The epilogue (Part 2)


"Ne-chan! One-chan!"

Rin waved as a spirited little figure skipped out of the gates of the Kindergarten together with all the rest of the children in their brightly yellow uniforms and caps. She waved again as the young teacher of the class emerged bidding her students goodbye. It was her ex-colleague, Ayame. In her heart, she still missed the time she had worked there though it had been brief. She could have rejoined the school when she had returned a year and a half back from Rome but she knew….even if Sesshoumaru had agreed to it (which he wouldn't), Kaede-ba-san would never allow that.

To the traditional grandmother, letting the Inu-clan lady work in the lowly kindergarten would have been the greatest laughing stock and disgrace. Moreover, there were just too many things to do, to prepare, to learn. Like what Kaede had related to her, Sesshoumaru was to head the clan whereas her duty was to assist him in all internal matters and….well… provide him with an heir.

A pair of tiny hands shook her own and that alerted Rin and brought her out of her strayed musings. "Ne-chan…"

She looked down at the amber-eyed boy with spiky dark hair, smiled and took over his bag. She held his hand as they strolled homeward. "Kohaku…did you have a good day at school?"

Rin squinted as she noticed her little brother was attempting to hide something behind him. "What do you have in your hands?"

The kid's eyes twinkled as he smiled broadly. "We made this at school today." Proudly, he swung his hand out to show off his prized creation.

Rin pretended to nod approvingly as she picked up the animal mask made from felt, trying to figure out exactly what it was. "Erm… Kohaku… this is really pretty… erm… what…"

"It's baby bear from Goldilocks!" He couldn't wait to reveal the answer and Rin was relieved she didn't have to probe. He stretched out his hand, offering the item. "And it's for you…."

"Really? For me? That's so sweet of you!" Rin gently stroked the child's hair. "But I think it suits you more. Why don't you play with it first?"

That suggestion agreed went well with the boy and they continued home.

Kohaku's narration

Hi. My name is Kohaku and I'm four years' old and soon, I'll be five. My family is a really strange one.

I have a half brother, my daddy's son, and a half sister, my mommy's daughter, and they are getting married!

If you ask me, I think sister is being cheated! She's making a big mistake! That guy (I refuse to call him brother) is a bad person.

Why do I say that?

Well, to begin with, sister is pretty and she's gentle and sweet and she's nice to me. She always buys me my favorite ice-cream and toys and she lets me sleep with her.

Sesshoumaru, on the other hand, is nothing like that. He's evil and I cannot even finish telling you why I hate him. He's cold and mean and he never smiles. His hair is long, he doesn't bother to cut it. He's rude to everybody. He even calls daddy 'old man'. Worst of all, he always makes sister cry. I've never seen sister cry. She only does that when he comes home. I'm happy that he's not around most of the time. Mommy says he's in Rome with his own mommy. Wherever that is, I hope it's far away. If possible, I hope he'd never return.

I hated the times he comes home to visit. He'd separate me and sister and I don't get to sleep with her anymore. He'd call me a baby and chase me out of that big beautiful room every time I tried to get in. He said that's his room but sister's sleeping there too. So, why can't I? He just wanted sister all to himself. He's so selfish!

But sister's always on his side. Just saying that makes me so mad. No matter how he makes her angry and makes her cry, she's going to marry him. That's why I think, sister is being cheated. She's forced. I love sister too. I'd marry her when I grow up. I wouldn't make her cry.


Kohaku let off a muted squeak when he bumped is nose into his sister's knee. Sheepishly, he rubbed on it, trying to sooth the ache. Why had sister suddenly stop walking? He peered up from the little of his height to a tall dark figure standing right in front of the gates of the Inu-residence.

"Sesshoumaru…." The word slipped with a soft tenderness from the young lady's lips as she instantly dropped the yellow bag she was lugging along.

The tall lean figure turned, his knee length hair swayed along with the afternoon breeze elegantly. His lips curved into a slight smile as he realized that the one he had been waiting for had arrived home. They only took a short moment regarding each other before Rin dashed into his embrace, her tears welling up in her eyes.

The young heir welcomed that sweet warmth, the one he had missed so achingly. "Sessh…." Her voice had turned slightly coarse from the sobbing. She looked up as she felt his hand gently stroking her hair. "I-I thought… you wouldn't be home till a week later…"

Sesshoumaru smiled, his ambers twinkled a hint of mischief. "I planned this…. as a surprise… Besides, nearer to the grand occasion, I'd suppose my grandmother will not stop giving you hell with the preparations. It'd be good if I'm back here just in case things go out of hand."

Rin giggled softly, comforted by the thoughtfulness. It was true that Kaede-ba-san had taken this wedding most seriously into her own hands. She wanted everything her way and even Inu-no-Taisho and her mom hadn't the courage to even ask her for leeway.

From a short distance away, a pair of tiny eyes glared angrily at the reunion. He only stopped when he heard his mother's calling. "Kohaku, sweetheart! Come into the house!"

Seeing that her four-year-old had no intentions of leaving Rin's side, Izayoi paced out from the door, taking over the bag and the boy. "Sweetheart, let's go into the house. Mommy made your some fresh cookies." The middle-aged lady nodded to Rin, winking. "Don't disturb your brother and your sister. They have…things to discuss…" With that, she pulled the boy along, sensing his reluctance as he tugged and tried to get away from the grip.

Kohaku's narration

See what I mean? Sesshoumaru always makes sister cry…. I hate him! Mommy says sister is crying because she's happy. I don't understand…you only cry when you're sad, right?

Why is he back so soon? I thought mommy says next Tuesday… Now I won't get to sleep with sister tonight…That guy's sure to lock me out…

Waiting till the two had finally entered the house, Sesshoumaru's gaze returned to the one still in his arms. Gently, he lifted a finger to brush away a loose tear from her cheek. "Why are you always crying?" He shook his head, chuckling. "You're so silly…"

Rin snuggled even closer to the one she loved. "I'm glad you're back… I just missed you so much I can't help it…"

"You know… people are going think I'm bullying you… Did you see the look that kid gave me just now?" Sesshoumaru intoned jokingly and Rin was baffled.

"What look?" Obviously, the young lady hadn't noticed a thing…though she had known that her husband and their younger brother don't quite get along. Perhaps it was that Sesshoumaru was most of the time away. Somehow, Kohaku had always appeared hostile toward his elder half brother.

"A look of a young jealous lover?" The young heir's brow lifted suggestively as he chuckled.

Rin just had to laugh at that last comment. "Sessh! Stop it! He's just a kid and he's our brother for goodness sake!"

Sesshoumaru's arms moved to circle her waist, pulling her to him so that he was breathing at her ears. "But you sleep with him when I'm not around…in my bed…"

Rin rolled her eyes, staring at him incredulously. "Oh please Sessh… don't tell me you're upset because of that…. He's still a baby…"

"He's nothing like a baby, that little imp…" He kissed her firmly on the mouth and Rin returned it eagerly, parting her lips and letting him gain full access to her inner cravens. For a long moment, they let themselves get lost, forgetting what they had been debating about earlier on. Gently, he broke the kiss. "And yes… I'm a jealous and possessive husband…" He kissed her again. "And I want my wife all to myself…tonight…"

Rin's brows furrowed, realizing that she was stuck in between the two. She knew fully well that Kohaku was going to kick up a hell of a fuss because of Sesshoumaru's sudden arrival home. She had wanted to use the week to slowly explain to him how things were going to change when she got married. It would be tough but she had confidence that Kohaku would eventually come to terms with it. She was going to coax him into accepting it but now, she had a sincere feeling things would be going off of hand.

"You know Sessh… I wish you two can get along…" Her words were discontinued when he took her mouth in his again…


That night, after dinner


"Come here Kohaku…" Lugging his little hand, Rin felt his restrain once he saw where she was leading him. She gave him a firmer grip, letting him know she was insisting he obeyed. "Come with me, your brother has something for you…"

Calmly, Rin led the boy to where Sesshoumaru was sitting with a huge parcel on his lap. She winked to him as she arrived at his side, positioning the kid so that he was facing the present.

"Kohaku… This is for you. It's a robot that can do somersaults, fight and punch his enemies. All you need is the remote control…" The young heir tried his best but it could be his dispassionate façade that had betrayed him…as always…

"I don't want it!" The little boy folded his arms as he snorted. "I don't want anything from you!"

Taking a deep calming breath, Sesshoumaru did not lose his cool. He peeled open the wrappings, fishing out the toy and proceeded to show the kid how it worked. He had sensed the hidden interest in his little amber eyes but apparently, Kohaku was fighting to restrain himself. "Here, try it…It's fun…" He put the toy into the kid's hand, moving the robot to arouse his further interest in it. Even the Taisho had come to assist him, putting the boy's hands on the toy and help him fumble with it.

With anxious eyes, Rin watched as Kohaku began to shake the robot, a little smile appearing on his tiny face. She just couldn't conceal her glee. Kohaku is accepting Sesshoumaru… finally! Her eyes fixed on her little brother, she instinctively moved and sat on Sesshoumaru's lap, letting his arms rounding her from behind. She smiled as he kissed her tenderly on her shoulder, then her neck.

Suddenly, her vision fell on Kohaku again, noticing a certain uneasiness in the air. The kid was staring that her and Rin instantly realized he wasn't pleased with how intimately she and Sesshoumaru were behaving. In the next moment, the robot flew as the boy flung it away with all his might.

"Kohaku!" Both Inu-no-Taisho and Izayoi screamed out in unison but the boy simply stamped his feet kicking and running forward pulling on Rin's hand.

"I don't want the toy! I want ne-chan! You're trying to take ne-chan from me!" He pulled so hard that Rin had almost toppled over in shock. Fortunately, Sesshoumaru cradled her fall with swift reflexes.

"Are you alright?" He asked softly and the young lady nodded as she was assisted to her feet. Still the boy did not give up. He attempted to pull her hand again but this time, Sesshoumaru caught it.

Not relenting, Kohaku stubbornly chewed on the hand that was gripping on him. Sesshoumaru let go and this time, it was Rin's turn to be really mad.

"Kohaku! What are you doing?" She pulled the boy to her, shaking him. "Why are you doing these things? Your brother had just given you a present and you should be saying thank you. I want you to apologize to your brother. Right now!"

"NO! NO!" Kohaku struggled as he was pushed towards Sesshoumaru but Rin wasn't about to give in this time. The boy had gone too far.

"Rin, it's okay… Let him go…" Rin felt Sesshoumaru's gentle caress on her shoulder, kneading it as though wishing to calm her down from her fury. Slowly, she recovered, her hands releasing the boy little by little.

Finally, Kohaku managed to break free, running towards the stairs, Izayoi calling and following up. Halfway up, he stopped, turning to stare at the two. "Ne-chan is always on his side. I hate him!" Then, he continued stomping up.

Helpless to salvage the situation, Rin clung to the one beside her, sobbing in her frustration. "Sessh… I don't want what to do… I really wish he'd be happy for us…"

"Hey…shh… it's alright… It takes time…I guess… for me to get to him….relax…" Sesshoumaru kept the one he loved tightly in his embrace as he looked up at his father. "Hey old man, Rin and I are going out and we probably won't be back tonight…"

The Taisho nodded knowingly as he gave his eldest son a wink. He signaled with a wave and pointed at a set of keys on the table.

"Sessh… where are we going?" Puzzled at what she heard, Rin looked up as she wiped the tears off her face but Sesshoumaru merely smiled mysteriously.

"I have a surprise for you…"


A hand holding Rin's, Sesshoumaru turned the door knob to the garage with the other, then gesturing her in. Both curious and suspicious, the young lady paced toward the door, sticking her head in first to examine the large space within.

"Oh wow!" Her eyes got fixed on a shiny black Porshe boxster parked just in front of the gates. She paced round it, letting her fingers run through its gleaming surface.

"It's Dad's present for us…" Sesshoumaru informed as he clicked to unlock the car. "well, part of his present…"

Hearing that, Rin's eyes narrowed at the young man now opening the door guiding her into her seat. "What do you mean by 'part of his present'? You mean there's more?"

Sesshoumaru flung the car door shut then moving to his side, got in and started the engine. "Be patient…you'll know soon enough…" With that, he drove off.

After a short twenty minutes drive, Rin noticed that they drove through the security guard post of a luxurious looking apartment estate and from its façade and conditions, she'd say it was only completed recently. "Uncle got us an apartment?" She couldn't stand not speaking anymore.

"Actually, he mentioned he'd like to get us one. I was the one who chose the place and location….as well as the furnishings…" Sesshoumaru's tone was ever so calm but the young lady was already way over her head in all these surprises.

"But how? You just arrived home. I don't understand…" She found it still difficult to believe.

Sesshoumaru parked his car, turned to the one beside and gently tickled her chin. "Does a man have to tell his wife everything?" His eyes were twinkling smugly as he lurched forward to kiss her. "Isn't it much more exciting this way?"

The young lady instantly smiled as she nodded in agreement.

Rin's narration

It turned out that Sessh has chosen a penthouse for our new home. He said that he remembered the times we spent at the presidential suite just before he left for Italy and how we had enjoyed it thoroughly. That sprung the idea of having a similar concept for our new house.

The penthouse came with its own private lift lobby, a beautifully spaced living area with full glass windows overlooking Southern Tokyo, an open concept kitchen, a study and a spiral staircase that led up to the master bedroom. But my favorite place was still the roof terrace, exquisitely landscaped with a mini open air Jacuzzi, just like the one we had at the hotel.

I was still admiring the view from our bedroom window when Sesshoumaru circled his arms round me from behind….


"Almost all the furniture are in, the rest of it will arrive in a few days…" Sesshoumaru turned her around to face him. "But you're welcome to change anything you don't like…" He featured his ever elegant smile.

Rin shook her head. "Everything is so perfect…I love it." She ended as she felt herself being led to lie on the super king bed.

Propping himself up with one elbow, Sesshoumaru experimentally wriggled and bounced as if to test the degree of the spring mattress. Seeing that the one beside him was doing the way after him, he merely smiled coolly. "So, do you like it, our bed?"

"Nice…" Rin sighed as she tried to lie flat on her back but she was pulled toward the one she loved. She chuckled as she came just inch away from him, both her arms supporting on his shoulders. "What are you doing?" Her brows furrowed, knowing exactly what was on his mind. "Perhaps our future head of the Inu-clan might like to know …" she poked a finger at his chest. "…that your grandmother has specifically pointed out to me that we are to keep a respectable distance before our wedding…something about it being bad luck…"

"And you're suggesting we follow her silly superstitions?" Even while he spoke, Sesshoumaru had begun to unbutton her blouse in the most practiced manner.

Rin giggled. "No. I'm merely cautioning that we'd better be sure she doesn't know about this…If not, I'd be the one she'd fire at…" She hit his hand away playfully. "Plus… I'm suggesting we take a shower first too…"

Sesshoumaru only took a moment as his brows arched. "Shower later…." With that, he sprung over her ignoring how she was half squealing and laughing. "…after we test out the bed…"


After a hot shower, and a long soak in their new tub, the young couple returned to lie comfortably in the already heavily rumpled bed. Rin snuggled in closer, resting her head on Sesshoumaru's bare chest, lost in her thoughts.

"Sessh…" She finally spoke, feeling his fingers cruise through her spine, making little patterns on her naked skin.


"Are we really staying here for the night?" She looked up at him, seemingly a little worried. "Kohaku's probably waiting for me to sleep…"

Sesshoumaru looked down at her incredulously. "That's precisely the reason why I brought you here. That little koala's probably glued himself to MY bed. I bet he'd never think I'd outsmart him…" He smirked, his tone was so proud, so smug that Rin just had to hit him gently on the chest.

"You're terrible, Sessh… He's just a kid…and he's our brother."

"Well, he'd better be prepared to sleep alone. You can't be with him forever Rin. We're going to move out soon…" Sesshoumaru had seemingly become more serious and Rin had to agree he had a point.

"Or course I know that… just that… I thought… it'd be nice if he liked you better…and be happy that we're getting married…" She sighed, finding it rather helpless to remediate the situation and Sesshoumaru silently took note of everything as he stroked her hair, kissing her forehead.

"I guess it takes time… Kohaku and I, we'll find a way to get along… man to man… don't worry…"


Two days before the wedding


Sesshoumaru was just about to enter his room when he noticed that someone was already inside. He peered in silently, noting how the kid was circling Rin's gown with utmost curiosity. The young heir smiled as he watched the boy running his little fingers on the embroided beads and laces. His brows lifted in surprise as Kohaku let out a soft squeal. He had accidentally pulled out a cream rose from the dress!

Sesshoumaru looked on a few more moments as the kid struggled powerlessly to fix it back. He cleared his throat, making his presence heard and Kohaku turned to stare at him, full guilt written all over his tiny paled cheeks.

"I saw you…" The young heir started rather coolly but he made sure he didn't scare the child too much. That was not his intention.

"I-I …. Sesshou… I mean…ni-san… I didn't mean to spoilt sister's dress. I was just looking at it and it's so beautiful. So…I …" He was stuttering and Sesshoumaru found it most appealing when the boy finally addressed him 'brother', well, most probably out of fear.

For that little moment that Sesshoumaru didn't speak, Kohaku was almost near to tears. Seeing that, he quickly moved to pat the boy on his head, then putting a finger to his lips. "Shh… if you cry, everyone will hear you. They'll all come and they'll find out about this…"

Kohaku instantly covered his mouth, his family amber eyes blew up wide looking pleadingly at his elder brother, who had now gotten an upper hand.

"Now… Kohaku…" Sesshoumaru squatted down to his level, facing the kid with a firm look. "I can help you fix your sister's dress and I can guarantee you she'll not find out. Would you like that?"

He waited till the boy hesitated for a moment before he reluctantly nodded. Calmly and quietly pleased, he sat Kohaku down on the sofa.

"Then it's time we have a man-to-man talk." He made sure he made the kid's full attention before he continued. "Your sister and I are getting married soon and she really hopes that we can get along. She wants so much for you to say you're happy for her… congratulate her. Do you understand, Kohaku?"

Kohaku's little eyes narrowed, seemingly realizing that he was trapped.

Kohaku's narration

I got caught by Sesshoumaru and now, I need his help. He's asking things in return… and I can't do anything about it…

He's so sneaky... he wants me to be happy that he's taking sister away…

"So… are you going to tell your sister you're happy for her?" Sesshoumaru got a little impatient. "And I'll get the dress fixed. You know, your sister had the gown specially flown in from Paris. She's going to wear it to greet all our uncles and aunties. I don't think grandma will be pleased if she finds out it's broken…" He increased the weight of his threat.

Kohaku silently gulped at the mention of Kaede's name. Finally, he nodded and Sesshoumaru smiled, most proud of himself.


On the wedding day


"Let me go!!!!!!" The four-year-old struggled to free himself with all his might as he was flung over the shoulders of the one he still disliked. Sesshoumaru ignored him completely, holding firmly to prevent any chance of escape.

"Remember what you promised me… I fixed the dress…" He intoned plainly as he continued making his way through the ballroom toward the bridal dressing chamber.

Kohaku puffed his lips, refusing to answer to that at first but he screamed as he was swung down onto a couch just outside the room door.

"Kohaku…" This time, Sesshoumaru was dead serious and even the kid could feel the stern tone in his voice. He kept quiet, not daring to show his tantrums any further. "We had a promise… An honorable man keeps true to his word… regardless of age…especially if he's an inu. Do you wish your sister to be unhappy during the most important day of her life? Is this what you mean by you love her?"

After a long pause, aching slowly, Kohaku began to stand up, making his way towards the door. As the young heir watched the boy enter the room, he finally let out a sigh of relief. He could now only pray that Rin would be pleased with this surprise he had prepared. However, Kohaku ran out of the room looking entirely shocked and lost in only couple of seconds. Sesshoumaru frowned. What now?

"Kohaku…" He started but the kid fought immediately to speak.

"T-There's a woman inside I don't know…" The boy swallowed hard. "Sister's not in there…"

Sesshoumaru's ambers narrowed at the boy, then moving to the door and opened it. He only took a peak before he let out yet another sigh, this time shaking his head chuckling.

"You silly boy! That's your sister!" With that, the young man gave the kid a push into the room.

Rin turned at the slight commotion at the entryway, a hint of a smile lit on her face as she saw who was there.

"Kohaku has something to say to you… Don't you?" Sesshoumaru gave the boy a final nudge till he came face to face with the young bride. Then, with a wink at Rin, he exited the room.

"Kohaku?" The young lady brought the sheepish looking boy to a chair as she sat down. "What do you have to tell me?"

The boy gulped. "Y-You look really beautiful today, ne-chan…"

"Thank you…" Rin lightly caressed his little cheeks as she smiled down at him. "Is that all you want to say?"

"Congratulations, ne-chan…" Kohaku said finally after a long hesitation.

The young bride almost could not believe her ears. She tried hard to control herself from tearing as she covered her mouth. "K-Kohaku… thank you…" She recalled how her husband had pushed the boy in earlier on and instantly knew who had instigated this sudden change in attitude. Curious, she began to question the boy. "And your ni-san, do you still hate him?"

Kohaku's lips tightened as he rubbed his fingers nervously. "He's taking you far away. I'll never see you again…" Tears began to gather in his little eyes and that made Rin feel really bad.

"Oh Kohaku… You'll still see me. I'll visit very often, I promise…" She pat on his head, helping him to tidy his hair. Suddenly remembering something Sesshoumaru had mentioned the night before, she smiled. "And your ni-san is planning some thing for the family. You'll be delighted once he has finished it."

Strolling toward the table at the window, Rin picked up a long scroll and carefully unroll it, showing it to the kid.

"What's this, ne-chan?" Kohaku was squinting his eyes trying to make out the blue and black lines.

"It's a blue print for our new house. Your brother is an architect and he specially designed this house for all of us. Look!" She pointed to the two houses next to each other. "You see, this is your house and this is ours… and we have a big room in between joining our houses together. In this way, you can come by to visit anytime you wish. Isn't that wonderful? We're going to have a pool too."

Kohaku's eyes gleamed with joy as if he couldn't believe it to be true. "You mean, brother designed this?"

Rin nodded, seeing in the boy's eyes the potentials of Sesshoumaru finally becoming an idol figure to his younger brother. "He did it for you, so that you wouldn't miss me…"

From the expressions Kohaku now had on his little face, the young bride knew that the relationship between these two brothers finally turned for the better, permanently…she hoped.

The boy waved enthusiastically as he dashed out of the room hearing the call of Izayoi.

Once the kid had left, the young heir entered and he was readily greeted by Rin's smile. He paced to her, holding both her hands as he spun her round, admiring her full grace and beauty. "Beloved… you look… enchanting…"

The young bride giggled. "Well, I feel far more comfortable in this gown than that heavy tradition kimono your grandmother has prepared for me this morning…" She sighed, circling her neck to loosen the ache. Sesshoumaru went forward, kneading lightly on her nape, then placing a kiss on her neck.

Rin spun round to face him, the smile clung perpetually on her face. "You know, your grandmother says this room is out of bounce for the groom." Even as she spoke, she couldn't help but took a moment to admire the young man before her. He looked so different now than when they first met. The cold rebellious boy had turned into a fine young heir, glowing in his own unique cool elegance and maturity. He had on a cream white full tuxedo and had his knee length hair neatly braided at his nape.

She couldn't help but laugh, seeing the puzzled look on Sesshoumaru's face. "It's nothing. I just remembered when we first met. It seemed like yesterday but coming to think of it, it's been like five years…"

Sesshoumaru's lips curved with a hint of a smirk. "I can still remember your silly face the first time I saw you…with that silly letter…"

Rin smacked him lightly. "Stop it…You promised you will NEVER bring that up ever again…"

"No matter… You were meant to be mine… from the first day I set eyes on you…" He smiled with a definite victorious look on his face.

"Really, you mean by forcing me to be your personally slave?" Rin pouted as she recalled how she had been taken to serve him under his threat.

Sesshoumaru laughed, then brought her closer to him, carefully putting a stray hair away on her forehead. "I-I didn't know… how else to keep you by my side…"

Rin's narration

Of course I was so touched after hearing his confession that I had to kiss him crazy…didn't really care about messing up the makeup…

Indeed, morning had been the toughest. At the Inu-ancestral house, both Sesshoumaru and I had to be adorned in the Traditional Inu-clan wedding kimono, (not to mention my head dress which weighed a ton) as we were greeted by practically everyone from one to a hundred and one years old in the clan. As the wedding ceremony was also the formal presentation of the new head of the Inu-clan to the world, even the furthest of relatives from the outskirts Japan Islands came to catch a glimpse of my Sesshoumaru. I had thought that our engagement party was bad enough. Sesshoumaru had informed me quite casually that not all the members of the clan had been there but I had brushed it off as a joke. Now, I was convinced.

Kaede had wished that the wedding ceremony be both traditional and modern, showing to the world that the Inu-clan was in par with the change of time. Thus, the evening was to be a formal dinner at the Taisho hotel grand ballroom inviting over 300 guests and relatives. I had always wanted a simple wedding, perhaps saying the vows barefooted on the beach. But the one I was married to was Sesshoumaru. I guess that little wish I could forgo.

So, needless to say, the rest of the evening and night went to entertaining the guests. As Sesshoumaru got cornered by the elders with boring debating topics like plans for the Inu-clan for the next century, I got it no worse. I had to play the perfect hostess and mistress, surrounded by all the wives of the clan elders as they gossiped about almost anything under the sun.

Both Sesshoumaru and I were so relieved when we excused ourselves to join our friends. Yes, we hadn't forgotten about them, we wouldn't, especially when they had been the ones who had been by us supporting our relationship and encouraging us to persevere on. You might like to know that Naraku and Kagura beat us to the marriage category. They now had a boy, three, and a newborn, another boy. Naraku wanted a girl so much but I think he'd really got to convince his heinous mistress first. Hojo till now was single and available. He'd had been in and out with multiple girls. Sesshoumaru had said coolly that he seemed to prefer to stay out of commitments. As for Yash and Kags, they had been staying together since they graduated and are planning to get married next year.

I thought for a moment this tiring day would never come to an end….It did…but not after we had to sent every single guest off, hugged mom and uncle (oops, I mean dad) goodnight and Kohaku and then, when we finally got into Sesshoumaru's car and drove back to our apartment, we were both dead beat.


From her position in bed, Rin watched as her husband entered the room, pacing to his side of the bed and tugged himself in. Instinctively, she stretched to lean to his embrace and he welcomed her into his arms.

"Tired?" His voice was soft, gentle.

"Exhausted…" Rin smiled into his chest. "But I'm glad we're only doing this once in our life time…" She chuckled as she felt him raining little kisses on her head, his breath felt like he was smirking as well at her remark.

Then, Sesshoumaru moved a little backwards so that he could meet her eyes. His expression was strange, with a hint of being apologetic. "Rin, I'm sorry we can't go on a honeymoon this time. I have to start work with dad right away and I also need to settle some issues at the Inu-ancestral house, since my grandmother will be officially retiring as of tomorrow."

"Don't apologize please, Sessh. I understand." Rin stroked the ever silken hair of her husband, smiling and shaking her head. "Besides, we've done most of our traveling already and it's not as if we're only married today…"

Sesshoumaru's brows arched in amusement at that comment. "I seem to sense a hint of disappointment in your tone, my mistress of my clan…"

Rin giggled, shifted so that she was lying on her back looking up the ceiling. "Well, you know…Tonight just feels a little strange. It's supposed to be our wedding night, yet, I don't really feel any of its sparks. It's not as if we're looking forward to having sex the first time or anything. Plus not to forget, we ARE already married to begin with…"

Hearing that, the young heir propped up from his lying position with one elbow, looking down on the one beside him rather gravely. "Are you saying you'd rather we waited till tonight…" He was sounding a little remorseful. "Would you have preferred tonight to be our first?"

Seeing how serious her husband had become, the young bride began to feel a little guilty herself for bringing up the topic. Even so, she took time, thinking about his last question to her. Finally, she extended her arms, pulling him to her, lowering him to kiss him firmly and lovingly on his lips. "Even if you let me choose again a dozen times, I wouldn't have done things differently…"

That statement seemed to reap its effects. She felt the firmness and intensity of Sesshoumaru's kiss, his hands were already peeling off her bathrobe and moving lower to loosen the ties at her waist.

"There IS one thing different about tonight…" He breathed at her neck after breaking the kiss.

"Hmm?" Rin found she could only pay partial attention to what he was saying, being entirely distracted by what he was doing so skillfully with his hands as always.

"Did you get off those irritating pills like I instructed you to?" He added as he continued kissing a wet line down to her chest, then up and around the curves of her breasts.

Suddenly realizing what he was implying, Rin had to laugh as she nodded.

"Good…then we'd better begin our new task… making a baby…" As he spoke, he had already kicked off his own robe and flinging hers off as well.

"Your grandmother specially said she wishes to hear news of her great grandchild within half a year…" Rin recalled and chuckled.

"She has gravely underestimated my potentials… We'll let her have her news in a month…"

Rin's narration

Yes, we're starting a family…finally…I know Sessh's looking forward to be a dad like forever

I'd end our story here for all of you out there….for now… We've already come this far…

But rest assured, I'll do my best at my new responsibilities, as the mistress of the Inu-clan, as a dutiful wife and mother in the future. I'm ready for what's to come.

My wish had finally come true…against all odds… against all barriers… Sessh and I are now together and nothing can ever separate us again…

Sesshoumaru still and will always have his tempers, his traits of being a spoilt rich boy wanting everything his way … I know I can never get away from being dominated by him…

but I know… his love for me is real… and I love him more than anything in this world and will always do… my Sesshoumaru… the demon of my heart…


That's all folks….Wishing you all a blessed year ahead and I hope with all my heart to write again someday and to see you all soon…. In the meantime… take care of you…