"For too many years we have been looked down upon, we have lost many lives in this subtle war between humans and insects. It is time, we will strike back and we shall win"

Clicking and chirping arose from the crowd. Everyone was excited to hear what sort of plan the old cockroach had come up with. For years the hierarchy of the insect world had been obeyed by all. Cockroaches had seniority over the rest, deeming themselves survivors therefore best fit to lead and plan out evens. The chain continued down, through mantises, worms, bees, beetles, grasshoppers and so on, moths being at the bottom of the chain. A moth's sole purpose is to disguise the intelligence of the insect culture; they basically just act stupid, driving themselves into bright objects whenever they get a chance. This is merely used to fool humans, who believe that size gives seniority and somehow this justifies killing insects by the thousands with poisons, gasses and chemicals, feeling no remorse in taking millions of lives yearly. Human children are almost encouraged to sit outside on a sunny day and toast ants with magnifying glasses.

"This is a very serious problem which may very well lead to a dire outcome. If we continue to let these humans kill us off, there is a possibility we could someday, be completely wiped out."

Gasps from the audience after the realization of this potential omni-fatal outcome. It hit some harder than others, some did not realize they could die until that moment, others had realized days earlier in their lives.

You see, the life of an insect is very much like that of the life of a human, but everything is done on a much smaller scale. Insects thing in rational ways for their way of life, although it may appear as a disorganized gaggle to humans, in reality it is a very intricate and complicated process of communication. The patterns certain insects fly appears as an act of annoyance, when in reality they are visually relaying messages. Many attempts in communicating with humans failed miserably, the messenger is usually killed and another has to be bred and trained.

For many years since the introduction of humans on Earth, insects have been communicating, trying to tell humans tasks that should be fulfilled to better the planet, they would land on a mans ear and scream, which only the insect could understand, about what would happen if these orders were not obeyed.