Surprise! It's Love Chouji Akimichi!

Chapter five: A new success in love!

Ino spent an hour trying to track down Shikamaru when she didn't know that he was actually just taking his time in the direction of the noodle shop. She kept going back and forth and then finally when she passed the noodle shop again and then turned a corner, she bumped right into Shikamaru…

"You!" she said with rage.

"What?" asked Shikamaru a little surprised.

"Why did you go and make a date with the waitress at Ichiraku? I told you that Chouji liked her and you knew that too! She just turned him down because of that stupid mistake you made and now he went home crying! Don't you know how hard it was to see Chouji crying like that? His first love and you just had to ruin it! You just had too…!" she blurted out.

"Whoa! Ino calm down, it's nothing like that!"

"Well then why…?"

"I was talking to Naruto about her since he should have known more about her so I could help Chouji… but, Naruto being the brainless idiot he is got it all twisted around and thought that I liked her. He made a date for me without me even knowing I'm guessing. I was just on my way over there to tell San the truth…"

"Her name's San…?"


"Oh… Shika-kun, I should have known that you wouldn't have done something like that to Chouji…" Ino smiled and Shikamaru's cheeks had a slight pink hue.

"Whatever… let's just go and tell her the truth…"


So Shikamaru and Ino went over to the noodle shop and rang the bell. San came out and was blushing as she saw Shikamaru.

"Hi Shikamaru…" she said sweetly while looking down.

"San look…" he said.


"Naruto got things all twisted around. I wasn't the one who had a crush on you, it was Chouji and he was the one who wanted to date you, not me…"

"Really? You mean that pudgy sweetie that was here earlier?"

"Yeah!" said Ino "And that pudgy sweetie is a really good guy!"

"He'd be honored to go out with you…"

At that moment, Chouji walked past and glanced at the noodle shop but then quickly turned away and looked down. San then instantly put her dish cloth in the front pocket of her apron, put her two hands on the counter, jumped over and ran towards Chouji…

"Chouji!" she yelled.

"Huh?" Chouji said not turning around.

Then all of a sudden there were two arms that wrapped around his neck from the side. Then he felt a set of warm lips touch his cheek and he blushed but then did even more as he bounced back when he saw who had done it.


"Yeah, Chouji… I'm really sorry about earlier. I think that you're really cute… a lot cuter than my other date that I was supposed to have and if you still want to… do you want to take me out on a date?"


Chouji was in shock. He looked over at Ichiraku and saw his two best friends standing there watching the scene. They both gave him a thumbs up and so…

"Yes San…" he said while blushing "I'd be honored to…"

"Okay! Wanna go for a walk?"

"But you're working aren't you?"

San took Chouji's arm and began to walk past the noodle shop.

"Tell boss man that I'm taking my break okay?" she said to Shikamaru and Ino.

The new couple walked off down the road.

"Ha!" said Ino pointing a finger in Shikamaru's face.


"I told you I was right all along didn't I?"

"Yeah, yeah…"

"So what are you doing now?" she asked.

"Nothing really…"

"Well, San and Chouji are gone off on a romantic walk, wanna celebrate a good matchmaking job?"

"I'm walking but whatever…"

"Sure thing Shika-kun…" said Ino taking hold of Shikamaru's arm as they began to walk…

And so everything was a success, so let's all give a clap to Chouji's new success in love!


The End

S.Z.: So how was that for a Chouji fic? I was going for the more sweet and cute approach. Anyway, I hope that you guys enjoyed the fic and I hope to post more fics soon so thanks for reading!