Alice Johnson - Lisa Wilcox

Joey Crusel - Rodney Eastman

Kristen Parker- Tuesday Knight/ Patricia Arquette

Debbie Stevens - Brooke Theiss

Shelia - Toy Newkirk

Elaine Parker - Brooke Bundy

Mrs. Crusel - Jacquelyn Masche

Roland Kincaid - Ken Sagoes

Rick Johnson - Andras Jones

Mr. Johnson. - Nicholas Mele

Mr. Crusel - Burr DeBenning

Dr. Gordon - Craig Wasson

Dr. Moore - Steven Grives

Freddy Krueger - Robert Englund

Amanda Krueger - Beatrice Boepple

Harper - Giuseppe Andrews

Jacob J. Crusel - Whit Hertford

Dr. Sims - Priscilla Pointer


Anderson - Bruce Abbott

It's always a thrill to finish a story, and reach this point where I get to shout out to my reviewers and be able to look back and hope that some of this fan fiction was fun to read and be enjoyed.

First I would like to apologize to my readers for my silly spelling and grammar mistakes. English has never been my strong point and with a learning disability when it comes to that I try my best to fix the problems and make up for it with the plot's flow.

Second I would like to tell how I came up with the idea of this story. I guess it all comes down to being a fan of the series or many years and being able to look back on every film and see it's high points and flaws. Between Dream Warriors and The Dream Master I saw it wasn't just any other sequel to a slasher film. It had story and amazing effects. Once The Dream Child happened my view towards Freddy was shattered. I always thought part 4 was a perfect send off towards the series and maybe make New Nightmare ten years afterwards. I'm sorry but parts 5 and 6 didn't do it for it and I think it just started being all about making the money instead of making good film.

Loving The Dream Warriors, I think that might have been one of the many reasons part 4 did so well. Everyone wanted to know how they were doing. I always thought killing them off so quickly was a shame, so I came up with the idea of putting one of the warriors together with the dream master. Sticking to the basic plot but throwing in a shattered love story and a link to the dream child without showing too much. I think it was all about showing Alice and Joey fight side by side and the choices they had to make together.

I feel better that I finally got around to doing a fan fiction about one of these films and I hope for the people who read it they liked the twists and turns I made in the chapters and liked showing more light on the characters of both Joey and Alice.

My last project which was a squeal to one of my biggest pieces of work didn't do that well review wise. So messing around with things I finally came up with the plot for this story. I feel I covered almost everything that should have been shown and show the strength Alice gained over time.

I you have any questions please ask them in reviews and I'll be more then happy to post them. As of right now I'm taking a break from writing for a while, but this was fun and I hope I'll be able to maybe see more stories much like this one (There isn't any stories with Joey, can you believe it?" Thank you again for reading my story.

Darkness Takes Over

xox annur xox



And more who read it.

I'll be sure to keep reviewing any of your stories, you guys are amazing with your words.

Thank you again and I hope you all have a good rest of the summer.

Stay 7/30/06