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This fic is partially adapted from Akumo de sorou or devil beside you. I would like to give full credit to the original author of Akumo for such a touching and romantic tale. Some parts of the story have been changed in this adaptation, twisted and became evilly adult so I've rated it as M. So, you've been warned.


The sky cast the bluest that afternoon, with clouds and gentle breezes trailing at its side. It was warm, cozy but the sun wasn't out. And standing in the middle of a field draped with honey yellow daisies, nothing could be more perfect.

"In….Inuyasha…. I… just… wanna…. tell… you… that …I …." Rin took in a clipped gulp and a deep breath for courage. "I…think… I really… like… you…"

"Oh Rin… I can't tell you how happy I am to hear my dream girl say that…" Inuyasha replied, his eyes filled with all sorts of sweetness Rin couldn't imagine.

His out stretched arms were a sign, an invitation and Rin ran toward them, using all the pent up emotions she had accumulated as pure energy. His embrace, it was warm, dripping with tenderness and… what?

He's gonna kiss me? Rin watched as her dashing basketball captain lurched in closer and closer and closer. Her lovely lashed eyes fluttered shut, anticipating whatever exploding sensations she was about to experience for the first time….

There was a loud explosion… A voice boomed out from nowhere.


Rin jumped up with a start, almost falling off her tutorial room chair. A soft hand came just in time to break that even more embarrassing crash. Rin flashed her most sheepish smile at the girl next to her, the one with the incredibly curled up hair cascading off her shoulders, her best friend since high school, Kagome.


After class


"Rin… what did you….." Kagome landed a pat on Rin's shoulders, at the same time, flipping her waist length hair to the back.

"I… dreamt…. I dreamt that … I dreamt that I succeeded in my first declaration of love!" Rin slammed both her palms flat on the table with a force equivalent to her buoyant zest. In an instant, her eyes narrowed significantly, peering at a suspicious nodding of head on her left. Kagome was giving that look again, the look that indicated her full confidence in her pal.

"Kagome-chan, do you really think I… should do it?" Rin's eyes flew so wide open that Kagome backed off three inches in shock.

She merely nodded. "The hell with it. I say just do it!" She snapped her fingers coupled with a wry wink.

Rin swallowed hard.


At the school gate


Rin's pair trembling hands held on to a pink, perfumed letter as if for her dear life as she concealed herself behind a tall concreted pillar. She peeked at a silhouette situated at one distant corner as the figure waved back to her with a magnitude of enthusiasm that boosted the little self-belief that she owned.

Will I really be able to give this to him? Rin thought in a flurry. I can hardly breathe. Maybe I should do it another day. She shook her head wildly. No! I shall do it today. No more waiting!

Suddenly, Rin detected the signal from Kagome, knowing exactly what that meant.


Rin tried hard to steady her pulse but it was fleeing out of control. Her hands shook on a Richter scale of six, coming so close to ripping her letter into two.

I'm gonna do it. I am. I AM! One, two…. THREE!

Rin stretched out her hands, bowing a full ninety degree perfect angle as she blurted out in a rush, "InuyashayouaremyfavoritebasketballplayerIlikeyoupleasegooutwithme"

There was no response.

The girl turned her head, blinked trice at the passing captain, still keeping her position. He obviously did not the least heard a single word she said. He was on head phones, looking the completely opposite direction at some lunch time event at the patio.

What a relief! He didn't hear it? Rin masked her disappointment with her optimism but it couldn't last long anyway. Yes, Inuyasha completely missed her bold confessions but…. why was there a strange feeling welling up within her, like an eerie presence echoing at hand?

Her deep set eyes shot up from her bow at a tall dark figure looming in front of her! She blinked hard.

Who is that?

Rin stared up speechless at the six feet six stranger in T-shirt and long black leather trench coat, rumbling hard on his Harley with full force. His long hair was half pinned back and streaming with highlights of ashen and white. And he was…. He was smiling at her…. Not the sporty bright sunny smile like she had dreamt of Inuyasha. It was feral, devilish and totally evil!

Taken aback, Rin let out a frantic shriek, flinging her letter in the air unintentionally.

"I….I….Sorry. I mistook you for someone else." With that, she slipped off and dashed for her dear ego or what's left of it.


In a café somewhere


"Rin! You're so hopeless." Kagome slapped her hand on her temple, sighing. "How can ANYBODY be stupid enough to present their love letter to the wrong person?"

"AHHHHH… Don't say anymore. Can't you see I'm already drop dead embarrassed?" Rin buried her face in her hands on the table. "Do you think I should change school?"

Kagome pouted at that remark. "Don't be silly. But Err.. Rin, as your lifelong pal, I think I've to let you know who the person you gave the letter to."

"Ah… Who cares about that creepy fellow anyway?" Rin winced, rubbing her hair and still not able to believe the blunder she had gotten herself into.

"No Rin, you don't understand. He's dangerous. Everyone in school knows that!" Rin looked up, seemingly listening more attentively this time as Kagome continued. "He's called Sesshoumaru, a first year freshman, the only son of the school chairman and because of that, he's always throwing his weight over with this gang. Rumors has it that he was almost expelled on disciplinary if his dad didn't cover up for him. They're notorious, frequently getting into trouble, skipping classes and all. But he's so charming and cute and that's also how he got his nickname --- the demon prince of seduction. That's what all the girls call him."

"The … demon… prince… of….seduc….HAHAHAHAHA!" Rin burst out laughing, hitting her hands on the table in the most hilarious manner. "What rubbish! Prince! The girls called him that! They must be blind!" Then in a more serious tone, "I don't care who he is and what he does. I just want to go home, take a nice bath and FORGET about this whole thing. Then, maybe I'll try again tomorrow…"

Rin froze as a shiver ran through her spine. She gulped.

Where's my letter?


Back at the school gate


Rin scrambled desperately round under the light drizzle with her umbrella, rummaging through every crook and cranny within a five meter radius of where she thought she had dropped her letter.

Gosh! What am I gonna do? Both Inuyasha and my name are on the letter. What if someone picked it up and read it? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. I cannot let that happen!

She crawled underneath a school bench, her slender fingers pressing apart a patch of long grass when a voice rang behind her.

"What are you looking for?" It was gentle and manly.

She lifted her head.

It was Inuyasha!

"Err..nothing really." She tried hard not to stutter.

"I'm Inuyasha from your accounting class?" He reached his hand to help her up.

"Yes… accounting class." Rin smiled as a retard, repeating like a parrot, not knowing what else to say. Why am I behaving like an idiot?

"It's getting late. You should get back home soon." The basketball captain flashed a wink as he strolled away.

"Inuyasha…" Rin shouted, drawing his attention back to her shivering form. "My name is…"

"Rin." His reply was swift as he waved goodbye.

Confident that Inuyasha was disappearing out of sight, Rin threw her umbrella in the air and she screamed for joy, stamping her feet in a little on-the-spot jog. She couldn't stop grinning from ear to ear.

He knows my name!

In her excitement, she missed a shadow in a corner, watching her with an intensity that

spelled both vice and jeopardy.


The next day


Rin made her way to school, taking her usual scenic route though she wasn't at all in the mood to enjoy the breath-taking lake view before her.

The letter. I still can't seem to find it. OHHHHH… I wish it got blown away by strong wind… No… a tornado hopefully all the way to Figi, never to be found again. She heaved a girlish sigh mixed with anxiety and elation. It's a blessing in disguise. Well, if I hadn't gone back to look for it, then I wouldn't have spoken to Inuyasha. And we won't…

She halted in her steps. It was that same feeling crawling up in her again, the same wicked sensation, the same exasperation, the same hellish nature.

Rin looked up. It was him, Sesshoumaru and he was…. Rin gasped.

What was that in his hand?

He was swinging her letter, smiling just as intimidating as ever.

The girl took in a deep calming breath. This will be easy. She just needed to go forward politely, get it from him and then perhaps run as fast as her feet can carry her. If no, she might consider swallowing it to destroy evidence.

She marched up bravely, offering her most respectful bow.

"Thanks for keeping it for me. I would like it back now." She said faking with the sweetest and coolest tone she could manage, then reached to grab it but Sesshoumaru was simply too fast. He retracted the letter as quickly as he show cased it, letting out a smirk.

He shook his head, regarding her incredulously, still smiling to himself.

"Are you that naïve? Do you think I would stand here, wait for you so that I can return you your letter?" Though spoken in the richest most velvety voice she'd ever heard, the content of his speech was no attraction for the now clouded girl. Neither was what followed immediately.

"I command you to be my personal slave from this day onward. You'll do whatever I tell you to. No objections."

Rin's baffled expression darkened with boredom and frustration as she spat internally at what she heard him say.

He has the NERVE to make such a ridiculous request!

"Don't joke. It's not the least amusing. I'll NEVER be your slave. You can forget it." With that short response, Rin turned and walked away.

She stopped as a louder, more treacherous smirk sounded, sending an unknown tremble down her spine.

"You have forgotten about this?" Her head spun back, sighting the pink paper clipped between his second the middle finger. "What do you think if I were to make copies of it, a thousand perhaps and then throw it down from the roof top? Wouldn't that be great publicity?"

Rin's jaws fell open.


At the school café


"What? He asked you to be his personal slave? How dare he?" Kagome was fuming. "How can you let him do that?"

"You don't understand. His look, it's so scary. I'm really afraid." Rin tried to steady her hand as she sipped her hot cocoa.

"Rin-chan. That's the problem with you. You're too timid. That's why he's taking advantage of that." Kagome stood up, her eyes shone with an emerging idea. "You have me. I'll stand up to him for you."

"AHHHH… Kagome, you're my best pal!" Rin shed tears of blissfulness, touched. She couldn't do without Kagome. She was so much tougher than herself even from the first day she had met her. "What are you gonna say to him?"

"Dealing with this sort of outlaw, you must show your strongest front, shout your loudest and speak your fiercest. You must say something like…" The girl swung to her left circling her finger in the air, seemingly rehearsing her prepared threat. "Sesshoumaru, you bastard, listen up…"

"Yes? What do you have to say to me?" Kagome found herself staring straight at a pale face about two inches from her. It was Sesshoumaru himself!

The girl was too stunned for words but Rin stuck her head from behind Kagome's back.

"She… She's gonna kick your sorry ass. Th….that's what it is!" Even then, she was suppressing her own fearful stutter.

Sesshoumaru's smug glance switched from Kagome to Rin then back again.

"Is that so?" He asked in a gentleness hidden with malice.

Kagome covered her lips as she faked a pretentious chuckle.

"HoHoHo… I'm saying that…err… you certainly have great taste. It's such an honor that our little Rin can serve you." She pushed Rin toward Sesshoumaru. "She may be forgetful and confused at times… Don't mind that… but at least she's cute. She'll do anything…"

Before she could finish, Rin had let off another shriek as Sesshoumaru yanked at her sleeve, pulling her along with him.

"Stop wasting my time. You start work NOW!"


Left alone at the table, Kagome made a contrite face. I'm sorry Rin but… he's sooooo CUTE! I just can't bring myself to say it. It's no wonder he's called the demon prince of seduction!


In the art class


"Girl, who are you? You're not from my class!" The lecturer noticed an unfamiliar face in the crowded, scurrying away copying notes.

"Hai Sir, I'm not from your class. PLEASE save me…" Rin dropped her pen, joining both her palms together in the most hopeful manner. "I'm leaving now. Sorry to disturb your class."

The girl was instantly relieved as she stood up wanting to pace out of the class, at the same time trying not to look in the direction of Sesshoumaru, now staring at her disbelievingly. It didn't take long before she was pushed back to her seat by a set of powerful muscled hand.

"Sir, I'm Hojo and this girl is here for a purpose. She's copying notes for Sesshoumaru." The boy spoke flatly.

"Copying notes? Sesshoumaru? Don't you have hands on your own?" The teacher was growing out of patience. "Who is this Sesshoumaru?"

"Oh, he's nobody really, just the stupid son of the school chairman." Hojo feigned a laugh.

"It's alright, sir, I'm so sorry. I'll be leaving now." Rin did a brief packing, then walked up to the white board, presenting an apologetic bow before preparing to exit.

"Err.. girl.. Go back to your seat." The lecturer coughed out with a hint of reluctance in his tone. He had apparently changed his mind and Rin couldn't believe her ears. "Be… attentive and do a good job copying the notes."

By now, Rin's nostrils were almost breathing smoke as her face contorted and twisted. What was worse was that ever irritating smug smile of the one next to her. Damn that Sesshoumaru!

"Why are you doing this?" She whispered forcing down her tears, deliberately looking away from him. But Sesshoumaru wouldn't let her. He cupped her chin, bringing her closer to match her seemingly lost eyes.

"Nothing really." He was leaning so close that Rin could feel his breath against her lips. "I just enjoy seeing innocent girls like you suffer in silence…"



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