Title: Drunk Talk

Warning: Au-ish, and Yaoi (and Spoilers for the movie though I don't remember much from it, so hence the lil' extra A/U ness I guess lol) and it hasent been edited for I have no beta, so if you can look past that then have fun lol

Paring: RoyxEd

Summary: What if ed stayed and yes this is an over used plot i know….. any way not long after the movie Ed stays and they just close the gate on the one side, and really if you destroy one it would make the pair rather useless right? Anyway Ed stays with the military and Al live with him in an apartment in central. Roy gets reinstated as Major General Ed gets bumped up to major and still working under Roy. Riza is still Mustangs second of sorts. And during a conversation Havoc and ed have in a bar, does Ed find out how messed up Roy was after Ed disappeared. ….


"So brother are you really going back to the military?" The dirty blonde asked a little confused and slight worried.

"Yeah Al, but it pays well and we wont have to worry about money, and you'll be able to enjoy yourself," Ed reassured, "Anyway you disserve it."

"I don't know Brother you need a break far more then I do-" Al got cut off.

"Al really its fine I think they are putting me on desk duty anyway no more field research unless absolutely necessary," Ed put his hands behind his head smirking, "And besides, I don't have to worry about being Mustangs lap dog."

"Brother he's not that bad," Al tried to reason with the other blonde.

"What ever Al," Ed shrugged keeping his face neutral.

-Next Morning-

"WHAT?" came the shout echoing down the halls, soldiers stopping what they were doing looking around and down the hall to the door with the words of Major General Roy Mustang transcribed upon it. Behind those doors stood an enraged blonde and a calm looking dark haired man behind a desk.

"I'm sorry Fullmetal, but that's just how these things happen," Roy explained flippantly.

"The hell," Ed slammed his fist onto the wooden desk, "You did this."

"Is working under me really that horrible," The man's voice sounded almost empty.

Ed's shoulder's fell slightly, "No Sir."

"Good," his tone was light again, "Get going, Hawkeye will get you your new uniform, and we'll see you bright and early tomorrow."

"What-" Ed was going to start a rant on the uniform, but Roy waved him out and turned his chair around signifying the conversation over. The blonde stormed out of the office surprising two hunched forms known as Fury, and Havoc. "Enjoying the show," Ed growled slamming the door. The two stood at attention saluting, Fury spoke first (or tried), "I- um I mean, no, Ed? Sir?"

"Come on Ed, you cant honestly make that much noise and not expect someone to ease drop," Havoc grinned and somehow and still talked around the cigarette in his mouth.

"God would you guys put your hands down you creeping me out," Ed finally sighed rubbing his four head, "Where is Lieutenant Hawkeye?"

"Well Major Elric--" "She's down the hall," Havoc thumbed over his shoulder interrupting Fury.

"Right, see you guys later," Ed half waved heading down the hall.

"Hey Edward, can't wait to see you in regulation blue," Havoc yelled back to him smiling wide as Ed gave him a death glare.

Cutting his losses he just continued walking. He found Hawkeye filing out some papers, "Um Lieutenant?" "Oh hello Edward," the blonde woman smiled slightly.

"The Colon- um I mean Gener-,"Ed stumbled over the foreign title, "Ah Hell, Mustang said to see you about my new uniform."

"Yes, and I'm sure you're ecstatic about aren't you Edward?" She smiled.

He could have sworn she was teasing him but he couldn't help but let out a small laugh, "You know me all to well Lieutenant."

-The next day-

Ed showed up to HQ hair pulled back into a pony-tail, and the still fairly stiff blue uniform covering his body. Elric made his way up into the offices keeping his gaze from the other officers and soldiers in the halls. The ones who had been there long enough to know of the Fullmetal Alchemist knew this sight had to of been a sign of the second coming, for the old blatant disregard for the military that was shown with the red trench coat and black clothes. Then for him to now be wearing military issue was a shock to see the blonde in blue.

Edward made his way down to the door that held Mustang's name, holding the knob with a gloved hand taking a deep breath he entered the room. Everyone in the office was around the major general's desk, and they paid him no head till he closed the door. Fulman, Bereda, Furry, and it was Havoc that started the catcalls. "Well Heeeello," Jean smirked leaning back in his chair.

"Now doesn't someone look dashing in their little uniform," Bereda grinned elbowing Fulman in the side. Furry didn't say anything but he couldn't help but stifle a laugh.

At this point Ed was just about to explode till Roy spoke, "I don't know but I think it fits Fullmetal rather nicely." Mustang said evenly but the slight smirk caused the blonde's stomach to drop. Ed felt his face burn a little, and then he made fists at his side looking at the only place that was safe, the floor.

"Oh come on Major General," Havoc began flippantly, "You've always been partial to blonde's."

Roy raised an eyebrow a slight frown on his lips, "Is that so Havoc, well since I'm so gone on blonde's then I guess you wont mind filing out all my back paper work," he paused as Jean's jaw dropped slightly, "Later tonight."

"Major General, but-" Havoc began but Riza interrupted grabbing havoc's arm guiding the chain-smoking blonde out of the room, "Maybe you'll keep your mouth shut next time." The other three followed after the Lieutenant laughing about how jean needs to think before he talks.

A minute after the group had left Roy broke the silence, "Have a seat Fullmetal." Ed walked the length of the office taking the chair across from Roy's desk, and quite fell upon them again.

But the silence was making Ed uncomfortable, looking up meeting the man's gaze defensively, "Are you going to make your comments about the uniform now that the others aren't listening, or what?"

Roy laughed a little, "Come on Ed, I said what I wanted about that already, you just need to relax a little."

"Whatever, so what are you going to tell me then?" Ed kept his voice in check but still held a snap.

"Just that I'm glad you decided to rejoin, and that your office is the one two doors down the hall from here, and it has everything you'll need," Roy said evenly straightening the papers on his desk.

Ed got the feeling that the conversation was over and he stood to leave getting all the way to the door before Mustang spoke again. "And Edward the uniform does look good, it's just a shame it took you so long to wear it," Roy leaned back in his chair, "It suites you." Ed felt his face heat a little again, not saying anything he left the office muttering under his breath 'bastard'.

The rest of the day went by with out anything really happening, and Ed stayed in his office doing research, and paper work. He did have to admit it was nice to stay in a air conditioned building instead of wandering round in the heat, but he had a feeling he was going to end up getting tired of this. Around 7 o'clock havoc poked his head in Ed's unimpressive office.

"So Edward, how was your day?" The blonde asked taking a seat on the edge of Ed's desk picking up a research book thumbing threw it.

"I guess it was fine, except for this morning," Ed stood snatching the book from Havoc's hands putting it back on the book case.

"Yeah sorry about that, it was just in good fun you know that," Jean sighed scratching the back of his head, "The Major General already tore me a new one over it." That made Ed confused but he just gave a indifferent grunt as he put the books back from his desk, "Anyway we're going to a bar tonight you wanna come?"

"But I'm not old enough to drink," Ed pointed out evenly.

"Eh you're military and that's good enough for this bar," Havoc stood grinning, "Come on Ed."

"I don't know," The blonde began slowly. "Oh come on you don't even have to drink just come out with us," Havoc smiled grabbing Ed's arm dragging him out of the office.

"Fine Havoc I'll come, just let me go," Ed jerked out of the mans grip following behind him.

When they passed Mustangs office Ed was reminded, "Hey didn't you have to do paper work for the Major General?" They rounded a corner, but Ed stopped when he heard a door open and close behind him Roy was coming out of his office.

Havoc kept talking, "I told you he had a thing for blondes." He laughed and kept walking.

Ed watched Mustang, till he met his gaze feeling his stomach drop a little he ran to catch up with Havoc. "You know what I think I will have a drink tonight," Ed tried to sound joking but feared it didn't come out right.

"Alright my little guy, is growing up so fast," Jean over exaggerated throwing his arm over the blonde's shoulders.

"Are you calling me short Havoc?" Ed asked darkly

"Oh now Ed you know that's not what I meant," Havoc held his hands up defensively.

-at the bar-

Ed was still nursing his first drink and the others had to of been on their fifth or so the effect to be clearly seen in Fury who was half passed out and Fulman who was looking a little out of it while Bereda was telling him jokes. Ed who was sitting by Havoc who still seemed rather with it was talking about how he wished he had a girlfriend. Though Edward got tired of that topic decided to change the course of the conversation, "So Havoc I really haven't gotten the full story yet, but what happened after I disappeared?"

"Huh?" the man looked confused but realization hit him, "Oh yeah, um well after you left um the Colonel got busted down the ranks, and he got reassigned to a far north post manning a station that hasn't had anyone there in years." Ed frowned but still listened, "He was a mess after you left, but he didn't fight it and he stood his post believing you would come back." Ed looked to Havoc, "You see he waited and waited, he never gave up that you weren't dead, just missing." The blonde downed the rest of his drink, and Ed just turned his glass watching the liquid turn. "He even refused to use alchemy, I swear there was nothing sadder then seeing him use matches."

Edward couldn't understand Roy was that bad off, but he seemed fine now silence fell over them. Havoc bumped into him, he was swaying a little, apparently his alcohol was catching up with him. "I cant believe Mustang let you out of that paper work," Edward said a little louder then he meant.

"Yeah but Hawkeye helped me earlier so he couldn't hold me," Jean laughed, "But he saw her helping me, but he didn't say anything."

"Yes well I cant believe that, if it was me he would have hovered over me till I did it all myself," Ed grumbled.

"Yeah but that's only cause he likes you," Havoc chuckled almost nodding off a bit.

"Wait what?" Ed's voice caught a bit by shock.

"Yeah though he hasn't admitted it, but I've seen how he treats you and he's always been rather protective of you," he smiled rubbing his eyes, "And plus he just keeps talking about you, I was so thankful that you reinstated, or else I would have had to drag you back myself to get him to shut up."

"Sure Havoc, I think you have had just enough to drink you're delusional," Ed stood guiding the blonde man upright.

"I am not del- delus- what ever you said," Jean said in drunken defiance.

"Ok Jean what ever you say, lets get you guys to a cab," Ed sighed pulling the other three guys after him.

After getting the guys into a cab, Ed headed to his apartment Havocs drunken rants swimming in his head. He knew they had to just be ridiculous Havoc didn't know what he was talking about he was just drunk, and when people are drunk they just talk to much. But why couldn't he just stop thinking about it then?


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