One Gaze

Chapter five: The gaze, where is begins and ends

Ino's natural talent for gossip spreading was now clear. Nearly the whole village by now heard of Sasuke and Hinata. Hinata's father had heard the news and silently gave his consent. Finally, to him, his daughter had done something right to be with a good bloodline like the Uchiha's, but it was a different story when another relative found out…

It was a grey looking day when Tenten came running up to Lee and Neji.

"Neji! Neji!" she yelled and stopped in front of him, out of breath.

"What?" said Neji flatly.

"Fresh gossip for you!"

"What? You know I could care less about that!"

"I know Neji, but you're gonna want to hear this, Sasuke is seeing Hinata."


Neji brushed past Tenten and Lee without a word. He had a destination set in his mind.

"What is he going to do?" asked Lee.

"I have an idea but I don't really want to think about it…"

In a dark room of the Uchiha household lay Sasuke and Hinata tangled in and ocean of sheets, although the sheets weren't as pure as they once were. Hinata finally decided she was ready for what the Uchiha heir had to offer, and let him take her. Now, Sasuke was holding her protectively and they were resting. Sasuke put his mouth close to her ear. Hinata shivered as he began to talk ruggedly into it.

"Hinata… I…"

"Sasuke?" she asked softly.

"Shhh… I have to tell you… my house was so lonely before and so was I but you… if I would have known that you'd make me so happy, I would have asked you out long ago… I guess what I'm trying to say is that… Hinata I… love you…"

Hinata's heart started to race again. Never before had any words touched her heart so deeply and hearing them come from someone like Sasuke only made it more special. She cuddled closer to him and opened her mouth to respond but was interrupted by a knock at the door. Hinata got up and put on a nearby robe. She walked down the long hall and to the door. On the side was someone she was petrified to see.

"N-Neji!" she exclaimed.

"Hinata!" Neji barged in and pushed her aside. He noticed what she was wearing and asked suddenly "Where is he? What did he do to you?"

Sasuke hearing commotion slipped on a pair of shorts and went out into the hall to see.

"You!" said Neji glaring at Sasuke. He charged at him and pushed him against the wall. Hinata stared horrified at the scene. Neji kneed him in the stomach which made the raven haired boy slip down. As he did, Neji grabbed his hair, pulled him up and punched him in the face, then let him fall to the floor. He then stomped his foot on the now fallen Uchiha's stomach. Sasuke groaned in pain. His reaction time and strength had been robbed from all his intense training prior; he was still recovering.

"Lay another hand on her and I'll…"

"Neji, stop!"

Hinata had grabbed her cousin's waist to pull him off but he just shoved her to the floor. Sasuke desperately wanted to help her but he was just too weak to retaliate. Then the shocker came as Hinata got up and punched Neji hard in the face. He fell back by shock. Hinata started to help Sasuke up. Neji placed his hand on the area where he had been punched.

"Hinata?" he said wide eyed. Sasuke was shocked too.

"I'm sick of this. Why can't anyone trust me to make my own decisions? I don't need protection." She looked at Neji "All of anyone's concern was good but I don't need it! Sasuke is a good person and he actually treats me like and equal! Hard to believe? Well yes he does. He said that he loves me and I love him too! I'm just sick of all the constant sheltering, and being manipulated! I'm independent and finally I'm standing up for myself. Now Neji, will you please leave Sasuke and I alone… I'm fine!"

Neji stared at her in awe but then got up and brushed off.

"V-very well…" he said reluctantly "I trust you both but Uchiha… I'm watching you…" and with that he left.

Hinata looked at Sasuke.

"Are you okay?" she asked.

"Fine and… wow Hinata I'm, impressed…"

She gave him a warm smile. Sasuke hugged her and held her tight, he was truly proud of her and so was she to him…

A while down the road, Sasuke and Hinata were walking along the streets of their home village. They turned a corner to pass by Sakura and Naruto. The two couples agnoliged each other. Both Sasuke and Hinata were okay with the bond that the two had formed. Sakura and Naruto gave a nod as they passed, signaling a silent blessing. Every thing was as it should be now, everything felt right…

As they were getting deeper into the park, Sasuke impulsively pushed Hinata against a tree.

"Sasuke?" she asked surprised.

"You know I love you right?"

"What? Of course… and I love you too…"

Sasuke gave a slight smirk that always made Hinata's cheeks turn rosy.

"So…" asked Hinata "Do you wanna die now, because I could just leave you here…"

"Hell no…"

No more words were said as Sasuke took Hinata's face into his hands, locked her between himself and the tree and kissed her passionately. The most ardent kiss that either of them had ever shared, for without them knowing that one gaze started it all and they were hoping that's how it was going to end…

The End

S.Z.: So what do you guys think? Finally another chapter story up for me! This story wasn't so bad was it? I think Sasuke and Hinata do fit together when you really think about it. Maybe the part when she punched Neji was a little OOC but I thought it was nice to see her stand up for herself. Anyway I hope you guys enjoyed and I hope to post more fics soon! THX!