Chapter Four---Vision

Roxas stared at Riku in wonder and then to Sora. Sora looked equally dumbfounded but his trademark grin quickly found its way to his face as he laughed. Yuffie seemed terrified and amazed at the same time but she was duly ignored as Sora and Roxas clammored for Riku's attention.

"You can see-" Sora stared but Roxas cut him off, grabbing Riku by the shoulders and staring at him with cerulean optics. Riku pried his fingers away from his shoulders and snickered.

"You can see me?" The blond demanded, putting his hands on his hips. The room got quiet.

"Of course I can see you. You're standing right there."

"Riku?" Yuffie interjected, causing the three to turn to look at her curiously. She smiled and patted the ground beside her. Riku sat and looked a bit nervous.

"Why don't you and Roxas sit Sora?" Sora sat too and after a short pause, Yuffie assumed Roxas sat too. Looking at Riku with a blank expression, she asked him,

"What does Roxas look like, Riku?" She wanted to see if, without help from Sora, Riku could tell her what Roxas looked like. If he really did see Roxas.

"Almost exactly like Sora. Except his hair is blonde, his eyes are a lighter shade of blue and his not quite as babyfaced. No offense Sor."

"None taken!" Sora chirpped, rocking back and forth exactly as Roxas continued to stare at Riku.

"What else?"

"He's got crazy hair and he's staring at me like he's seen a ghost. Sora's just a bit taller I think but I doubt that will be for long. And anyways, neither of them coming close to being as tall as me or Axel."

"Did I hear my name?" The lazy drawl came from the doorway and Riku, Sora and Roxas all turned to greet their friend. Yuffie eventually turned as well, though she was greeted by nothing.

"Hey Axel. This is Sora and Roxas." Riku gestured to the boys as Axel came in, arms folded over his chest and a scowl on his face.

"Yea, uh huh. The other nutcases right? Pleasure, I'm sure." Axel continued to keep muttering profanities and the like as Yuffie pulled Riku into the hallway.

"Riku, tell me a little about Axel." Yuffie studied his face carefully. From the quick eye roll to the stoic mask slipping almost imperceptibly in place.

"He's about 6'5, real skinny, red,red hair, tattoos under his eyes. His eyes are green. He wears a black trench, has this really annoying smirk he gets when he knows he's right about something you wish he weren't right about and he's cocky. Extremely cocky." Riku snorted then, amused by his friend. Yuffie grinned and nodded.

"Let's go see how Roxas and Sora are fairing."

Roxas and Sora were fairing just fine. Axel was teasing Roxas about his height and Sora was nearly in tears over it. Riku smirked and sat down beside Yuffie again as the small woman cleared her throat.

"Sora, tell me about Axel."

"He's really funny!" Sora wiped the tears from his eyes, took a big breathe and looked at Axel, who winked. Sora's cheeks tinted pink and Riku chuckled.

"He's got these like...tattoos under his eyes...crazy green eyes and even crazier red hair and he's tall!! I feel so short! His tongue is pierced." Sora seemed to blush farther at this and Riku interjected to save him from the embarassment.

"I forgot about that. We got that done together but I took mine out. " Riku chuckled at this and leaned back on his elbows, suddenly incredibly tired.

"So I take it you all get along?" Yuffie promted, deviating from her inquiry of Axel for the moment. Riku raised a brow at her. They just met.

"We just met but I don't see why we wouldn't." Sora shrugged, looking at the floor intently. Riku could see him bit his lip as if holding himself back from saying something. Yuffie could see it too but before she could question the boy, Riku jumped in.

"Hey Doc, what was that you were saying about tea?"

Later that morning, Axel and Riku were safely back in their room. Yuffie had another twin size bed placed in both Sora and Riku's room so that Roxas and Axel would be comfortable. Riku thought this was awful nice of someone who thought he was a lunatic. Then again, maybe she was just feeding his hallucination to in order to keep him there so Ansem would keep funding her funny farm. He laughed. Whatever. Turning onto his side, Riku studied the already dead asleep Axel.

Axel was the kind of person Riku wanted to be. Extroverted, wild, reckless and absolutely shameless. While Riku didn't care what anyone thought, he wasn't as ...abrasive about it as Axel. It was something he envied the redhead. The ability to be completely obnoxious no matter who was present. Riku was infintiely more self contained and introverted. More of a think before you leap, overanalytical sort. Axel dove in head first without so much as a by your leave.

Sighing, Riku turned to face the wall. His school work sat in a pile, undone and growing by the day. He'd have to start that when he woke up. And then he'd talk to Yuffie about maybe being able to use the gym. He needed a good run. The sun light began to warm the room though Riku has closed the curtains when they'd entered, not wanting to be woken by the light.

"Ri?" Slender arms slid around him and the voice left breath ghosting across his skin.


"You ok?"

"Yea, just thinking I need to do my homeowork."

"I'll help you later. Go to sleep." Axel buried his nose in the crook of Riku's neck and was immediately asleep again. Lulled by the warmth of Axel and the afternoon, Riku soon followed.

Yuffie bit her pencil anxiously. This was so far beyond anything she'd ever encountered. Something nagged at her, like she'd forgotten something very,very important. But the minute she started trying to recall, it slipped away. Growling in frustration, she threw her pencil at the wall and hit her head against the desk. What was she going to do? Riku's uncle would want an update. What was she going to tell him?

'Your nephew is just great. In fact he can see Sora's nobody and Sora can see his!' Yuffie laughed ruefully. That was bound to go well. Riku's nobody ( that is to say, the person he saw but no one else did) seemed to be more than just a figment of Riku's skewed mind. Instead, he was becoming more and more real by the second. Roxas and Axel could be seen. But the only people who could see them were 'sick' too. They had the same sickness. Yuffie sat up slowly.

They had the same sickness.

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