Characters: Lex, Clark.

Word Count: 169

"Blue spandex suit and red underwear." Lex said. He sounded perplexed, and amused. Sort of the voice you do when you're looking at the biggest egg laid by a normal chicken, or when you learn that your parents are also having sex. Clark flushed and squirmed over his sit.

"My mom made it." He muttered, eyes focused on the spot besides Lex' head over his couch.

"She thought the colors would... y'know." He hoped he knew, because Clark had no idea: he had just been unable to say 'no' at the hopeful look his mom had given him.

Lex hummed, and then, said: "Blue spandex suit and red underwear... over the blue spandex."

"It goes with the cape and the boots?" Lex raised an eyebrow. Clark flushed deepened and hoped his couch would suddenly become green meteorock.

"I'll tell you this, Clark," Lex finally said; Clark raised his eyes towards his friend, and his flush darkened when he saw him smirking. "At least you won't be easily forgetable, Primary-Colors-Man."