One--- He's Real

Grey eyes held pity for the boy in the room. He seemed so normal, so happy. Until he came back again. That's when she had to take him away. Those pretty blue eyes would plead with her, fill with tears and beg her not to make him leave again but she all she could say was , "He's not real, Sora. Its alright. He's not real."

Again Sora would plead, 'He's real! He is! Please!' These cries broke Yuffie's heart more and more ache time she had to sedate the brunette. He'd be talking and smiling (Sora always smiled) with her one minute and the next he'd be talking to someone beside him. Some one who wasn't there.Roxas, he called him. But Roxas wasn't there and so Yuffie had to fix Sora.

Yuffie had to fix him.

"...Roxas? Roxas where'd you go? Where are you?" Yuffie sat outside Sora's holding cell for hours, listening to him plead with the air, plead for Roxas to come back. She couldn't take it anymore.

"Sora?" Sora's sapphire orbs were shiny with tears as he huddled further into a corner. He shouldn't have called for Roxas.

"Sora, tell me about Roxas. What's he like?" Yuffie was trying a new approach. Sora's medication was becoming increasingly useless.

"Roxas?" The brunette was nervous, unsure of why Dr. Yuffie was suddenly interested in Roxas. 'He's not real', that's what she told him.

"Yes, Roxas. Is he nice to you?" Sora nodded, looking out the window. Roxas was his best friend. Yuffie smiled.

"What does he like to do?"

"He likes the ocean but he never goes there. I used to live by the ocean." Yuffie nodded, keeping notes in her head.

"Why doesn't Roxas go to the ocean?"

" He can't. It makes him sad." Yuffie kept notes in her head.

"Does Roxas like anything else?" Sora paused, biting his nail. Roxas hadn't come back. Maybe he was mad at Sora...

"He likes the color green. Just like...that." Yuffie frowned as she turned to look behind her. A young man stood there with long silver hair and brilliant sea green eyes, a scowl on his handsome face.

"May I help you?" A guard ran up panting as the boy snorted at him. Mocking him.

"This...this one...he's like Sora." Riku looked at the boy on the floor. Sora...

"Oh. Well, Sora?" Sora tilted his head at Yuffie.


"Can we talk about Roxas tomorrow?" Sora frowned, looking as if he was about to cry. Riklu hated it when people cried.

" Roxas hasn't come back. I think he's mad at me. He always comes back. Where is he?" Yuffie couldn't find it in her heart to answer as she left.

"Another one? This is highly unusual, even for psychiatric patients. The medication that I've prescribed for Sora just isn't working anymore. 'Roxas' always comes back. I'm trying to see just how detailed this dellusion of his is. If Riku's is just as detailed, then I'm not sure what I'm going to do with them, Ansem. I've never dealt with two identical cases before, let alone two such...adavanced cases of psychosis either." Ansem nodded. Riku was his nephew and it killed him to leave him in this place but it killed him even more to remember what Riku was like before him.

"I understand. Please let us know if he makes any changes." Yuffie nodded and lead Ansem out.

"Doctor!" Yuffie heard to Leon's side and looked into Sora's room. Sora was sobbing uncontrollably while Riku watched from the doorway, masked worry in his green eyes. Sora's cries grew steadily louder, steadily more desperate.

"Roxas! Roxas! Please!" The cries suddenly stopped as Yuffie pulled the needle from the boys thigh.

"What did you do?" Riku asked, following Yuffie to his own room.

"I gave him something to help him sleep. He'll feel better if he sleeps." Riku snorted and did his best to ignore the fact that Dr. Kisaragi had not left his room yet.

"Riku, how old are you?"


"Do you know why you're here?" Riku didn't answer. He knew why he was here, but they wanted him to know he was insane. That he wasn't real. But he was. They just didn't see him like Riklu did. He'd show them. They'd see.

He was real.

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