A/N: YAY! I started 'My Demons'! A story that I've been thinking about for over two weeks. Oh, this'll be so much FUN! Anyhow, I hope you enjoy this AU Naruto story. It's the typical High School scene, but you know? I'm hoping it's a little different. Anyhow, enjoy!

Disclaimer: Naruto and Co. belong to Masashi Kishimoto.

He looked out the car window with blank, onyx eyes, his equally dark hair with its odd style of spiking out naturally in the back ruffling a little from the wind coming in from the open window, pale skin almost glowing to a blinding shine in the sun outside. It was a beautiful day with blue skies, fluffy clouds here and there, everything looking lovely and happy and perfect…

He hated it so much.

Scoffing, he turned away from the scene in front of him, glancing quietly over at his brother as he drove their car. Equally dark eyes and hair matched the younger brother's perfectly, except the older brother's hair was longer than the younger one's, and was tied at the nape of his neck with a tie that he had gotten for his birthday three years ago.

Slowly, the perfect scenes of endless field of grass and farmers happily doing their jobs disappeared as slowly they entered a bustling city with cars lined up bumper to bumper, ambulances were heard every once in a while, and you could actually see people selling their drugs in plain sight to their customers, all of them looking stressed or dirty, but relaxed.

City life. And Sasuke hated it even more the country life. At least when his older brother Itachi and he lived in the country, Sasuke could have gone outside, and it would've been so quiet that you could hear his breaths with the intensity as if he were breathing into a microphone. Here, though, if he even tried to step outside, he'd be assaulted at all sides with the sounds of screeching tires, gunshots and ambulances screaming in the middle of the night. City people's lullaby; his nightmare.

"Aniki…" He said softly, seeing his brother glance his eyes his way before looking at the road again, showing that he was listening to him. "Why are we moving again?"

"We're moving, otouto, because my new University is in the city, and we'll live closer to your new High school as well. Besides, it'll be good for us. We've been in that big house for so long…And I know you still have nightmares about the barn five."

"That was four years ago, you would think I'd forget." Sasuke muttered darkly, remembering the incident that happened when he was twelve…

"No one can forget something that horrific, Sasuke," Itachi said sternly, then turned, and smiled. "Here we are."

Sasuke got out of the car, then looked up at their new… 'Home'. "We live…In an apartment building?"

"It's what I can afford with my new job. You're going to have to find work as well to help." Sasuke sighed, but nodded and crossed his arms, looking at it skeptically, before he decided it would have to do. They were on the top floor, it seemed, and so he'd have easy access to the roof…It wouldn't be that bad, then.

"Well, home sweet home, eh?" Itachi said, turning to look at his brother with a light smile. Sasuke looked at him with a careful gaze, before he sighed, and turned to get his baggage from the trunk, but not before answering his brother.


He groaned as he felt the insistent poking of his evil, evil older brother, swatting a hand to try and hit him away.

"Come now, Sasuke, it's your first day." He said lightly, and the younger boy could just hear that godforsaken smile on his face. Stupid Aniki…

Sighing, knowing that Itachi wouldn't give up his stupid poking until he got a response from him, he lifted his head to glare almost blindly at the man in front of him. His 21-year-old brother just smiled at him sweetly, then stood up and sighed, stretching his arms. "Breakfast is on the table, get washed up and dressed. Your bags at the door, I'm driving you to school."


"Because it's safer if I drive you to it. After, though, you're going to have to walk. You know your way back, right?" Itachi looked at him worriedly, pushing back some of his black hair as he stared at his brother. Sasuke stared at him for a long time, wondering if his eyes would do that thing they did…When they turned red…

"Yeah, I know my way back." He said, mentally shaking his head as he sat up, rubbing his eyes tiredly. "Don't worry about me. You have school to worry about too, right?"

"My classes are usually in the afternoon. I have my morning shift at work right now." Itachi said, smiling slightly. Sasuke groaned. His brother was going to be late to work every day, wasn't he? And he bet that Itachi was doing it because he wanted to see the look on his manager's face. Stupid Aniki…

"Alright, I'm getting up, you have to get out, though." Sasuke said, pointing his brother out the open door. Itachi smiled slightly at him, getting the picture, then nodded to him and got up off of his bed, walking out of the door. Sasuke sighed, falling back against his pillow, looking at the roof plainly for a few seconds, before getting up and going to his drawers to get dressed.

He pulled out a dark blue T-shirt with a high collar, then pulled out black jeans, and pulled on some white socks, after putting on the chosen clothes, before going to his bathroom, splashing some water on his face and drying it off with a towel laying beside him, taking his toothbrush and putting on some toothpaste, before he ran the toothbrush under the water, turning it off as he brushed his teeth thoroughly, looking at himself in the mirror with distain.

Black hair that fell into long bangs, framing either side of his pale face, with odd spikes out in the back; long, lanky and thin, skin stretched and pale, eyes darker than his own hair, which in itself had a blue tinge to it in some turns of the light. He sighed, looking away from the mirror as he spat out what was in his mouth, rinsed with mouthwash, and then yawned a little ungraciously as he walked out of his bathroom, exiting his room. He went down the hall and entered the kitchen/living room, where he saw a plate of bacon and eggs, with a glass of orange juice beside it. He smirked slightly, looking over at his brother who watched TV, munching on a piece of toast, before he sat at the table, and started to eat quietly.

"So, what's your job like?" Sasuke asked lightly, looking at his brother with some interest as he ate his eggs. Mmm…Stupid Aniki could really cook…

"I work at a video shack." Itachi replied, looking back at him. "We sell videos, DVDs, games and CDs. I'm usually at stock, but I was trained to use the register as well." Sasuke nodded, sipping the last of his orange juice before he stood up, and put his dishes into the sink, running water on them quickly, before he turned to put his sneakers on, picking up his black jacket and his book bag. If the weather that Itachi was just watching was right, it should be kind of windy out right now, making it colder than usual.

"Ready?" Itachi asked. Sasuke smirked, recognizing that this was the routine Itachi, his father and he used to do every morning.

"Set?" Sasuke asked back. His smile faltered a little when he realized it would be his father who would say the last part…But now he was dead…

Itachi pushed him towards the door a little sadly. "Go."

Sasuke nodded to his brother as he stepped out of the car, looking at the large public High school he would be going to now. He blinked at the size of it, before he started towards the front doors, where a bunch of students who had always been there were talking to each other, already judging the freshmen and the new kids. He felt himself get sized up, and he took on his usual broody, pouting and dark protective shell, knowing it was the only way he'd survive.

He heard a few girls giggle, gasp and whisper to one another, and inwardly groaned, rolling his dark eyes quietly before he pushed the doors opened with one hand, walking into the equally crowded halls, where old friends were meeting up and hugging, and those who were new walked around, trying to find some people to stick around to keep safe from the masses. Ahh…High school didn't change much from the country to the city. The only difference, probably, would be that the kids spoke different with completely different accents and they were a little ruder.

He got a few glances and stares from people as he walked by them, and went straight into the cafeteria, looking around to see if there was a spot to sit. Seeing a stage at the very end of the caf, Sasuke made his way towards it, seeing that there weren't too many people sitting there. He jumped up, going to a clearer spot, and took off his backpack, placing it beside him as he turned on his CD player which he had grabbed out of said backpack, and turned it on, listening to some heavy metal band, trying to drown out the annoying chatter around him. Closing his eyes, he sighed as he was plunged into the angry lyrics and evil sounding guitars.

But then his peace was shattered when he felt a tap on his shoulder. Opening one eye, he looked up to see a guy standing above him with a raised eyebrow. He turned off his CD player, pulling his earphones out, before he shifted to sit up straighter, and looked at the intruder pointedly. "Yes?"

The guy smirked, and sat down beside him, showing that there had been two people behind him. The first guy had long, black hair that was in a ponytail at the nape of his neck, though it stopped near the middle of his back. His eyes were so pale, that they were practically colourless, and he couldn't see any signs of a pupil. He was equally as pale as Sasuke, and he wore a white T-shirt with some type of buckles going up the front. He had on dark blue jeans, and white sneakers, and he had a messenger bag set down at his feet.

The other two guys sat down on either side of the first one, looking at Sasuke with interest as Sasuke continued to just stare at them. One of them had black hair that was pulled up into a high ponytail that practically stuck out from the back of his head, and bored looking grey eyes. He wore a white wife beater under an open green short sleeved jacket, and he had on black jeans and white sneakers as well, and both his ears were pierced once.

The other guy was a little on the big side, with light brown hair that was messy, and black eyes. He wore a white T-shirt with dark blue jeans and black sneakers, and it looked like a scarf was wrapped around his neck for practically no apparent reason other than for the bored looking guy to drag him around once in a while, he guessed. The brown haired guy had a bag of chips in his hands, and he was munching happily.

Sasuke then frowned, looking away from observing them, scowling at the guy who tapped his shoulder. "I asked what you wanted."

"Nothing really, just wanted to ask who you were," the first guy replied. "You're new, so I thought I'd be a bit polite, hmm? By the way, my name is Neji Hyuuga, and behind me are my friends, Shikamaru Nara," Neji pointed to the bored looking guy. "And Chouji Akimichi," he pointed to the guy who was eating. "And your name is?"

"Sasuke Uchiha," he replied easily, looking at them for a moment, before he turned his head and closed his eyes. "You know who I am now, and that's all you wanted, right?"

"Why are you sitting here alone?" The Uchiha opened his eyes to see who had spoken, and noticed Chouji looking at him interestedly. Sasuke sighed, inwardly groaning again, before he shrugged.

"I don't know, I guess because I don't know anyone here and no one is really my 'friend' or whatever." He thought about his sentence for a moment, and laughed bitterly in his head. 'Like I've ever really had friends…' He thought, scoffing at the mere idea of ever attaining friends. He then looked over to see Shikamaru staring at him. He raised an eyebrow. "You say something?"

"Yeah, I asked if you wanted to hang with us. So that you aren't judged by the populace of this school, or picked on or anything."

"I doubt Sasuke is going to be picked on," Neji countered Shikamaru, looking at the Uchiha again, before looking to see a group of girls goggling at him and Neji. "I think he's already gained the affection of most of the female population of this school."

"Not that I would want it." Sasuke muttered, having already noticed the girls. He then looked at the three who had come up and interrupted his alone time with his angry music. Thinking about Shikamaru's request, he sighed and grabbed his bag just as Neji grabbed his, and stood up with the three of them, looking at them. "Mind if I take up on that offer?"

Neji smirked at him again, then nodded, and waved for them to follow him as they walked out of the cafeteria, going out a backstage door, then going back outside.

"That's the courtyard, where a lot of people actually eat their lunch. It's less noisy out here, and less crowded. That's where we eat." Neji explained to Sasuke, pointing to a yard with a bunch of picnic tables and trees scattered here and there. Hn, it was surprising that there were trees around this school.

"That's the fire escape stairs. They led up to the roof as well, and that's where the Bijuu Gang hangs out."

Sasuke froze mid-step, looking up at the roof with interest as he saw a blonde head for a moment, before he looked back to see Neji and Shikamaru looking up as well, serious looks on their faces. Sasuke frowned, crossing his arms as he raised an eyebrow.

"The Bijuu Gang?"

"A vicious gang made up of a bunch of guys who get into trouble a lot." Neji replied, looking back down at the Uchiha with his pale eyes. "They're aligned with the Suna Gang, and they have some alliances with the Akatsuki Gang, though not much. They call their leader 'Kyuubi', because he's the strongest out of all the members."

"It's made out of mostly guys," Shikamaru continued as Neji looked at the roof again, contemplating something. "There are the regular members, who hang up out there, and then there are the special members, those high in the ranks or the food chain; spies, you could say. We spy on gangs like Oto, which is made out of mostly a bunch of bastards, but there are some trustworthy people in it that are also spies in enemy territory. They tell us when Oto plans out gang wars or something."

"You seem to know a lot." Sasuke said, looking at them curiously. Neji shrugged lazily, looking back at him with a tiny grin.

"We have our ways." He then shook his head, and waved for Sasuke to follow him. "Anyhow, come on."

Sasuke nodded, following quietly, but not without looking up at the roof again. And this time, he saw a guy looking down at him, blonde hair the first thing he saw, and then his blue eyes.


Sasuke sat in his English class, listening to the teacher drone on and on about something or other, when suddenly, the doors opened, and in walked in the vice principal, looking a little flustered. She smiled at them easily, and then turned to the teacher. "Kakashi, do you think we can steal your class for a little while? We have an assembly now that Tsunade really wanted to have, because she's strange like that."

Kakashi Hatake, their English teacher, was a man with a lazy look in his eye. Yes, his eye, because you couldn't see the rest of his face. He hid the bottom half of his face with a mask, and his left eye was covered by a blue bandage of some sort, probably having had it injured once or something. He had silver hair that stuck out to the left automatically, defying the laws of gravity, and his one visible eye was a dark blue. He had on jeans and white sneakers, along with a long sleeved black shirt. In his hand, Sasuke noticed, he constantly held a little orange book, that had an age warning on the back cover, making Sasuke curious as to what their English teach was reading.

Kakashi looked at the vice principal, before smiling easily, the corner of his eyes crinkling upwards. "Of course, Shizune," he then turned to his second year students, crossing his arms lazily. "Alright, you heard the woman. Out. Go down to the auditorium, that's where the assembly is." Everyone nodded and got up, Sasuke catching up to Neji who shared his English class, sticking to him close so that he wouldn't end up getting swallowed in the masses of talking, loud students.

Once they got to the large auditorium, Sasuke saw Kakashi walk to the front with the other teachers, sitting next to a brown haired man with a scar across the bridge of his nose, his skin tan against Kakashi's pale skin. He had kind grey eyes, and a nice smile, and wore relaxing, but nice clothes. Seemed to be some kind of home economics teacher, if what he heard other students muttering was true. Name was…Iruka Umino…Alright, then.

Finally, a large busted woman came to the front, pushing back her long blonde hair from her dark brown eyes as she grinned at them all, her shirt almost showing off too much cleavage, but the guys in the school's populace that weren't gay didn't really care for that. "Hello, everyone! My name is Tsunade Takahashi, though I'd rather you call me Tsunade, and I am your principal. Welcome back to another year of Konoha High! And if you are new, welcome to Konoha High and I hope you have a pleasant year. Could all those who are new, please stand up?"

Sasuke hesitantly stood up, and looked around, before giving a deadpanned look as he saw all the freshmen stand up…And no one else.

Tsunade saw the freshmen, smiling at them then telling them to sit, when her sights came onto Sasuke. "Aha! Someone who isn't a freshman! Excellent, come up, why don't you?" Sasuke shuffled up, hating the fact that there were eyes all staring at him. He came up beside Tsunade, looking up at her with a glare of disdain. She just smirked at him and patted him on the back, making him jerk forwards. The woman had a strong hit! "What's your name, kid?" She asked, crossing her arms and looking down at him with her hip sticking out lazily.

"Sasuke Uchiha." He said, looking up at her sharply. She grinned at him, liking his attitude, before she turned him roughly to the entire school population.

"Alright, Sasuke Uchiha, say hi to all of the people of Konoha High! I'm sure they're DYING to meet you."

"I'm sure they can't wait for me to die." He said lowly, before he raised a hand at them lazily. He actually heard a few girls giggle, and one squealed. THEY JUST MET HIM! How could they already LIKE him? God, these people were idiots weren't they?

"Hey, Tsunade-baachan! Let the kid down, he's feeling like he's on display, ya know!" A voice shouted from the crowds, and a third year stood up, crossing his arms as he grinned at the woman he must've personally known. Sasuke looked up, and saw the kid he had seen on the roof earlier. His eyes widened as the blonde rose an eyebrow at him, smirking a little.

"Shut it, ya squirt! And I'm not a grandmother!" Tsunade shouted back, pointing an angry finger at him, before she looked back at Sasuke. "Ignore him."

"And he is?"

"Naruto Uzumaki, Uchiha!" Naruto yelled at him, waving at him lazily. "Nice to meet ya."

"Wish I could say the same thing." He yelled back. The auditorium fell silent, even Tsunade was still, but then Naruto started to laugh, clutching onto his stomach.

"You've got guts, Uchiha-teme, I give you that."

"Don't call me teme, dobe." Naruto blinked, and then smirked.

"Ya know Japanese, do ya?"

"I'm half Japanese," Sasuke said hotly, glaring at him. "What's it to you?"

"Nothing really, I just have a new friend to lightly banter with in that complicated language. Half Japanese as well."

"You're telling me this…Why?"

"You told me first, didn't ya?" Sasuke rolled his eyes, then glared at Tsunade, who was watching them with a strange expression.

"Might I go back to my seat now, Ms.?" He asked through clenched teeth. She looked down at him, then nodded and pushed him towards his seat's direction. He stomped through, and then fell next to Neji, who looked at him in awe. "What the hell are you staring at me for?"

"You just yelled at Kyuubi."

Sasuke walked down the halls with Neji and Shikamaru with him, heading down to the Drama room for his third period. The assembly had taken half of first and all of second period, so now they were on their way to third, and Sasuke happened to have it with two of his new…Friends, if that's what you wanted to call them.

And while they were walking down these fine halls of Konoha High School…People were staring and whispering at and about the Uchiha. And it was starting to annoy him. Very much.

"Okay, so I just kind of insulted the Kyuubi from the Bijuu Gang. Whoopee. Could people stop STARING AT ME?" He asked, glaring pointedly at a bunch of guys who stared at him in awe, wondering if he were a genius, really strong, or just stupid. They scampered off after falling victim to the 'Glare-of-Impending-Doom'. Neji chuckled beside him, and Sasuke glared at him as well. "What's so funny, Hyuuga?"

"Nothing Sasuke, I just like seeing the people skitter off, afraid for their very lives because if looks could kill, we'd have half of the school population since the last five minutes." Sasuke rolled his eyes as the other pale boy. The laziest of the three looked at the people staring, and sighed gently.

"How troublesome." He muttered after a while. Sasuke jerked his head in an angry nod, agreeing to his statement, before he bashed the door opened, and walked in, plopping down on a chair that was near the back, Neji and Shikamaru sitting on either side of him, watching in amusement or in an I-Don't-Care way as Sasuke glared daggers at any who tried to look at him in a funny way.

Suddenly, the door to the teacher's office banged open, and in came a man wearing a lot of green, with black hair in a bowl cut, and the thickest eyebrows Sasuke had ever laid eyes on. His eyes were wide as he stared at the man who seemed to be insane as he stood in front of his students in the…Strangest…Of positions he'd ever seen.

"Hello my fellow Drama lovers!" He cried out loudly, before bowing and sitting on a beanbag chair. "My name is Gai Maito, but please, just call me…Master Gai!"

"Hey Gai."

"His Bush-brows."

"What's up, weirdo."

"YOU NEVER LISTEN TO MY PLEAS!" Gai cried out dramatically, tears streaming down his face. Sasuke backed away in his chair, looking at him with a , 'what-the-HELL' look on his face.

"What's WRONG with him?"

"He's the Drama teacher. He takes his class seriously." A girl replied in front of him, turning to see who would talk. Her eyes widened when she saw Sasuke, and she grinned. "Hey, you're that cute Sasuke Uchiha kid. I'm Tenten Itsumi, nice to finally meet they guy who would dare stand up to Naruto." She said, smiling at him kindly. She had long brown hair in two buns on either side of her head, and dark brown eyes with a kind look to them. She had pale skin, and she wore a pink Chinese style shirt with red outlining in, and black dress pants with black boots on her feet. She smiled at him for a moment longer, before turning to look at Gai again. "Gai, could you please stop crying, your freaking out the new kid."

Gai stopped immediately, and looked up at Tenten, who moved her head to the side so that the Drama teacher could see Sasuke clearer. "I HAVE THE PLEASURE OF THE NEW STUDENT TO BE IN MY CLASS? I AM SO HAPPY!" And so, he started crying once again.

"Bushy-brows, come on, what's today's lesson?" A brown haired guy haired guy said, his black eyes narrow as he glared at Gai. He had red triangles tattooed onto either cheek below his eyes, and dark tanned skin, while he wore a grey sweater and black jeans with combat boots on his feet, which were currently resting on the back of someone's chair.

"Ah, young Kiba Inuzuka! The lesson today will be…That you have to be a flower!" Everyone groaned and hit the floor, and Sasuke prepared to kill himself with a ball of lint, but Gai didn't notice.

"Now come all! It's not as bad as it sounds! PLEASE DO YOUR BEST!" He said, looking at them with a large smile. "BE LIKE MY MODEL STUDENT ROCK LEE!"

"OH MY GOD NOT HIM!" A girl with blonde hair screeched, blue eyes wide with fright. "Anyone but HIM, Gai-weirdo!" She wore a purple tank top and a black mini skirt with flip flops on her feet.

"Ino Yamanaka! You are such a negative person to my beloved, precious, protégé Lee! Why is that?"

"He's as freaky looking as YOU." Ino said, pointing a finger at him. Gai shrugged, then smiled and clapped his hands loudly.


And suddenly, everyone couldn't wait to be a flower. Even Sasuke, who threw away his attempts at lint suicide.

Sasuke followed Neji, Shikamaru and Chouji, who they had collected after Drama, outside into the courtyard for Lunch, Sasuke still shuddering at the memory of the Drama class and its teacher from Hell. A happy, glittery, sunset filled HELL.

"I'm going to have nightmares tonight…Of flowers coming to impale me." Sasuke said, sitting down at the picnic table they had chosen, taking out the lunch that his brother had made him. He looked into the bag, smiling a little when he saw that Itachi had packed him his favourite, before pulling out the can of Coke© he had in there, opening it and taking a sip from it quietly.

"If you do have those nightmares, Sasuke, make sure to write them down for English. Kakashi wants us to write down one of our most interesting dreams tonight, and that just sounds entertaining and frightening all at once." Neji said, looking at Sasuke with the utmost seriousness, before he took out a thermos of soup, and opened it, drinking from the thermos quietly. Sasuke stared at him for a moment, before he pulled out his sandwich and took out half of it, eating it quietly while Chouji ate through his entire meal, which was the size of Shikamaru's and Neji's lunches combined, and Shikamaru would just once in a while eat something while staring up at the clouds with interest.

"Whatever," He muttered quietly, looking at the ground in front of him, when suddenly a shadow fell in front of him. He blinked, and then looked up to see Naruto Uzumaki standing in front of him, grinning like a fox, though his eyes looked intrigued by the boy in front of him.

"Hallo," he said merrily, waving at them lightly. Neji and Shikamaru nodded at him, while Chouji looked at him in awe for a moment, before stuffing his face in with his food. Naruto grinned at Chouji and the other two, before looking at Sasuke with his dark blue eyes. His orange and black jacket was opened, revealing a black shirt underneath, and he wore black jeans with black combat boots as well. There were a bunch of guys behind him, as well as a few girls, those who included Kiba Inuzuka, from his Drama class of Horror, A guy who looked frighteningly like Gai, a guy with red hair and the Japanese kanji symbol that meant 'Love' on his forehead over his left eyes with black rims around his light green eyes, and a girl with pink hair and green eyes, staring at Sasuke with interest, as well as a few others that Sasuke couldn't see clearly.

"What do you want?" He asked, avoiding eye contact with the blonde.

"I wanna talk with you."