Beneath the Surface

Written by: LovinJackson (Tara) :-)

Summary: With emotions running high after "Faith" Dean and Sam head to Colorado Springs where they try to determine what lies beneath the surface in more ways than one.

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Beneath the Surface

1. Sleepless and Restless

It was very rare when Dean Winchester had trouble sleeping. Usually it was his younger brother Sam that had that particular problem. But for the life of him, Dean could not seem to settle his mind enough to fall asleep and it was almost four am. His mind was still running over the events of their last encounter with the supernatural. Having a heart attack caused by electrocution and given a month to live had been a bit unsettling.

Mostly he had been worried about how Sam was going to cope. He tried to keep things light, making jokes and using sarcasm so that Sam wouldn't worry and also it was just the way Dean dealt with things rather than opening up about his feelings. In a way Dean had accepted that he was going to die. That didn't mean he liked it, but in their line of work he figured it might happen sooner or later and was just glad that it had happened to himself and not his little brother.

Although Dean had accepted his fate, Sam on the other hand was not going to give up so easy. The three days that he had been in that damn hospital Sam had been trying to find a way to save him. That was where it got worse for Dean. Reverend Roy Le Grange, the Faith Healer. He realized that Sam hadn't known that someone else would die in his place, when Roy healed him but he was still angry. He wasn't angry at Sam but at the situation and most importantly at Roy's wife Sue-Anne, who had caused all of it by using that binding spell to trap the Reaper in the first place.

Then there was his guilt about Layla Rourke. In Dean's opinion she deserved to be healed a lot more than him. Even after all he had done, preventing her from being healed in the end she still felt it in her to forgive him. She didn't deserve to die. He kept thinking that if Roy had picked to heal her in his place then in a few months she wouldn't be going to die of a brain tumor. Sam wouldn't like him thinking like this but he couldn't help it.

They needed to get back on the road and find a new gig. This stop for rest that Sam had argued they needed was doing him no good. Dean looked over at the other double bed in their dodgy hotel room, where his little brother was fast asleep. At least he could be thankful that his brother was getting a good night sleep instead of waking up because of nightmares. After they had left the whole reaper fiasco behind they had only been driving for about five hours when Sam more than suggested that they needed a rest, so they had stopped at a hotel not far from the Nebraska and Iowa border. Dean had no idea where they were actually going to head to next but he planned to find out as soon as possible and start driving. He really needed to get some sleep if he was planning on doing most of the driving. Closing his eyes once again Dean tried to go to sleep.


Sam awoke to the smell of coffee and slowly opened his eyes to see his big brother waving a steaming Styrofoam cup of coffee under his nose.

"Morning, Sunshine." Dean greeted and waited for Sam to take the cup out of his hand.

Sam sat up and groggily took the cup from his brother and placed it on the nightstand. "Morning, how long have you been up?"

"Well, long enough to have gone out and got the coffee and paper." He told him holding up the newspaper for him to see and conveniently leaving out that he hadn't actually been asleep.

Sam nodded and then looked at the alarm clock on the nightstand. "Man it's only five in the morning." He complained.

"Dude this is payback for all the times you have gotten me up early." Dean smirked as he sat down and opened the newspaper up.

"Which brings to my attention that you are never up this early unless you absolutely have to, what's up?"

"Nothing, I just want to get started."

"Did you sleep okay?"

"Sure." Dean answered quickly then taking a sip of his coffee, wincing when it was too hot.

Noticing that Dean had bags under his eyes Sam decided to press the issue. "How much sleep did you actually get?"

"Enough!" Dean snapped, "Dude what's with the 20 questions routine?"

"Nothing you just look tired and after everything that's happened over the last week …"

"Sam!" Dean interrupted glaring at his brother.

"I'm just saying …"

"Yeah well don't man, I'm fine, everything's fine but I would like, however, to get on with things. So drop it okay."

"Fine," Sam conceded "Look I'm gonna take a shower." He told Dean, digging through his bag for his clothes and heading for the bathroom.

"Go ahead, you don't need my permission, although I would recommend it, wouldn't want you stinking out my car." Dean joked to lighten the mood.

"Ha ha very funny." Sam replied rolling his eyes, closing the bathroom door.

Dean sighed. His brother could be worse than a dog with a bone. Despite not getting any sleep Dean was feeling better now that he was up and doing something. He brought his attention back to the newspaper and started to skim through it looking for anything that might lead to their next gig.

Dean looked up when fifteen minutes later Sam opened the bathroom door and walked into their room. Sam walked over to his forgotten coffee and saw that it had grown cold.

"You might want to warm that up." Dean told him, his eyes never leaving the newspaper.

"No? Really?" Sam answered sarcastically, "Found anything?" he asked as he put his coffee in the microwave that thankfully their room had.

"Nope, not really."

"Well what do you want to do then?"

"I don't know yet." Dean said thoughtfully then jumped when he heard and felt his phone go off in his jean pocket.

Sam raised his eyebrows and watched as Dean fished his phone out of his pocket and flipped it open.

"It's a text message." He told his brother as he opened up the message.

Sam saw Dean's eyes widen as he read the message, "Well? What is it and who's it from?"

"It's from Dad and it's another set of co-ordinates." Dean replied looking up at Sam.

Sam all of a sudden felt anger. He hadn't yet told his brother that he had called their father and left him a message telling the man that his son was dying. Their father hadn't even bothered to call or message back to acknowledge them. Sam had been angry with his father for a lot of things in the past. The continuous hunting all their life's, never staying anywhere very long, putting them in danger time and time again for the hunt and then especially when he had left to go to college and John Winchester had told him that if he was gonna leave then to not come back. But he never really thought that their father didn't care, until this last week that is. What type of father does nothing when he hears that one of his son's is dying? He had obviously gotten the message if he could use his phone to message said son. He couldn't reply to see how they were at a time like this but he could contact them when he wanted them to do a job? Sam didn't care how dangerous it was supposedly at the moment with the whole demon thing that was just wrong in Sam's book and the only reason he hadn't told Dean about it yet was because he knew that for some reason Dean still idolized their father and he already had enough issues he was dealing with after the whole ordeal. He didn't need that on top of it.

Instead of shouting Sam put on a neutral face and held his hand out, "Show me."

Dean handed Sam his phone and got up and started packing his stuff away in his bag.

Sam looked at the message. Truthfully all there was was a set of co-ordinates, nothing to suggest that he had even known what had been going on. Sam resisted the urge to throw something, considering it would probably be Dean's phone since that was in his hand and he didn't think Dean would appreciate it. He looked up and saw that his brother was packing up.

"Dean what are you doing?"

"What does it look like college boy? I'm getting my stuff ready I wanna be out of here yesterday."

"Dean he hasn't even mentioned what it is he wants us to do there."

"We'll find out when we get there."

"Aren't we supposed to be looking for Dad? Instead of just going wherever he decides he wants us to go?" Sam challenged.

"Look Sammy, Dad has given us an order and he wouldn't send us somewhere if it wasn't important." Dean told him placing the last articles of clothing into his bag and closing it.

"Dean incase you haven't noticed Dad isn't here. We have been making our own decisions ever since he went missing."

"Sammy I want to get out of here and onto something new. We're going. End of story now, get your shit together." He told his brother firmly and then headed out to his car.

Sam shook his head. Them having to follow their father's orders especially now the way Sam was feeling, was getting old fast. Dean was a stubborn bastard and he still didn't really understand why Dean always jumped to follow their father's orders like the good little soldier, he never had understood.

Sighing Sam packed his back and then made sure that they had cleaned the place out of anything they had came with, then walked out carrying his bag and shutting the door behind him.


After tearing out of the Motel's car park Dean stopped at the first diner he saw as he realized in his haste to leave he had forgotten to look where the coordinates his father had sent, lead. Once inside the diner Dean went up to the counter to order a small breakfast for the both of them while Sam sat down in a booth and opened up his laptop in order to look up the coordinates.

He looked up when he heard Dean approaching their booth and noticed that the waitress was taking a good look at his retreating form. Sam shook his head, even when his brother didn't try he still managed to pull female attention wherever they went.

"What?" Dean asked self consciously when he saw the look on Sam's face.


"Right," Dean said sitting down across from Sam "So where are we headed?"

"Colorado, Colorado Springs to be exact." Sam informed him as he turned his laptop around to show Dean the map.

"Good okay well as soon as we eat we take off."

"Okay but do you want me to drive first?" Sam asked as the waitress came up to their booth with their breakfasts.

Dean plastered a grin on his face for the waitress which earned him flirting smile back. Sam just rolled his eyes and thanked her for their meals.

Dean turned back to Sam with a frown, "Dude why do you always have to ruin my fun?"

"I thought you wanted to get out of here straight away. That leaves no time for that sort of fun.

"Simply flirting with the opposite sex can be fun, you should try it sometime Geek." Dean teased smirking.

"Whatever man now did you want me to drive or not?"

"Hell no! Me and my baby need some quality time on the road," Dean said sticking some bacon in his mouth "She's sick of you driving her like a grandma."

"You do realize you have a sick attachment to that car." Sam pointed out to him.

"You're just jealous you don't have a sexy car like that!"

"Whatever dude, just eat!"

Dean chuckled to himself. He had to admit he loved to get his brother frustrated. He was looking forward to getting back on the road. A nice long drive in his beloved car was just what he needed to put the state of Nebraska behind him.


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