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S.Z.: Poor Chouji never gets to fall in love with anyone and I love him so much I decided to write him a fic for it. I hope all you Chouji fans enjoy!

Surprise! It's love Chouji Akimichi!

Chapter one: Swept off his feet

Ah, Chouji. The lovable food boy of team 10. He may not be the hottest or the most talented, he might be a bit, um… round, but we all need love in our lives, it's just that, Chouji didn't think that he did.

"Ino! Give me back my chips!" yelled Chouji.

"Not until you tell me who you have a crush on!"

"Nobody!" he screamed.

"Ino, give him back his stuff" said Shikamaru sluggishly on the side.

"But I know that he likes someone, I just wanna find out who! Who is it Chouji? WHO?"

"No one!" said Shikamaru grabbing the bag of chips from Ino, most unlike him but oh well.

"Ino, just leave him alone, it's obvious that he doesn't like anybody so get off his back. Here Chouji…" finished Shikamaru while passing the chips back to him.

"Thanks Shikamaru…" he said taking a handful of chips.

"I'll get to you yet Chouji Akimichi!" said Ino as the two boys began to walk away from her and across the bridge that they were standing on.

"What a troublesome girl…" mumbled Shikamaru as they walked together.

They had left Ino behind, oh well; they needed a break from her.

"Why does she always do that?" asked Chouji.

"I have no idea…"

The past few weeks, Ino had been doing and demanding the same thing: "Who do you have a crush on Chouji Akimichi?" Why she kept asking was beyond them but when would she get the clue that Chouji didn't have a crush on anyone! Why couldn't she just get that through that head of hers?

"Shikamaru?" asked Chouji

"What?" replied Shikamaru.

"Wanna go to the ramen shop? I'm starved…"

"Sure…" said Shikamaru.

So they kept going in towards the village until they reached the ramen shop. They sat down and waited for the waiter to come and take their orders.

"Ah, ramen! I love the stuff…" said Chouji.

"You sound like Naruto…" said Shikamaru.

"Heh heh!" Chouji made a cute smile.

Then something happened that would change his perspective on love for good. No longer would it be food but:

"May I take your order?" asked a sweet voice.

Chouji looked up and was dumbfounded by an array of emotions so strong that he completely forgot why he came there.

The girl he saw, apparently the waitress there, looked to be about the same age as him (15). She had her long silky ebony hair tied back into a pony tail. She had deep green eyes, a cute round nose and full lips. She had a perfect form, or what Chouji could see of her form from the other side of the counter and from the thick apron she was wearing. Apparently he was spaced out from her beauty for a while because he felt a nudge on his side.

"Chouji… what do you want?" asked Shikamaru.

"Uh…" Chouji began to blush and then was completely embarrassed when his eyes locked with the cute waitress. "Nothing right now… bye!" He hopped up and left.

Shikamaru didn't know what to say; even he was speechless. The waitress looked at Shikamaru who still looked stupid with shock and asked:

"What's wrong with him?"

"Your guess is as good as mine…" he said and stood up. "Um… sorry bout the false alarm miss waitress… we won't be ordering anything today…" he left.

The waitress just watched him turn the corner and then went back into the kitchen.

Shikamaru tried desperately to find where his best friend might have gotten to but he was unlucky.

The truth is Chouji had gone all the way back to his house and hid himself in his room. He was still blushing and didn't know why he felt so weird. His heart was beating fast, his face was hot and his palms were sweaty… maybe it was just something he ate…

Little did he know… he had just been swept off his feet…

To be continued…