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S.Z.: This would be my second KibaXHina fic. I love this couple so much because, Kiba is just so cute and Hinata is just so adorable and together they just make the perfect couple so yeah, I hope you guys enjoy!

The greatest love of all


Kiba Inuzuka. He was the boldest, the loudest and the cockiest of all ninjas in all of Konoha. He knew that he was the best and he wasn't afraid to say it either. Who would have known that he had such a timid side?

He could be yelling at someone, or arguing with someone but when that certain person would enter the room; he would clam up and admire her. It was amazing how much control she had over him without her even knowing. He would drop everything and go with her if she would ask. He would jump off a bridge if she would ask. He would do anything in the world for her. Protect her, hold her, and comfort her. He would do anything to make her happy, but she couldn't see that; she didn't know. But of course, in Kiba's mind, it was clear what it was. He was completely and totally in love with his blue haired teammate. Kiba loved Hinata with all his heart and he just wished that he could tell her.

Of course it would only be easy to tell her, but there was something that was always in the way: her crush on Naruto. She never spoke of it but he knew that it was there. The way she would blush and look away whenever Naruto would speak or even look at her. Was it safe to say that he was jealous? Well yeah, of course it was. Of course Kiba was jealous of the way Hinata felt about Naruto, because he wanted Hinata to feel that way about him. He wanted Hinata all to himself, but he couldn't say it. He wasn't worried for Naruto's sake, but Hinata's. He didn't want to put her in an awkward situation so he never said anything; but how he wanted to say something, so desperately.

He thought of different ways to tell her but nothing ever seemed worthy of her. She was the sweetest and most delicate thing that he had ever known in his entire life and she could easily be damaged, that which is certain.

He had always protected her; he made sure that she was always safe and happy and he would gladly comfort her anytime of the day.

His love for her was the grandest thing in the world. The love he had for her was bigger than the world. His love for her was so big that he thought his heart was going to burst whenever they stood close together. He wanted to hold her so close that their heart beats would become one. He wanted to kiss her so deeply that they felt like one person. He just wanted to be with her every minute of every day and never leave her side. He just loved her so much… but… he couldn't say one word…

Of all the times to not be bold…

To be continued…