning his abdomen over hers. Both felt each

other's needs, while Kyuu was caressing her legs. After kissing, they stared at each

other's eyes, and once again both teens jumped back, realizing what they just did. Kyuu,

apologizes to Megumi. Megumi did the same, telling him it was all right. But in his

flustered state, he accidentally mentioned that he brought protection. Both teens blushed,

hearing what Kyuu just said. In an effort to calm Megumi down, he told her the design of

her panties. Incensed, she tried to clobber Kyuu, but all he did was to tickle her. Megumi

retaliated by tickling him in return. But Megumi tripped, and she and Kyuu fell on the

bed. Both were laughing until they were staring at each other, and later kissed

passionately. With Megumi on top of Kyuu, she once again felt his desire. Kyuu also felt

the same with Megumi. He asked Megumi if she was ready, and after a few minutes, she

said, "…Yes…". And the couple kissed passionately, removing their clothes and

exploring each other. Kyuu later put on his protection and made love with Megumi. After

that, they slowly drifted to sleep.

At the Miyanoshita residence, Amanojako was watching the news, and felt that there was

something suspicious about the judge's decision. At that point, Satsuki and Keichiirou

arrived home. The siblings sawthe news and turned to Amanojako. Amanojako turned his

attention to Satsuki and Keichiirou and said, "Hmmm…I have a very bad feeling about

this…" Both Keichiirou and Satsuki exchanged worried looks. Satsuki then recalled and

talked to Amanojako about their past encounters with the ghosts at the old school

building at the old elementary school. Then there was Charles Bradezuka and his mother,

who turned out to be Sleepwalkers. They were responsible for the kidnapping and murder

of 80 female high school students. They almost succeeded in taking Momoko away if not

for Hajime. Then there was the Cult of Makai, who were responsible for the Tokyo

Amusement Park Tragedy. She thought that that was it, but Amanojako told Satsuki

about the two more ghosts that were after Hajime and Momoko. Satsuki's eyes widened,

realizing that the threat against her two friends were still there. And resolved to whatever

she can to protect them. Amanojako also shared the same thought, determined not to let

anything happened to the teens, whom he slowly felt attached to them.

The End…for now.

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