How You Remind Me

chapter one

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"What makes you so sure about that? I could be telling the truth, and making you think I am lying by telling the truth. Or I could be lying about telling the truth even though I could be telling the truth." He had a smirk on his face as wide as the cranberry fields. "So who do you believe, my bonny lass?" He inquired. The man's elbows were propped up as he sat on the grass looking into my eyes.

I laid there on the grass being two years younger, just watching him with great detail. And I was only eight at that time so I could be easily distracted by a butterfly sitting on a daisy.

Wouldn't you? My only response was a giggle, and a smile. Yes, a smile one that a certain someone has not seen in a long time.

He just sighed, and rolled his eyes. His spiky silver hair moving in the wind, and a mask that covered most of his face. But in reality a smirk. He ruffled my brown hair, with red strips similar to the future sand lord's; Gaara's.

I was getting ready to tickle him till he fell helpless. An evil smile covered my eight year old face. I got off of my feet and landed on his back.

But I guess he did not mind after the butterfly landed on my nose, I tried to grasp it but it moved to the silver haired ninja's mask. He looked at the butterfly with both eyes. The butterfly look at the ten year old with curiosity.

I stood up on my feet getting ready to catch the butterfly if it flew away. You know when I was little I really did not like butterflies, I just liked to see my best friend smile.

But as time passes a girl and a boy can't just be friends, something will go wrong, fate will drive, and we will all have to be in the trees watching them race. Do you know who will cross the finish line?


I was at age thirteen and the little scarecrow had not turned fifteen . And we were racing as fast as we could he was in a rank far more capable than me, but hey it was a race? I went pass the street blocks capable of passing through the woods in a blink of an eye. But I thought I should let my chunin friend catch up, or so I thought.

I went pass the ramen shop, smelling beef soup. Ah I coveted the delectable smell of ramen. So when I ent pass the nice shopkeeper I waved a, "Hi," while converting my chakra to my feet letting me get the advantage to our "race."

But that boy was not called a chunin for nothing as I made the turn to the field I could not help notice that I was in the way of a foot meant to trip me, and it served its purpose well. I fell on the ground face first slowly tumbling faster down the hill and trying to yell at the person who tripped me.

I heard the person who had silver hair flowing by the brezze say with his arms crossed, "You could try harder Alan."

But I didn't seem to care that much until I hit a tree separating the boundary between the forest and the woods. ' Ow, the hurt...' I heard footsteps behind me, it must be Kakashi! "Stupid dobe," I muttered to my myself. I wrapped my hands around the tree trunk for support as I struggled to get up. My left ankle must have twisted in the fall. 'Stupid, stupid! Now he will when the bet!'

You started to shuffle away but an arm on your shoulder wouldn't let you. You turned your head around and guess who you saw, Kakashi. You smiled a warm smile trying to ignore the pain in your leg.

Kakashi looked from your head to where your hand was giving your leg support. "Alan, I think we should get back." Y'all began to walk back towards the town.

You started to walk back but then you winced from the pain that shot through your leg. You grimaced at the thought of having to walk all-the-way-up-the-hill. And after that you would have to walk to your home which was on the other side of Kohona. You sighed and looked down at your feet.

Before you could even open your mouth you were being carried off by Kakashi. You opened you eyes and you relized that he was carring you bridal style. You mumbeld his name. He looked up at your face with his usual smile, you also noticed his one showing eye would curve upward.

"Alan, I guess I win the race don't I? " He said looking down at you he knew you knew the answers but he loved to rub it in your face anyway.

Your face started to heat up with frustration, "Yes..." You said the word with every breath of inevitable hatred.

"So doesn't that mean I win the bet also?" He said hiding a mischievous smirk that laid under his mask, it would be worth the world to know what he was thinking.

You checked your progress towards the top of the hill, as you turned your head around to see that you were almost at the top. 'Stupid hill...' You thought.

You thought how you had to pay him for the bet, and knowing he would keep his word. If your pride was pushed around to the point he could make you do anything. Almost anything.

Kakashi was staring at his feet as he walked you to your house. He didn't even know the way to your house so the obvious question came up, "Uh, where is your house?" He asked.

You looked at yourself then, "Um..." You paused Kakashi had no sense of direction, no you, or maybe even both of you. You were surrounded by the big village of Kohona, the city was bustling and moving in its normal way of life.

Your eyes slowly started to fall over your eyes, you hadn't even told him the way home. You couldn't fall asleep. Not yet. You looked over at the flower shop and pointed to the pink camellia. It was my favorite flower. I reached out to it, it was the hidden love of me.

Kakashi saw me reach out to it before I fell asleep I felt someone tuck something behind my ear. My gray blue green eyes were shining from the unshed tears, "You're the best friend anyone could ever ask for." I told Kakashi before the rocking of his steps lulled me to sleep.

(Kakashi's Point of view)

I looked at the bundle in my arms sweetly. I tucked a camellia behind Alan's ear as I carried her, it was only minutes before I held the girl all the boys want to dance with. I laid a goodnight kiss on her forehead.

Alan was vibrant in the sunset's painted colors. It looked as though the sky was painted in the beautiful watercolor paints, each leaking into another. The way fate rolled out the carpet of time made me smile. To myself I told Alan, "If only we could be more."

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