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Note: This story takes place several years after Evangelion. Nerv was never attacked by the JSDF. The characters are around twenty years of age. The characters may be slightly out of character.

Chapter 1

Shinji awoke with to a familiar feeling. Not anything very out of the ordinary just the need to urinate. While attempting to get out of bed, Shinji felt a warm presence against his side; looking down all he could see was a head full of blue hair. Shinji smiled to him self thinking about the series of events that it took to get him to finally admit his feelings for her.

Flash Back

Shinji now twenty sat alone at his desk staring at a picture of Rei that he had taken off of the Nerv security cameras. Ever since they had both been pilots he had felt a need to be around her, to comfort her to some how protect her. Shinji just could never seem to bring himself to actually make anything other than small talk with the living angel.

Shinji was brought out of his daydream by a knock on the door. Slowly he stood up and walked around his desk. To Shinji's surprise Rei stood in the door way.

"Ikari, I require your assistance on a personal matter." Shinji stared forward with a blank stare.

Sure, Rei whatever you need.

'Good', Rei stated in her usual monotone voice, "I will see you at 19:00 at gate 5." As she walked away Shinji could not help but feel dumbfounded at what Rei might need his help.

Rei walked away from Ikari's office and smiled inwardly to herself. Ever since the fifth angel she had been having these strange feelings toward Ikari. She had been using her terminal to do some research on these feelings and had come to the conclusion that it was either a crush or love.

Shinji stood up from his desk and grabbed his keys. It was hard to believe that the angels' attacks had been over for nearly a year now. Now that Gendo was safely behind bars and Misato had become the new Nerv commander. Slowly Shinji made his way toward gate 5, 18:58 he would be right on time. Shinji could still not shake the nervous feeling welling up inside of him; he had wanted to spend time alone with Rei but could never find a time or a reason for them to be together.

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