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"Here we are Kairi."

'How did I let her talk me into this?'

'Maybe they'll accept me?'

'Kairi stop talking to yourself!'

I stepped out of Rinoa's blue minivan. There in front of me was a three-story white house. It was more ivory than white. There were vines traveling up the sides of it. The windows looked to be permanently stained by dirt. I could see the paint chipping off of the house. It looked like one of those mansions that a murder had taken place in. Then, after the murder no one had lived in it for 3,000 years. I looked back at Rinoa, my eyes were pleading with her. I wanted to go back to the orphanage and spend my life as a teenage spinster. Sadly, the only response I got was a nod signaling for me to go inside. This would be my new home, my permanent home. There was no going back now, these other six teenagers would be my new family. The first real family I had ever had.

'I'm not too thrilled with this, Rinoa what have you gotten me into?'

Just this morning I was a fifteen-year-old living Rinoa's orphanage. I hadn't been a particularly happy fifteen-year-old, but at least my life was stable.

"Good morning," I whispered to myself. I ran my fingers through my auburn hair already getting caught in the tangles. I stood up dusting off my pants. I grabbed my little purple bag and went into the bathroom sneaking and stepping over all the younger kids.

I quietly closed the door and looked at myself in the mirror. The girl that stared back wasn't such a pretty sight. My auburn hair was dulled and dry looking with noticeable split ends. My eyes had dark circles around them and seemed to only show my despair. I suppose that was to be expected with a mixture between purple and blue. I sighed grabbing my brush and brushing my hair. "I look so…I'm not even going to finish that sentence." I sighed again putting down the brush and turning on the water.

At the orphanage all they had was cold water. Rinoa really needed to fix this place up, but I understood how she had no money. It was amazing how she still kept the place going. I washed my face and brushed my teeth. After turning off the water I went over to my bag (stepping over all the children once again) and pulled out the only other pair of clothing I owned. My white t-shirt, black hooded jacket, and my jean skirt. I put them on and slipped into my flip-flops.

"Just another day," I sighed opening the door to the bathroom. I saw Rinoa packing up my sleeping bag. "Rinoa? Is there no more room for me in here?"

She smiled at me. "I found you a family." My eyes widened. She found me a family? What?


"Curse you Rinoa," I muttered under my breath. I watched the blue minivan drive away from the curb while standing on the porch. The porch that looked like it was going to collapse at any given moment. I turned to the door moving my auburn tress out of my face. I took a deep breath and placed my hand on the doorknob.

'Okay this is it Kairi, the moment of truth. Make a good impression and maybe my peers will like me and I'll have friends that are actually my age,' I thought. Rinoa always said I over-thought things, and could talk myself out of everything. I guess she was right, because I really wanted to make a mad dash for the minivan. Rinoa didn't drive too fast.

I sighed. "Well, here goes nothing."

'Please like me!'

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