Disclaimer: I do not own any of the animes that I use in here.

Setting: A psychiatrist's office. A dusty armchair is seated next to one of those long futon type things that nervous wrecks lay on. Off to the side is a huge glass case labelled: "Crazy people". It is currently empty.

Enter "The psychiatrist". We'll refer to him as Bob.

Bob: I'm ready to see the first patient now. Come in!

Enter InuYasha, from InuYasha.

Bob: (takes in fuzzy ears) My, my. You seem to like dressing up. Those ears look so real!

InuYasha: Uh…I was born this way.

Awkward pause.

Bob: (edgy) Well, I'm sure we can fix the fact. (Points blatantly to the large glass case)

(clears throat) Anyway, what's on your mind?

InuYasha: Well you see, one day I found this really pretty priestess and we sort of had a thing going, but then this damned demon tricked us into almost killing each other so I was pinned to a tree for 50 years. Then along comes this priestess's reincarnation who exists from 500 years into the future. She frees me from the tree and we become friends, sort of. Then we meet this fox kid who has no parents, a perverted monk with a vacuum in his right hand, and a demon slayer who lost her family because of that same damn Naraku. So we're sort of this group, right? But then my original girlfriend gets resurrected from the dead by this freaky witch person who won't stop ranting about soulless husks, earth and soil and crap like that. So now my first girlfriend is driven only by her hatred for me and is trying to hunt me down and kill me but at the same time is still in love with me and makes random moves on me. And my second girlfriend always sees and we have a fight, she goes back to her own time, and so on. But when she comes back, I like her again, so I'm having trouble deciding between the two.

Bob: (stunned) Anything else?

InuYasha: (thinks) Oh yeah! I have an evil brother; that stupid Naraku keeps trying to kill me and this idiot wolf keeps trying to make a move on my girlfriend!

Bob: (confused) The first one or the second one?

InuYasha: The second one.

Awkward Pause.

Bob: Well…I think we can all see what the problem here is. You're crazy.

Bob signals to two buff looking men who pick InuYasha up. He punches them a couple of times, managing to squirm free. However, they end up chasing him into the "Crazy People" glass case. Once he is inside, they lock it up.

Bob: Well, that's that. Next!