In the Beginning.

I. In the beginning, Mokona yawned and swallowed half of the Darkness of the Universe and then, by His will, there where to be a Sun and a Moon, and then he created Sounds, and as He gave a loud "Puu", the waves of it formed over several worlds around Him and since he liked these Sounds, He created Music and Birds to go with it.

II. But the Birds and Music didn't have anything to do or anywhere to rest, so Mokona breathed life into the different worlds and Trees were created for the Birds to rest and Water carried music over and over. As a gift, The Creator gifted them Colors.

III. And then Mokona gave to Music the Magic, and through the Magic and Water flowers bloomed and the worlds were filled with Colors and Sounds, and, for a while, The Creator was happy.

IV. After He became lonely and bored, Mokona created, too, all kind of animals and creatures to play with, and He was gracious enough that through Darkness and Light, through Music and Magic, he created people.

V. For a while everything was Perfect for that was His Will, and people were happy and that wasn't all His Doing since The Creator gave the people of this universe -mostly- a free rule over their feelings and wishes.

VI. And, after a while had gone, since He was bored and He Saw that everything that had had to be done was done, and that it was, if not good, at least entertaining enough, Mokona met up with Clow Reed and Ichihara Yuuko to have scones and tea and chat about how their days had gone by.