Goth's Night Out

by Robert Teague

This story was written for the entertainment of Danny Phantom fans, and no copyright infringement is intended. This story may be reproduced, provided no changes are made,
and you let me know.

Chapter 1

In the isolated, unnamed valley east of Amity Park, shadows had begun to lengthen as the sun slowly fell towards the horizon.

From over the hills where the sun would set, something strange flew into the valley. What it was could not be told until it got close enough.

It resolved into a ragged red cloak with the hood pulled up. Electric green eyes gleamed from the dark hood. In this way the strange thing was resolved to be a ghost. Common enough around Amity Park these days.

Suddenly the cloak pulled back over the ghost's shoulders. It was female, dressed in black knee-high boots, black bikini briefs, a black corset, and black cuffs. Her skin was green and most of the visible ecto-flesh was covered with animal tattoos. The hood flew back and revealed she was bald except for five spikes of hair and a ring in her nose.

Then the very odd thing about the ghost was revealed. She was carrying a human in front of her, arms around the human's waist. Even stranger, the human was not frightened, but looking down intently, seeming to trust the ghost not to let go.

"Lydia, there it is, the waterfall," said the human, pointing.

The ghost named Lydia nodded, and flew toward it, landing gently and releasing the human.

The human was also female, about as tall as the ghost. She had black hair, violet eyes,
and was wearing a black shirt, dark skirt, and boots. She slung a backpack off her shoulders.

"Nice flight. Thanks, Lydia," said the girl.

Lydia nodded. "You're welcome, Sam," she answered in a hesitant voice.

It had been a week since Lydia and Sam had fought in this very valley, performing a ritual to free the ghost from Freakshow's long destroyed Staff. Since then they had become fast friends.

Sam had also released Lydia from a command of silence, and after so many years the ghost was still not used to using her voice, and remained silent much of the time.

Sam had wanted to explore the valley, and Lydia had offered to come with her, so here they were.

"When are Danny and Tucker arriving?" asked Lydia, looking toward the west.

"Oh, they'll be here tomorrow. Just us girls tonight," replied Sam. She pulled an MP3 player out of her backpack, and turned on some music. She didn't want to disturb the valley too much, so kept it relatively low, making rocks vibrate only ten feet away.

"Help me put some rocks in a circle, and we'll get a fire started," said Sam, looking around for some that would be suitable for the task.

Lydia nodded, and moved off to look on her own.

A few minutes later, rocks were in a circle and branches broken and piled up. Lydia used her ghost ray, and the fire was started. Just in time; it was starting to get dark in the valley.

Sam sat on her sleeping bag and pulled out her supper; a fresh green salad. She got a cup of water from the pool at the bottom of the waterfall, and started to eat.

She looked at Lydia, who was hovering nearby, hood up and body concealed. "Sure you don't want anything? There's plenty."

Lydia shook her head, but said nothing. She turned slowly in a circle, as though looking for something. She stopped in a certain direction, then said "I'll be back shortly." She flew off in that direction.

Sam refilled her cup from the cool, clear, refreshing pool, and finished off her dinner.
She put away her things, then pulled out her laptop. In theory, she should still have a wireless connection.

Opening it, she hit the two hot buttons that connected her to Danny and Tucker. Almost instantly she got a response. Two video windows opened to reveal her friends in their homes.

"Hey, Sam, what's up?" asked Tucker.

"Everything okay?" asked Danny.

"Yeah, we're fine. Just wanted to let you know we've set up camp at the waterfall I told you about, and I've eaten. Lydia just left for some reason, but I expect her back any time."

Danny raised an eyebrow, but didn't say anything.

"So, what time can we expect you tomorrow?" asked Sam.

"We decided about 10 AM, if that's okay," said Tucker.

"Sounds good. Well, I'm going to have a nice night sleeping under the stars," said Sam.

"Yeah, with a ghost for company," said Danny.

"Us Goths will stick together," answered Sam.

"I guess. Be careful, and see you tomorrow," he answered.

"See ya!" said Tucker, and they both signed off.

Sam closed the laptop and put it away. Looking up, she saw stars beginning to show in the east, even through the lights of Amity Park, which was a glow on the horizon behind the hills.

Sam unrolled her sleeping bag, and positioned it near the fire, but not so close as to risk it catching on fire. She turned down the music, and lay on top of the bag, looking up at the stars as they slowly became visible. In the west, the sun had set over the surrounding hills, and a bright white star was beckoning.

The night was warm, but a sudden chill swept over Sam. "Is that you, Lydia?"

"Yes," replied the Goth Ghost, becoming visible. She sat down on a nearby rock and pulled the hood of her cloak back.

Sam didn't ask where her friend had gone; it was none of her business. If Lydia wanted her to know, she would tell her.

"Do you know what that bright star is?" asked Sam, pointing above the hills to the west.

Lydia nodded. "It's Venus, the evening star," she replied, then looked up and pointed. "See that bright yellow one? That's Jupiter."

"Wow," said Sam, softly, "You know about astronomy?"

"When I wasn't... busy... elsewhere, I sometimes sat on the roof of one of the circus coaches and watched the stars. Freakshow's father had a small library, and there was a book about sky watching in it," said Lydia, looking up.

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to bring up bad memories," said Sam, looking at the ghost.

Lydia shook her head, and gave a small smile. "You didn't. Those nights are some of my best memories. No orders, no pain, no, uh, 'entertaining' the men... just me and the sky. And I would dream of the day I would be free." She looked at her human friend. "And now that day is here, and I can sky watch in comfort and safety, and with a friend."

Sam smiled and put her hands behind her head. Except for the low-volume music and the sound of the waterfall, everything was silent as night closed in entirely.

The flash of a meteor caught their attention.

"A shooting star!" exclaimed Sam, then sat up and pointed. "There's another!"

Lydia looked at her. "Meteor showers are common. I guess you don't get out of the city very much, if that's exciting to you."

"Common?" said Sam, "Mr. Lancer said it was a 'once-in-a-lifetime' experience!"

The ghost snorted. "He must not be much of a teacher. I admit that showers with bright, slow moving meteors are a lot more rare, but there are a couple dozen every year. I used to look forward to some of them, that held promise of a good show."

"Can I ask a personal question?" asked Sam.

Lydia smiled. "Of course. I may not be your slave any more, but I still won't hide anything from you. Anything about me you want to know, just ask."

"This," thought Sam to herself, "Will be a very interesting conversation."