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Chapter 1 : Honeymoon and Relationships

Serenity stared out over the ocean as the sun began to sink beneath the waves, it had been just under a month since the wedding and her and Endymion were in Hawaii enjoying their honeymoon. Endymion had loosened his leash that had developed after finding out she was pregnant but he was always close by and mothering her. She laughed at the thought. Luna came bounding up and interupted Serenity's thoughts, "Magesty?"

Serenity sighed both Luna and Artemis, actually the whole court had started calling the couple anything from "Magesty " or "Highness", "My Queen" or other things of the same implications. "Yes, Luna."

"His highness sent me to retrieve you for the evening meal."

"Thank you, Luna." Serenity said as she turned to make her way back up to the cabin. Endymion stood waiting to greet her at the door. "You know I was just on the shore there you could have called."

"I could have, but Luna is more subtle and we keep our privacy." Endymion said as he pulled Serenity into his arms kissed her, picked her up and carried her over the threash hold into their little hut for supper.

This is how it worked for most of the time, in the morning they would watch the sun rise do some tourist activities and shopping. Afternoon found them enjoying time together on the deck or the beach; when Endymion would go to make supper Serenity would normally wander the beach and think.

As Endymion placed her down in her chair she smiled at him, "It was nice of Travis and Twins to give us free rein of their place here in Hawaii."

"If they didn't we could have just ordered them to," Endymion laughed, when he didn't hear her join in he faced Serenity. She looked about to cry, tears filling her pupils. "Now starts the mood swings..." Endymion sighed.

"You think I would do something like that to my family? I am not that mean!" Serenity said standing tears flying freely.

Endymion stood and went to hug her, "Sere, I didn't mean it like that. It was a joke."

Sure enough Endymion was right as soon as the words left his mouth, "Now, you are saying that I am dumb? I am NOT stupid! You can just sleep on the couch tonight ... and continue to sleep there until you decide to be nice to me." With that she turned and stormed off to the bedroom and slammed the door.

"It isn't your fault, it is the pregnancy."

"Oh, Luna, if it is just the pregnancy; how is it not my fault?" Endymion sighed as he looked down as Artemis joined Luna.

"It is all hormones and there is nothing you can do about it. Trust me, I know." At this Endymion looked to Artemis.

"Diana is on her way, I am just further along then Serenity and am also in cat form." Luna smiled, Endymion hit his head for not noticing that Luna was getting a little bulge in the right spot.

"Well this is going to be a long nine months." Artemis and Luna just smiled.

>>>>>>>>> Cambridge, Massachusetts.

"Travis, how could you?" Astra was furious with her cousin.

"How could I what? All I did was scan her to confirm if she was." Travis shot back.

"But you know what she is doing? She is forcing the prophecy."

"Astra, if Travis didn't do anything wrong. Could you deny a request from the High Godess Selene?" Solana spoke up.

"What are you going to tell, Serenity?"

"I don't know! Are you happy Miss Astonomically Perfect Astraliana?" Travis asked. When Astra took a step back Travis teleported out.

"Why do you have to push him like that, Astra?" Solana asked as she starred at where Travis had just stood.

"Because a King will have much more stress to deal with than the mild agitation that I give him. The King wants him ready."

"So, how is what you are doing for the king different than what he did for Selene?"

"Solana, it isn't but I am using it to push him to get him to be what he needs to be. I am doing what needs to be done." With that Astra teleported away leaving Solana alone in the mansion.

>>>>>>>>In the outers house in Boston

Hotaru was sitting out in the garden when she felt a presence behind her. " I may look fragile but my bite is pretty painful, identify yourself!"

"Firefly?" Came a weak voice that sounded like it had been crying.

"Sol?" Hotaru asked as she turned to find Travis in tears. "What happend? Are you ok?"

"You remember our old nicknames... that is atleast one thing in my favor." Travis laughed a little and forced a smile.

"Come here you," Hotaru grabbed him in a hug. As much as she wanted to deny the feelings for Travis they grew with each passing day and as she held him the bond they shared grew. Without knowing how or why but some how Hotaru knew that her Sol didn't need words to feel better he just needed her.

The two sat in among the flowers of the garden and held each other. Time had no effect on this young couple as was shown when they looked up the stars were shinning high in the sky. A look at Travis' watch showed that it was eleven pm, " Well, I guess it is true time flies when you are in love."

Hotaru giggled as they stood up and dusted themselves off and they hugged before Travis kissed Hotaru full on the lips, "Good-night, my firefly." And with that Travis teleported home, leaving a blushing, slightly flustered senshi of Saturn.

>>>>>>>A little later

Usagi sat trying to get everyone organized while talking on the phone to Hotaru. When there was a flash of light and a crash that shock the apartment. "Hota-chan, I got to go I will call you later. Ja." Usagi turned to the group. "Let's go!"


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