Well it has been a while and a lot of things going on in my life but after (I believe) approximately about a month I have the final chapter for Solar Wars. I apologize for the delay in updates but I hope you enjoy this final installment of Solar Wars.

Chapter 14: Truce Made and Truth of Man

Kristiano looked around the light of the crystal had died out as Serenity lost consciousness. Realizing they were still in the air Kristiano quickly shifted his weight to the left as they continued to plummet, rolling through the air aiming as best he could for the bed of water and repositioning himself, to fall under Serenity.

With a splash! The pair had landed safely on Earth. Quickly pulling Serenity on to the beach Kristiano ran for the nearest form of housing to get help. He was met with a scream and the door slamming in his face. With great haste, not knowing much of human or lunarian pregnancies, Kristiano moved on to the next house. He proceeded down the beach each time returning to bring Serenity with him.

Finally, after an hour of being screamed at or threatened Kristiano was getting discouraged and he could tell that Serenity was already into the final stages of her delivery. Kristiano gave up on getting any help from the Earthlings on the beach and proceeded to deliver the baby through medicinal magic that his grandfather had taught him. Unsure of how the magic would affect the child he sent a silent prayer to his ancestors to aide him in his task.

Closing his eyes and focusing on the womb Kristiano noticed that the task would be a little more difficult but that just caused him to be more determined. Slowly he pulled the first of the babies out and into a bubble of water and then moved on to repeat the same process with the second baby. Once they were both in bubbles of water he let his concentration drop and opened his eyes to see a much older looking Serenity.

"Kristiano, you have proven yourself a very honourable creature. I am Serenity's mother, I have seen what you have done here today and it shall not be forgotten." With that Queen Serenity turned around, and Kristiano noticed the faces of all the people he had gone to for help. "And neither shall the actions of those who stood by and let fear almost destroy their messiah. My daughter, whom you see here unconscious, is Sailor Moon and leader of the Sailor Senshi."

The group all looked in shock at the half drown form lying on the beach, "The same Senshi who are protecting this planet as we speak. But not one of you could get past the fact that Kristiano was a naga and offer assistance. You have had many wars in your history where those that appeared to be your enemy turned coat and saved many people instead, yet you become blind by the fact that they are a different color or race or in this case, creature."

"Forgive our ignorance, we didn't know." Several from the crowd called out.

Slightly surprised that her presence still caused this reaction Queen Serenity smiled. "Children of Gaia, it is not I who must forgive you. My daughter has endured much for you and much more is to come before her and Gaia's son take the thrown of Earth, it is she whom forgiveness must be asked. This is provided that she survives this ordeal, for I can sense her life force depleting."

"I am a doctor, I can help her."

"I fear, Dr. Cheng, that this is beyond your level of healing. What needs to be healed is her spirit, her very soul and for that I must get her to her husband for only the healing power of the Goddess Gaia or her children can save my daughter now."

The group stood stunned both by the words Queen Serenity spoke and the fact that without asking that she knew the doctors name. Queen Serenity then called on the powers of the moon and in a ball of light gathered Serenity, Kristiano, and the two children. "My god we almost killed the daughter of the moon goddess Selene! What have we done!" cried out several people as the Queen and her chosen disappeared, not bothering to correct the myth that the moon queen was a goddess.

On the sun

Endymion was horrified when he awoke and found his wife had been taken. It took Orion, who was very angry himself, several hours to calm his son in-law down. The two men had just sat down to talk calmly when Queen Serenity appeared with Kristiano, Serenity and the infants.

"Don't just stand there, Orion, call for the healers. Endymion get over here you need to heal Serenity." As the commands were barked at them the two men flew into action.

Soon Serenity was sitting up and the children were pronounced healthy and ready to be named. Queen Serenity smiled at the family, "Well my work is done and I must say farewell. Take care my darling."

Serenity smiled and stood, "Father, please take the children. Endymion and I have work to do." Once the children were settled Serenity and Endymion were gone in a flash of light.

on the moon

In a burst of light all the Senshi and their rulers stood on the ruins of the moon castle. Serenity smiled seeing they were all no worse for wear. Then in another burst of light all the ships in orbit around the Earth, moon, and sun disappeared and their crews stood before the twenty-eight Senshi and the two royals.

"What is the meaning of this?" demanded several of the Naga.

"Obviously, from the actions of you previously you do not want peace; However, I promise you one way or another this war ends today." Serenity announced.

As in a gush of water several naga appeared all at least twice the size of the ones from the ship. "What is the meaning of this? Where is my grandson? And who says that the naga do not want peace?"

"I am Neo-Queen Serenity, reborn daughter of Queen Serenity and King Orion. The meaning of this is to end a war that almost killed me and has already killed thousands of my people. As for you grandson I do not know of which of these ones you speak." Serenity said sternly Endymion standing by her side and followed by their children then the senshi and starlights with two members of the quartet on either side.

"I am King Dragonian of the Naga and the one I speak of is my youngest grandson, Kristiano."

"Kristiano, is safe in fact he is the only reason I stand before you now. You have a very honourable grandson, at least one anyway."

"What do you mean at least one?"

"Majesty, there is no need to concern yourself with these lowly beings..."

"Do not tell me what to concern myself with general. That is for me to decide and as for starting a war that was not the reason I sent you here. Was it?"

All the naga that had been on the ships seemed to slink back, "One of these ones claimed to be him and then took me prisoner under the guise of a treaty, while I was due to deliver at any moment. When I awoke from the teleport I was in a cell on one of the ships with a naga in the cell with me, the real Kristiano. Kristiano then proceeded to help me teleport us to Earth and delivered my babies."

"I apologize, Serenity. They were sent here to seek out a new home, our ocean planet is drying out as the population grows. My ancestors always spoke pleasantly of those in the Milky Way and thus I felt it would be a good place to start. As King of the Naga, I would like to request your assistance in finding that new home." Dragonian said with a deep bow.

"I will assist you as best I can. Neptune is a very nice ocean like planet or there are many oceans on Earth. However I do not feel that the people of earth will be very welcoming seeing as the past year they have been attacked by the naga."

"I understand, you live up to the tales I have heard of you and your people here. We will look into this planet, Neptune and those responsible for the war will be punished. I will also come and perform a formal apology to your planet's inhabitants for the war."

With that the three rulers agreed to meet later to discuss a formal treaty and all returned home to recuperate and heal the wounds caused by war. Pluto ushered the visitors from the future into a portal home after a quick good-bye.

Things proceeded to return to normal over the next month. The twins were named Serenity Nadine and Endymion Kristan, after the naga that saved their lives.

Well there you have it. The end of the Solar wars.

Til next time, ja ne