Taking a Break

She can hear them long before they actually go inside her office. Haruhi sighs, looking up at the tiny office and at her coworkers with a soft shrug before she takes off her glasses, standing up, pushing the door open, arms crossed.

Kaoru and Hikaru have had the same hair color for the past few months, but even so they're not really identical anymore. Kaoru keeps his hair short most of the time, and Hikaru tends to let it curl around the nape of his neck, still dyeing it every now and then just because.

They both look up at her from where they were crouching, and Haruhi tries to remember that you don't sue your best friends, not even if you could make a case of them driving you insane.

"What are you doing here?"

"We were around!" The twins chant, huge, innocent smiles on their faces that Haruhi doesn't buy for even a second. "We thought we'd come to say hi!"

"Shouldn't you two be at work?" She asks, arms still crossed, looking up at them. Kaoru walks past her, Hikaru's arm around her shoulders and pulling her towards the hall.

"Well, we kind of are, in a way. We have a business meeting! So we thought you'd like to come and have lunch with us!"

"I don't have time for your kind of lunches," Haruhi says, pinching Hikaru's hand to take it from her shoulders, trying to go back.

"Haruhi! So mean! We hardly ever see you anymore!" Hikaru whines, arms wrapped around her. Haruhi never lamented her short stature before meeting these guys, mostly her fiancée and the twins, since they tend to pick her up whenever they don't agree with her words.

"We ate together last week!"

"Seven days too long!" Kaoru says. He's carrying her coat and her briefcase, and Haruhi can see most of her coworkers are sighing as they look at them. The same happens whenever Tamaki decides to pick her up out of the blue. She's still afraid that one day, all her boys will come to pick her up and cause all the people at her firm to simply swoon over. "And! Your boss said you can come with us!"

Of course that they ignore her 'buts', arms linked around hers and pretty much dragging her to their car.

Haruhi really wonders how she's going to explain it to her boss that when the twins mean taking her out for lunch, they tend to mean Paris.