"For FRAY…"

"...people are saying, that, umm... there are, creatures..."

"Creatures? Andrew, what kind of creatures?"

"...Big ones."

- Andrew & Willow, 2004

Angel has stopped the end of the world several times. He's even, on occasion, tried to end it himself. But now, he's facing the largest battle he's even known. He's facing evil in its purest: The Old Ones. The first demons to walk, and ravage, this earth. Returned to the world after centuries in exile, they seek to reclaim what was once theirs.

Unable to defeat the demons, Angel and co. must join forces with Buffy. With the help of the original Scooby Gang, and new Slayers worldwide, a battle must be waged. The final apocalyptic battle, one where there are no rules but survival. Friendships will be betrayed and lives lost. And in the end only one thing is certain…

The future will never be the same...

"…There was a battle. A Slayer, possibly with some mystical allies, faced an apocalyptic army of demons. And when it was done… they were gone. All demons, all magicks, banished from this earthly dimension."

"And the Slayer? Did she…"

"I do not know if she lived."

- Urkonn & Melaka Fray, the Future

Ok. So. That's the preview I kind of like. Anyway, point is, I just wanted to write it.

But here's some helpful stuff:

I'll update this as I write, meaning that there could be gaps of nothingness and periods where I update everyday. Sorry, but its just how I work.

Um, I don't own the characters, so yea.

The idea is both original and not. I mean, other people have thought it, so that's not original, but I'm writing how I see fit, so yea, that past is.

If theres anything else you need to or want to know, send me a message.

- PJ Casanova