Bare with me

Kind of along the terms of a brave new world. A society that judges people with social ranks that people commonly use in our everyday lives. It actually takes work to be cool, the cooler you are the more power and influence you have in the rank structure.

An outcast gets mistaken for a 'cool' and gets put into a scool, instead of school and just observes how the higher society acts. Putting up with peoples accusations of him being an outcast, or even a loser.

Controversy spreads and the outcast is exposed. He fights for his right to be in the scool and shines a light on everyone's ignorance.

The outcast goes through life changing peoples ideas and beliefs on equality showing the it's cool people that are corrupting society and other classes.

There are few cool people, world and societal leaders, good talkers, generally successful people.

The Structure









Alright – Followers



Rank defined in preschool through a series of basic tests. Once a persons rank is defined there are few opportunities to change rank. Another test entering high school determines whether or not they go to 'cool' school or not. If someone is deemed a certain class, the same results are usually present in continuing generations of that family. If a child from an alright family scores above alright they are taken from their alright families and put into hip ones.

Ranking has little to do with intelligence, rather how people behave in public. If a cool person wants to know something they demand it from other ranks. If a loser/outcast wants to know something they either have to figure it out for themselves or pay a higher rank to teach them.

Losers have to pay outcasts, alrights have to pay the hip, and outcast cannot learm from a cool becaust their ranks are too far apart.

Education is really only for the top three main classes. The rest have to find shit jobs doing stuff they don't want to do.

The only way a cool can lose position is if they break their laws. Associating with an outcast can make a cool into an outcast if other cool people find out.

Within each ranking there are sub rankings. Some cool people can be cooler than others, and the same with other classes.

- Awesome – Total power, very few

Cool- Coolest – Smartest of the cools

Cool – Upper class individuals


- Groovy – Almost cool

Hip - Happening – Showing signs of knowing how to be cool

Keen – lowest of high class

Greats - Greats are in between hip and cool. They are not popular but they are the ones that make the decisions or come up with the solutions to societal problems. Greats do not have to pay for anything and they get the most education but not very much fun. Their lives are dedicated to making society better. Ironically it's probably making it better for everyone except themselves.

Alright – Is sort of middle class people on the verge of becoming keen, but not quite there yet. Alrights are the coolest of the lower society.

Outcast- People that do the jobs that most do not want to do. Janitors, maintenance techs, the dirtier jobs of society.

Loser – Rejected by all, once classified as a loser no one can escape. Looked down upon by everyone. They can only acquire the shittiest jobs and most are homeless without welfare or aid.

Followers – not specific to any rank, usually alrights can get away with being followers, which are people that pretend to be a different rank. If someone is caught following there are degrees of penalties depending on the severity of the impersonation.

Elders – rank can change with age. Inevitably, cool people get old, some loose their cool touch. They are not demoted though, simply placed in a general category of elders. Elders do have a say in things and are usually top candidates for teachers, distributing past cool methods.

For alrights, outcasts and losers they are taught by each other, making sure that none of them learn to be cool, and their age does not generally matter, usually never considered an elder.

How it started

Some time in the 60's the terms for each rank were created. Prior to that everyone had followed each other. There were only leaders and followers. The leaders were the people that ran to countries and massive corporations. They decided this rank structure would work and used it. They had started with good intentions figuring that if each person had a rank, people would know who to look to for insight and help, but something went wrong and the ego boost that people received from obtaining the rank of 'cool' corrupted them and they acted higher than everyone else. The other groups had primarily been followers and they believed every single like the cool people fed to them, things like 'nothing is free, especially social skills and schooling. They convinced the other groups that it was the right thing to do