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Chapter Forty-Nine: Resolution

For many days Sora stayed locked in his room refusing any food and also refusing to cook any food. The orphans found themselves actually eating the microwavable meals and television dinners they had bought many months ago. The brunette wouldn't budge, and the group was beginning to worry that he would die of starvation. Even Zidane could not get his best friend out of his room. All efforts seemed futile. Ever since Sora's episode in the kitchen he had become extremely solitary.

Sora tumbled to his knees stricken with grief. "Kairi!" he wailed loudly not caring for his dignity or pride. It seemed as if his entire being had shattered and he was nothing but broken shards on the kitchen floor that even Naminé could not clean.

Olette quickly dropped to his side and pulled him into a one-sided hug. She rocked him back and forth in her arms trying her best to comfort him, but he remained inconsolable. He only continued to cry into her shirt and wail for Kairi's return.

"Please Sora, get a hold of yourself," Olette begged feeling tears of her own stir, "Kairi wouldn't want you to fall apart like this. At least shape up for her, please."

"You don't understand!" Sora practically screamed as he ripped himself out of her arms. He backed away from her, a disgusted look on his tear-streaked face. "She is my only one! I can't-I can't function without her!" he cried as more tears began to fall from his cerulean eyes. Olette remained silent and watched him cry unable to do anything else.

Roxas and Riku entered the room, a mix of fear and concern written on their faces. Roxas looked down at the crying brunette and was at a loss of words. The boy who always had something to say was now rendered speechless. He looked at Riku searching for some sort of answer.

Riku cleared his throat catching Sora's attention. "Olette is right. Kairi would only want you and the rest of us to be happy," he muttered, still not fully understanding the situation.

Sora jumped to his feet in a burst of anger. His eyes now had a certain fire within them as he glared Riku down. "I cannot be happy knowing that she is with that man!" he growled his entire body tensing. "You people may not understand this, but he's only going to abuse her and harm her! He may even kill her!" Sora shouted, "but you don't really care, do you? No one does! I couldn't save her and now…now…" Sora shoved his way through Roxas and Riku and ran towards the steps nearly knocking Naminé to her feet. She had been lingering in the hallway.

The four stared at each other speechless.

Sora remained buried under his covers trying to catch her scent like he used too. Despite how hard he tried the scent was not there, and he knew that he would never find it again. He would never find her again. He rolled over and faced the window. Snow was still falling from the sky. Today was New Years Eve. He had planned…well, his plans did not matter anymore. At least the plans that included her did not matter anymore.

'Sora, you need to get a hold of yourself. It's going to be a new year…and she wouldn't want you lying in bed mourning,' he thought. For the many nights he remained confined to his bed she had been haunting his dreams. At first, Kairi appeared in pain and in need of help. She would be crying lying on the floor in a pool of blood. She would be screaming his name, asking for help that would never come. Slowly the nightmare transformed from screams of terror to smiles of acceptance. She would now appear smiling in her pool of blood wishing Sora well and telling him to move on with his life. The only problem was he didn't feel that he could move on. Not with the image of her dying in his head.

She was everywhere. He felt her everywhere. He closed his eyes and she was staring into his soul with her lovely, amethyst eyes. He opened them and her image was in her corner of his eye. Even as he lay with his back turned to the door he felt the curves of her body still pressed against him. He could hear her breathing in his ear. He could hear her still whisper his name in the night. It tortured him.

Slowly he sat up and moved to the edge of the bed. His eyes still followed the snowflakes that fell from the sky. "She wouldn't want me to be like this," he mumbled as he scratched his head. His appearance had totally transformed from a glowing, teenage boy to a broken, mourning boy. It was if a smile had not graced his features for decades.

He stood up, his legs wobbling as he walked toward the window. The moon shined brightly. Memories clouded his mind as her presence once again consumed him.

"Sora-Sora, why do you look so sad? The Sora-Sora I know would never get so depressed, he's always so cheerful and happy," her voice echoed through his mind.

"Kai-Kai, how can I be happy without you?" he mumbled fighting back the tears that wanted to pour from his eyes. Something cold touched his right shoulder. The sensation sent chills down his spine. He looked at his right shoulder and clad in moonlight was a hand. A hand he knew very well. He spun around and there was Kairi, paler than usual, but still the beautiful girl he loved. "Kairi," he whispered unsure how to react.

She smiled at him. "You were happy before you knew me, you can be happy again. I want you to be happy Sora-Sora, can't you be happy for me?" she pleaded.

"I'd do anything for you," rolled off his tongue.

"Then do this for me. Become the Sora I love once again. Have the happiness that I admire and aspire to have."

Sora placed his hand on her cheek. "I promise I will, I won't be depressed anymore," he whispered staring at her with such desire in his eyes.

She looked into his eyes, still wearing a sincere smile. "That's what I wanted to hear," she whispered. Before Sora could respond the image was gone and he was once again alone in his room. He fell back onto the wall letting the encounter sink in.

He glanced at the clock resting on his bedside table. It read 11:59 and changed to twelve before his eyes. "Well Happy New Year, Kai-Kai. This is my resolution to you," he whispered. Sora took in a deep breath before supporting his own weight again. "Better go downstairs now…they're probably worried…"

The sunlight beamed down on Traverse Town as the group walked down the street. The sky was a light shade of blue and there was barely a cloud in the sky. They spoke amongst themselves, chatting away with excitement about what the new school year would hold. Naminé was looking forward to seeing the girls again. Roxas wanted to show off the new tricks he had learned over the summer. Riku didn't really care for the new school year, but found that education was necessary so he wouldn't take it lightly. Olette was only looking forward to seeing Hayner. Tidus just wanted a normal school year. Though each wanted the terrible events of the past to be covered with new memories. That was what they all hoped for.

Sora, on the other hand, wasn't expecting anything. The brunette had given up on hope a long time ago, or what seemed to be a long time ago. He stretched and let out a small yawn. "I wish I could've slept in some more," he whined.

"Sorry," Riku muttered not even bothering to glance at Sora. Sora only ignored his comment and stared up at the sky. He was used to Riku's one word answers.

"There's only one thing bothering me, where's Zidane?" Sora asked looking around for any sign of the tailed blonde.

Tidus shrugged. "He usually shows up about now. Kinda strange if you ask me. Oh well, you'll see him at school," he answered with a small smile.

"You're right," Sora mumbled letting his mind wander. He looked up toward the sky and placed his hands behind his head.

"Daydreaming and walking isn't safe," a voice laughed.

Sora smirked. He glanced to his side and there she was walking right next to him. Kairi. She was as lovely as ever. She smiled at him and he couldn't help but smile back. He sighed and readjusted himself. He looked back to his side and she was gone. "Another hallucination," he muttered before running to catch up with the rest of the group.

A small figure took a step from behind a tree. Still guarded by the shadows she watched him run toward his friends with a sad smile. She turned away and pressed her back against the trunk of the tree. Taking in a deep breath she let a single tear escape her eye. She turned back around only to see him walking away.

"I'll be seeing you."

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