Author's Note: I have seriously fallen in love with Pixar's latest movie, 'Cars' and this is my very first Cars related fanfic. I do hope everyone enjoys it. This fic takes place after the Cars movie so LightningMcQueen is now living in Radiator Springs.

Spoiler Warning: If you have not yet had a chance to see Cars and are trying to remain spoiler free, don't read this fic because there may be spoilers later on in future chapters (There may even be some in this first chapter too. Just depends on how strict you are when it comes to spoilers.). You can do whatever you want, but I'm just warning everyone that there may be spoilers. Especially to you who may live in the UK, since I've read that it hasn't come out there yet.

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The four teenage street racers raced at top speeds through the desert. In the lead was Wingo, a small green and purple painted Nissan Silvia tuner with a fancy spoiler so tall you could use it as a ladder. Others that followed were Boost, DJ and Snot Rod, whose occasional sneezes would emit unexpected bursts of flames out his exhaust pipes. The booming and rumbling rock music that followed the group was courtesy of DJ, a beautiful blue colored Toyota Scion xB who could otherwise be referred to as a rocking jukebox on wheels. After serving their time in the Radiator Springs impound, they were free to go cruising all they wanted through the barren and rocky fields that surrounded the area. Glad to get away from the impound and the hard and dirty roadwork they had been forced to do, they were all relieved to be free again.

"Hey! Check this one out!" Snot Rod shouted as he tipped up on his two back wheels in a wheelie and sped forward past DJ, Wingo and Boost. The impressive trick only lasted for a few seconds before another sneeze brought him back down to the ground and nearly succeeded in throwing him into a small cactus patch. The others burst out laughing and sped up themselves. After getting enough speed, Wingo tipped up in a wheelie and continued in that state for at least 3 minutes before gracefully coming back down. He spun around and quickly stopped right at the edge of a small cliff that overlooked the interstate below. The others came to a halt around him.

"That, my friend, is the way it's supposed to be done." Wingo grinned at a bewildered Snot Rod. Another sneeze and burst of flames came from the pitiful car. Everyone ignored him and peered out over the cliff's edge.

"What's that?" Boost gestured towards a massive dust cloud that appeared to be moving at remarkable speed down the interstate. Whatever it was, was moving fast enough to kick up dust on the sides of the road to create a cloud of moving brown smoke. All of the cars curiously looked in the direction of it while DJ's music continued to blare through the quietness.

"Shut that music off!" Boost said, irritably. "Or switch to Brahm's Lullaby!"

DJ's eyes widened and immediately he switched off his music. The air was silent except for the dust cloud beyond. The faint roar of an engine could be heard in the midst of it.

"Could it be a dust storm?" DJ suggested. No one answered him as they kept their eyes on the impressive sight. The cars on the interstate sped off the road to keep from slamming into the unseen force that moved like a bullet as the dust cloud approached, and then looked on in awe when it finally roared by them.

"There's a car in there!" Boost blurted out.

"And he's cutting across the field and heading towards Radiator Springs." Wingo finished while watching the car suddenly take a turn and speed its way over the rocky and barren ground, kicking up even more dust than when it had actually been on the road.

"That dude isn't going to stop for anything." Said DJ.

"You'd better believe it." Boost almost laughed. "I think he would run into a cactus and it wouldn't even bother him."

"We'd better go warn everyone."

"You think they'll listen to us?" DJ turned to Wingo. "They just let us go after impounding us for speeding."

"No way am I going to pull Bessie again!" Snot Rod interrupted before sneezing. "And that Sarge is a killer."

"They'll have to listen to us. I don't like the looks of that car down there."

"Cars speed all the time, man. I don't see what's so strange about it." Said Boost.

Yet another sneeze and burst of flames came from Snot Rod. Wingo glanced at him and then turned his attention back to Boost.

"Somehow I have this feeling, like, there's more to it than just a speeding car." He turned toward the cloud of dust again. "It could be trouble."

All four cars stood and silently watched the cloud as it ripped through the dry field, not bothering to stop for rocks and what little shrubbery there was. It was clear that whoever or whatever it was wasn't going to stop for anything, and by this time it had picked up speed and moved even faster.

Lightning McQueen roughly dipped the squeegee into the bucket of soapy water and then slapped it against the window of one of the Cozy Cone buildings, careful not to get any water or soap suds on his lucky stickers. Birds were chirping in the distant and there was even a nice soft breeze in the air. McQueen sighed to himself as he pushed the squeegee up the window and back down. It was too beautiful of an afternoon to spend washing windows. Instead he'd much rather be out racing with Doc Hudson. He wasn't quite sure how it happened, but Sally somehow managed to trick him into an afternoon of cleaning. His main job was washing all of the windows around the Cozy Cone, after that he was to go to Sally for his next job assignment. McQueen shuddered at the thought of what else she had in mind to take up the rest of the afternoon. Although he didn't mind all that much; he'd do anything for Sally.

McQueen let the squeegee slack a little as he thought about his beautiful Porsche. As if reading his mind, Sally slowly drove by him at that moment.

"Hey, Stickers." She grinned. "How's it coming?"

"It's coming along great!" McQueen smiled and hastened his window washing to show her he was indeed working.

"Haven't you finished washing the windows on that cone yet? Seems like you've been at it an hour."

McQueen grinned, "I'm almost finished."

"Uhh… that's the first cone, you know. You're going to be at this all day if you don't speed up."

"Yeah, I know." He continued to grin. "Don't worry. Once I get over this one, I'll have this squeegee broken in. You see, you have to start these things out slow. Otherwise they may scratch up your windows really bad and I know you don't want that."

Sally shook her head pitifully at McQueen's excuse.

"When I get to the other cones, I'll go so fast the wind from my speed will dry the water."

"I'll have to see that to believe it."

McQueen continued smiling at Sally as she went on by and into one of the cones where she was busy dusting. Even though Sally was well out of sight McQueen kept on gazing in the direction she disappeared in, the soapy suds carelessly running down the handle of the squeegee and onto his tire.

"Oh, yuck!" McQueen's attention was drawn to the icky feeling of the suds, which by this time had reached into the grooves of his hubcap.

"Hehee! What's wrong?"

He looked around to see Mater driving up behind him, grinning his buck-tooth smile as usual.

McQueen sighed, "Nothing. Just got soap on my hubcap."

"Is it because you wuz thinkin' 'bout Sally?"

McQueen gave Mater a glare.

"Oh come on. It's not a secret anymore. Why, all of Radiator Springs knows you love her. You've been going on long drives, taking her to dinner and the movies, and giving each other those loooong stares."

McQueen blushed, although it was hard to tell since he was already red all over. He dropped the squeegee into the bucket and took a towel and wiped his tire off.

"And then there wuz that afternoon when the both of you went fishin'."

"That was her idea." McQueen corrected.

"So? You both wuz doing somthin' together… alone."

McQueen sighed and rolled his eyes. "Ok, I love her." he finally breathed. "She's all I can think about."

"I knew it!" Mater laughed and slapped the pavement with his tire.

"Mater, don't you go spreading that around."

"Don't have to, buddy. I just told ya all of Radiator Springs knows it." Mater grinned more. "So when are ya gonna marry her?"

McQueen looked at Mater in a stunned way.

"Marry?" The words almost caught in his throat.

"O' course!"

"I haven't thought that far yet." McQueen forced a smile. "And keep it down, will you? Sally's around there." he gestured toward the cone Sally had gone into moments before.

"Oh! Right." Mater winked.

Lightning watched as Mater started to roll away, but before he could get far the four street racers came zooming into town and past the Cozy Cone.

"If that don't beat all!" Mater turned to McQueen.

"What was that?" Sally came out of one of the cones.

"Those speedin' youngsters again." Mater looked down the street. "At least I think it wuz them. It wuz either them, or those jackalopes have gotten a lot faster since I last remembered."

"Let's go find out." Lightning revved up his motor and took off with Mater following. Sally shouted something behind them about McQueen finishing cleaning her windows, but the young race car pretended he didn't hear.

Lightning and Mater slowly pulled up just outside of Flo's V8 Café where the street racers had come to a stop after knocking over several displays of oil bottles and other lubricants. McQueen and Mater exchanged glances as they stood and stared at the chaos that was unfolding. Flo was busy complaining about her scattered merchandise and Sheriff and Doc Hudson were bawling the young cars out. Wingo and Boost tried to tell Sheriff what they had seen, but the old police car wouldn't give them a chance and threatened to lock them away again if they didn't behave themselves. Fillmore, Sarge, Red, Ramone, Guido, Lizzie and Luigi silently stood off to the side and watched the situation.

"And what are you going to do about all of this?" Flo pointed to the scattered oil bottles all over the pavement. "I already stacked them once and I'm not going to do it again."

"Look, we're sorry for bursting in here like this and we'll pick up the bottles, but we've got to tell you something!" Boost almost shouted over the chaos. After that everyone started shouting and talking at once again.

Feeling someone pull up, McQueen turned to see Mack come to a halt beside him.

"What's going on?" he asked, referring to the commotion in front of him.

"I have no clue." McQueen sighed. "Sounds like the street racers want to say something, but Sheriff won't give them a chance to."

"They pulled in here in an aw'ful hurry." Mater added. "Must be somethin' important."

"Mack, would you mind doing the honor for me?" McQueen smiled.

Mack nodded and then blew a deafening blast of his horn, causing everyone within listening distance to jump and cringe and look in the direction the sound had come from.

"Gracious, Mack, do you wanna break every window in the place?"

"Sorry, Flo, but McQueen told me to."

"I had to get your attentions somehow." McQueen turned to the poor truck. "Thank you, Mack." he breathed before rolling forward. "Sheriff, give them a chance to say what they have to say. Maybe it's important."

Wingo smiled at McQueen. At least someone was kind enough to listen.

"I doubt if it's important. All they're here to do is to cause trouble." Sheriff huffed.

"What is it that you wanted to tell us?" McQueen asked, stopping in front of Boost and Wingo.

"There's something coming towards Radiator Springs." Boost started. "We saw it on the interstate. All of the other cars had to move off the road just to avoid collision with it. By the way it looks; it's built for speed and nothing else."

"Sure was kicking up a powerful dust cloud." DJ smiled.

"It finally made a turn and started ripping through the field, going over rocks and everything!" Wingo said excitedly.

"We just thought we'd warn you of it because it didn't look good to us."

"It looked like trouble." Wingo added.

"Another speeder, huh?" Sheriff mused. "Well, he'll get it once he comes into my territory."

"Can we go now?" DJ asked hopefully.

"Hold on, what about these?" Flo again pointed to the bottles. Wingo glanced down at them and then up at Flo. Quickly he began picking them up and sloppily stacked them. DJ and Boost drove over and helped him, but all three together just couldn't seem to make the bottles stand on their own and the pyramid toppled over, again spilling the bottles all over the pavement.

"Do it right or don't do it at all, hon." Said Flo.

"How on earth did you ever get these stacked the first time?" Wingo complained, setting a bottle carefully on top of another one. Flo could only sigh at the sight in front of her.

It was a struggle, but the street racers finally got the bottles back the way Flo had stacked them early that morning. Snot Rod rolled himself over next to Wingo and admired the work. Wingo could only eye him with an uneasy feeling.

"Dude, you'd better get away from there." he worriedly backed up and away from the sneeze-prone hot rod.

"What's his problem?" Luigi asked.

"Everything is his problem."

At that very moment, Snot Rod started to wrinkle his nose in an attempt to sneeze. Wingo could only close his eyes and imagine what was to come in the next few seconds. There was a huge sneeze, a burst of flames and the sound of bottles scattering. The four cars groaned.

"Sorry." Snot Rod grinned. "But when you have to, you have to."

"Nice going, Sneezy!" Boost growled angrily. "Now we've got to stack these blasted bottles again!"

"We're never going to get out of this town!" Groaned DJ.

"Is it really that bad?" McQueen smiled. The four racers gave the young race car a long stare before turning back the oil bottles. In the distant, the faint roar of a motor could be heard approaching the café. Everyone stopped what they were doing and turned their attention towards the direction in which it was coming from. Along with the noise, a cloud of dust could be seen.

"Look! There it is!" Wingo shouted before taking off with Boost, DJ and Snot Rod in pursuit. Taken back by the sudden confusion, Sheriff glanced around him for the street racers, but they were no where to be seen. Already they were speeding down the street in the other direction. Sheriff sighed to himself and then turned his attention to the impressive sight coming towards the café.

"Hey! What about these bottles?" Flo shouted after the young hot rods. "You'd better get your tails back here and stack these!"

"It's no use, Flo, they're long gone." Sheriff sighed.

"What is that thing?" Said Sarge, turning everyone's attention back to the cloud.

"A tornado?" Mack titled his head curiously.

"No, man, a tornado would be shaped more like a funnel." Fillmore said in his slow voice.

"It's a monster!" said Mater, about to go into a panic and quickly driving around to the other side of Mack.

"Whatever it is, I hope it doesn't collide with my café." Flo worriedly said aloud to no one in particular as she kept her eyes on the approaching dust storm.

"He's definitely going to get six months impound if I have anything to say about it." Sheriff narrowed his eyes. "The nerve of that character speeding through my territory that fast!"

"It's getting closer." Fillmore slowly added.

Everyone took cover as the unseen roaring monster sped into the café area, spreading dirt and dust all over. Whatever was inside it suddenly and quickly came to a stop with a terrible screeching of brakes. The cloud of dust that constantly surrounded it finally settled and out of it rolled a black, customized 1955 Thunderbird having red stripes down both sides and a motor that protruded through his hood. His eyes were an unusual red, adding even more to his menacing looks. The car casually shook the remaining dirt and dust off him as well as several dried up plants and brush.

Flo cautiously rolled out of her office and peered in the direction of the stranger. The rest of the group slowly rolled out of their hiding places, too, when they saw that it was nothing but a fellow car.

"That was some cool driving, stranger." McQueen laughed as he approached the Thunderbird.

The old car turned a sharp gaze towards the young race car, more out of daring than anything. McQueen swallowed his next words and stopped.

"May I help you?" Flo asked the stranger.

For awhile the stranger remained silent and stared at the cars that were slowly and carefully driving up around him. He especially kept his eyes on McQueen, which made the young car rather uncomfortable. McQueen couldn't put his tire on it, but for some reason he got an uneasy feeling whenever he looked into the face of this stranger. Maybe Wingo and Boost had been right about this being trouble.

"Sir? May I help you?" Flo, again, asked. "This isn't a museum. We aren't on display."

"Ah, forgive me." the Thunderbird finally said in a deep and menacing voice while shaking his head. "The hot sun can do funny things to your mind, especially after driving in it all day long."

McQueen gave the strange car in front of him an uneasy look.

"The name's Markus T. Bird, but you can just call me Markus." He smiled and then winked in Flo's direction. Ramone gave the newcomer a sharp look, but it went unnoticed.

"I've come along way and I heard about this lovely little town called Radiator Springs and how two racing legends live here. So I thought I'd stop by and have a look at the place." The Thunder Bird grinned.

"Well, this is Radiator Springs!" Flo cleared her throat.

"So I see." Markus shifted his eyes toward McQueen again. "And who might you be, small stuff?"

"McQueen." McQueen's eyelids went up. "Lighting McQueen. Ka-chow!" He grinned.

"Uh huh." Markus coolly flashed Flo another grin and wink.

"I take it you've never heard of me."

"Oh, I've heard of you." Markus puffed up. "It's just that you look so different in person than you do on TV."

"What do you mean by that?" Lightning was becoming just a tad flustered at this newcomer's attitude.

"I didn't expect you to be such a," Markus arched himself up, making himself appear taller and bigger. "Pipsqueak."

McQueen gasped and started toward Markus, but Doc Hudson rolled in front of him to stop him.

"I can't believe I came all the way here to see this." Markus laughed. "What happened? Did your mommy get tired of looking at you so she gave you permission to go into racing in hopes of you crashing? Pipsqueak! I came all the way here to see a baby."

"Hey! That's my friend you're talkin' to!" Mater shouted, making his way over to the old Thunderbird. "The one you're calling a pipsqueak!"

"So what are you going to do about it, buck teeth?" Markus sharply turned to eye Mater in the face.

"Hey, hey you guys." Flo interrupted. "Knock it off!"

"She's right." Sheriff rolled forward. "Listen, I don't want any trouble here. If you've come here to visit our town, we won't stand in your way. But if you've come here with plans to stir up trouble, we have laws here like they do anywhere else. You've already succeeded in breaking the speed limit. That's enough for me to drag you in."

Markus cowered and turned to Sheriff. The police car gave Markus a stern stare that said he'd better behave himself or else. Markus only looked at the ground.

"We don't appreciate folks coming around here and making fun of us and trying to make a nuisance of themselves." Said Doc Hudson. "So if I were you, I'd be a little more careful and more respectful of others in the future. We all get cranky sometimes, but driving all day in the hot sun doesn't give you the right to pick fights with total strangers."

"Yeah!" Ramone pushed his way through. "And you just keep your eyeballs off my wife!"

Markus raised his eyebrows at the feisty car. "Your wife?"

"Yeah, the one you've been winking at ever since you pulled up here." Flo narrowed her gaze. "At least I take it that you've been winking at me. Either that or some of that dust found its way into your eyes."

"Oh! Yes! Dust in my eyes. That's exactly what it is." Markus blinked and groaned as if he were in pain and as if his eyes were really stinging. He tried and tried, but his eyes weren't going to water like he had planned on. Mack, Mater and McQueen all shook their heads at the obvious acting. Sheriff wasn't impressed or convinced, and neither was anyone else.

"Flo," Sheriff quietly whispered while pulling up beside the female show car. "Serve this joker and try to get him out of here. I'm going to keep my eyes on him. I think those hot rod youngsters were right in this being trouble."

"I gotcha." Flo answered. "Want me to put some hot sauce in his tank?"

Sheriff looked at Flo in a funny way.

"I'm just kidding." she chuckled.

"Better save it. You might need to do it later." Sheriff smiled before driving away.