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Chapter 5

As Shinji and Rei made their way from the restaurant towards Rei's apartment building Shinji's cell phone began to ring. Suspecting that it might be someone at Nerv trying to get a hold of him he pulled the phone out of the case on his belt. Once he had his phone out he took a moment to look at the screen to see if his assumption was correct. The screen was flashing Asuka's number. Shinji not feeling like talking to the explosive red head decided to hit the ignore button there by sending the caller straight to his voicemail. A moment later his phone beeping again signaling that he now had a new voicemail to listen to.

Rei had noticed Shinji looking at his cell phone. "Who called," Rei asked.

"Oh, it was only Asuka, Shinji replied. She most likely wanted to know when I would be home to make them dinner."

"Well, should you not return pilot Sohyru's telephone call," Rei inquired.

"I will later; I really do not feel like talking to her right now," Shinji answered.

"Very well, Shinji what ever you think is best," Rei added.

They continued to walk towards the apartment building side by side. Shinji continued to stare at Rei through the side of his eyes. She really looks beautiful he thought to himself. From the angle that he was at he could barely see the small smile that was gracing the living angel's face. Shinji continued to star at Rei; he really hoped that he might be able to find the courage to tell her how he really felt about her.

Once they reached the apartment Shinji stopped to let Rei lead the way into her own apartment. As they entered the apartment Shinji thought back to the last time he was in her place. As he looked around the only real difference he could see was that the bloody bandages were gone. Rei took a seat on her bed looking at Shinji she silently offered him the seat next to her. Shinji walked over and set next to her.

"So, Rei was the matter you wanted to discuss with me," Shinji asked intrigued.

"Well Ika-Shinji, I wanted your help in classifying a feeling that I have been feeling," Rei stated in a very matter of fact manner.

When Shinji heard that he felt his heart skip a beat. Shinji deeply hoped that Rei might feel about him the same way that he felt about her. 'No, what are you thinking Shinji,' he inwardly scolded him self. She couldn't even remotely think the same things as you feel for her, he thought.

"Well, what are you asking me to do," Shinji asked.

"Well, I have been trying to classify this feeling I have been having towards you," Rei answered.

"What kind of feeling are you having towards me," Shinji asked. Inwardly Shinji was jumping for joy hoping that Rei was heading in the direction that he was hoping.

"Well, I have been thinking about you quite a bit lately and keep getting this unexplainable feeling every time I see you at work," Rei answered feeling a bit odd that she was letting Shinji know about this.

Shinji was jumping for joy inside his head and trying not to let the blush he could feel actually show on this face. Shinji quickly looked down at the floor trying not to let Rei see the smile on his face. Rei noticed that Shinji started staring at the floor and wondered if there was something on interest on the floor.

"Shinji is there something on the floor," Rei asked confused.

"No Rei, I was just a little embarrassed that's all. Rei, I hope that I am not over stepping here but I just wanted to tell you that I feel the same way about you. Rei, I think that I love you. I hope that you feel the same way about me. I hope that I am not pushing my feelings on yours and only hearing what I want to here," Shinji answered trying to completely explain his feelings.

"Did you say that you love me," Rei asked.

"Yeah Rei, I love you and have since we battled the angles," Shinji answered quickly.

"I love you too Shinji," Rei replied with a blush forming on her face.

Shinji turned his head and found that he was only a few inches away from Rei's face. Shinji looked at those crimson orbs. He could see her lips ever slightly parted. Shinji really wanted to kiss her.

Rei noticed that they were very close together. She noticed that Shinji was looking at her lips and seemed to be mouthing something to him self. "Shinji do you wish to kiss me," Rei asked.

"Yeah, if that's OK with you," Shinji answered completely embarrassed.

To answer his question Rei leaned in and brought their lips together. Shinji left her soft lips connect with his. Shinji had never experienced anything that felt quite like this before. The kiss only lasted a moment; Shinji had not had a chance to take in a proper breath prior to her lips meeting his. Shinji looked at her and felt an overwhelming need to kiss her again. Before Shinji had a chance to do anything Rei looked at him in a quizzical manner.

"Rei is there something wrong," Shinji asked.

"Does this mean we are going out," Rei asked.

The question caught Shinji off guard. "Yeah Rei, if you want to I guess that we are," Shinji answered.

"Then we are now going out," Rei answered with confidence in her voice that made Shinji smile to him self.

Shinji reached over and put his hand on her cheek feeling the smoothness of her skin. Shinji could not believe that this living angel was sitting next to him. Not only that but she was now his girlfriend. Shinji leaned over and held Rei in a passionate embrace and took a moment to smell the wonderful scent of Rei Ayanami.

Rei laid her head onto Shinji's chest and took a moment to relax inside his loving embrace. Rei has always enjoyed the aroma that Shinji gave off. Rei enjoyed the cross synchronization experiments in unit 01 they always smelled of Shinji. Rei suddenly felt very tired and let out a long yawn.

"Tired Rei," Shinji asked.

"Yes, I am feeling a bit tired," she answered. Rei lay back on the bed and righted her self with the pillow.

Shinji stood up and started walking towards the door. "Well, I guess that I will let you get some rest Rei. I imagine that I will see you tomorrow," Shinji said. Shinji really did not want to leave but he didn't want to start pushing the limits of his freedoms.

Rei watched Shinji head towards the door and felt a ting of disappointment. "Shinji why are you leaving," she asked making the disappointment evident in her voice.

Rei's tone had caught him completely off guard. "Well, I thought that you wanted to get some rest," Shinji answered.

"I would prefer if you stayed here with me while I slept," Rei stated hoping that Shinji would decide to stay.

"Sure Rei, if that is what you want," Shinji said. Shinji walked over and sat back down next to Rei. Slowly Shinji relaxed and laid down next to Rei. Rei slowly scooted over and placed her head on Shinji's chest. The two of them laid there for several hours.

Eventually Shinji's cell phone rang. Very slowly and carefully he pulled it out of his pocket and answered. Misato was on the line wanting to know when he would be home. Shinji told her that he way there with Rei and most likely would not be home till later. Misato teased him for and moment and then told him to be careful. Shinji hung up the phone and placed it on the dresser next to the bed. Shinji closed his eye and allowed him self to drift off into a bliss full sleep.

End of Flash Back

Shinji finally stood up and made his way over to the restroom. Relieving him self of the urgent pressure Shinji just smiled to him self. In a matter of weeks Shinji would finally be taking the plunge so to speak. Shinji and Rei were scheduled to be married. They had been dating for nearly a year now and had recently moved into an apartment in the same building as Misato and Asuka. As Shinji walked back to the bedroom he took a moment to admire his future wife. When she slept she seemed like an angel he on Earth, his angel.

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