Chapter 1: New Beginings

After a moment's hesitation, Ged kissed Tenar, the falling sun behind them illuminated them, as if some unknown power were blessing them with a congratulatory sunset. They pulled away, both surprised and pleased by the action.

Within their order, celebacy was not required. A priestess could have a lover, husband, or companion. Before the Kargides, no men had come to the island, and the women knew nothing about a life with a lover. The stories containing such emotions were ones with terrible endings, such as the life of the priestess who loved a Kargide king and gave him the incantation for the nameless ones' tomb.

"I...Can we...what...I do not understand." Tenar looked up to him, confusion in her emotion filled eyes.

"Our destiny. You led me to the door, yes. But I think we are supposed to be together. Why else would I have these feelings when I see you, or have the impulse to kiss you. Why else would we be drawn here together?" He looked at her, hope filling him when he saw her consider his words.

"I think you are right. Venerable Mother Thar always told me that I would have an important future. That it would be happy and I would not be alone through it. I always thought she meant I would have the temple here at Atuan, but now I am reconsidering what she said." Tentatively, she looked back at her home.

"Well I have to leave? To be with you, will I have to leave my home?" She looked scared, but also curious. She did not remember a time off of this island.

He looked down at her tiny frame. She looked so fragile, yet so strong. How did she manage it? "You would not have to leave. I will need to, but we can still be together." He very much wanted her to come, but he would not, no, could not ask her to leave her home and everything she knew behind, as he had done with Ogion. He had been devastated, and missed his family and friends tremendously.

"I will come. I will name a successor, and I will come with you." She looked up at his worried face, and the set of her lips told him she would not be swayed.

"There will always be a room for you, Tenar. You are always welcome to come back to us." One of the priestesses said. Tenar looked at her and hugged her.

After a few days of rest and repairing the temple, Vetch, Ged, and Tenar headed out. They were headed first to Vemish to allow Vetch to see his village, and then to Gont.

Their adventure had only just begun.