Harry returned to the Gryffindor common room with a sick feeling in his stomach. The cause of his nausea was the thoughts he had during his walk back. He thought of what the Dark Lord had said in front of Snape. Now Snape knew what Uncle Vernon had done to him. Though he had not brought it up, he supposed his teacher had to think about it sometime. He collapsed on his favorite arm chair by the fire, wanting nothing more than peaceful sleep..

A few hours later, Harry woke to Ron shaking him on the shoulder. "Mate! MATE!"

"What?" snapped Harry irritably. Ron recoiled slightly.

"Sorry," Harry apologized softly, "sleepy." He cracked a smile that made him feel disgusted with himself, and inquired, "what are you on about?"

"Well," Ron said anxiously, unable to stop wringing his hands, "I- well," He seated himself in the small couch opposite Harry, "I talked to Hermione."

Harry raised his eyebrows. "And…"

Ron looked down at his lap, and for a moment Harry thought he would cry. But to Harry's great relief his ginger-haired friend met his gaze, and said in a dooming voice, "Hermione thinks she'll rid of it. The baby, that is."

To say the least, Harry was shocked. It felt good to be pulled from his own problems, those being that Snape knew about his home life, but he felt sick. He wasn't opposed to abortion in the least, it's the woman's own body, yada yada yada, but he never thought Hermione was capable of doing something like this to Ron.

Harry adopted a sympathetic tone. "What did she say exactly, Ron?"

It was Saturday, so they were sitting in the common room alone, while everyone else went down to Hogwarts grounds and revel in the sunshine.

"Well," Ron stated in a cross between a groan and a sigh, "we had quite a row. I told Hermione I was sorry for all the things I'd said, and she took to calling me immature, how did she not know it was going to happen again, she doesn't want someone like me fathering her child.." He shook his head, his eyes distant, then continued, "I mean, her taking the mickey out of me for being angry with her…Anyway…screamed she'd already made plans to rid of it during Christmas break, got a muggle doctor who owes her a favor. I just can't…." His voice broke, and Harry saw tears swimming in his eyes, "I can't understand why, mate. Why me? I'd like to have a son….and imagine what she'll go through, I care about her, I never meant- Oh, Christ…" Ron had broken down, his body heaving, face buried in his hands.

Harry stood up tentatively, and walked over to Ron. He seated himself beside his best friend, and keeping a safe distance, he patted him on the back. It was rather awkward for Harry, his mind kept drifting to things like, oh, say, his.own.rape., while Ron sobbed relentlessly beside him. Once Ron had calmed himself, and Harry finally drew his hand back into his own lap, there was a silence between the two.

"Sorry," Ron croaked.

"No problem, mate. Everyone's gotta cry sometimes." Except for me Harry thought bitterly.

"So," Ron sniffed, wiping tears from his eyes, "what did Snape want?"

"Just another Occlumency lesson is all. I forgot about it. Git was livid." Harry was surprised at how easily the lies slipped out of his mouth. Ron grinned, his eyes red-rimmed.

"Mate," Harry said, now quite concerned for his friend, "we should go down and get some sunshine. Forget about her." Though this was not his fight, he knew there was some unwritten law you had to side with the person with whom gender you shared. Or something along those lines. He wouldn't be a prat to Hermione, though. Didn't need anymore negative attention.

Snape hadn't seen Potter at the breakfast table Saturday morning. He figured the Boy Who Bloody Well Lived had slept in. He did, however, see him strolling through the corridors with Ron, who looked slightly unnerved.
Damn him. Severus was hoping to have caught him before one of his little sniveling friends did. "Potter," the boy stopped, a dead serious look in his eyes, "Your performance last night was dreadful. My office, seven o' clock tonight."

As Snape turned to leave with a menacing billow of his cape, he faintly heard Weasley mutter, "Fucking cu-"

"I am not sure," He bellowed, turning to face the two Gryffindors, catching Ron off guard, "that I would like to hear you finish that sentence, Mr. Weasley. Fifty points from Gryffindor." Then the greasy Potions Master departed.

Harry sat with Ron in the Great Hall, looking tiredly down at his peas and mashed potatoes. He was dreading 'Occlumency' with Snape. Hermione sat alone at the end of their table, shooting tedious glares at the pair when she thought they weren't looking. Harry admittedly felt sorry for her.

Ron poked at his mashed potatoes wearily. "I don't see why Dumbledore is so keen on your blocking out those nightmares. I know you don't enjoy them and all, Harry, no offence, but they did save my dads life last year."

"Yeah," Harry muttered indifferently.

Hermione stormed past them. "Life's a bitch, isn't it?" Ron whined, receiving a nod in agreement from Harry, "I've got a pregnant girl who looks as though she'll cut my neck in my sleep and you have to go to Snape, in the dungeons no less, to practice defending yourself from 'external penetration of the mind'." Ron waved his arms around suggestively.

They had a good laugh about the phrase, 'external penetration', and then six-fifty dawned on Harry all too soon. He waved goodbye to Ron, making his way towards Snape dungeons.

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