When ed got home he couldn't help but feel slightly happy, but tried to keep himself from thinking about it to much cause he knew he would just talk himself out of the whole situation. Walking through the door thinking about what Roy had said about wanting to do more, and he could feel his stomach tighten at the thought. Grinning he closed the door locking it, and then came the concerned annoyed voice, "Brother." Edward hunched at hearing his brothers voice, what time was it anyway? shouldn't he have been in bed? "Where were you?" Al asked a little more forcefully.

"Aww you waited up for me.." Ed tried joking, but Alphonse shot another question, "And where is your jacket?"

"My jacket?" the blonde gave a confused look reaching for his shirt, "What are you talking about, it's…" grabbing his white dress shirt, "Um huh, I must have left it in the office."

Al raised an eyebrow, "Ok but why were you out so late this time?"

"I was talking to Mustang," Edward said trying to keep his tone neutral.

"It's almost 2 in the morning…" Al began.

"You're right it is and if I'm going to get up in the morning then I need to get to bed," the blonde moved smoothly through the room, "Good night Al."

He smiled to the younger boy before making his way into his room. Leaning against the door he could hear Al stomp off to his room closing the door a little harder then necessary. "Sorry Al," Ed whispered making his way to the lone bed in the room. The last thing Edward thought about before falling off to sleep was, his jacket was on Roy's office floor. He just prayed that Mustang wasn't so drunk as to not notice the blue coat.

That morning Ed was late he slept in far to long, and rushed getting dressed happy that he had more then just one uniform. He hurriedly drank a glass of juice, buttoning up his jacket. "Why didn't you get me up Al?" Ed asked running back to his room to get his pocket watch.

The younger boy just sat at the table reading the paper ignoring his older brother. Quickly going over everything he needed mentally checking off, "Alright I'll be home later tonight.."

"Yeah how late this time brother," Al asked annoyance lacing his words.

"Huh," Ed paused finally looking to his brother, "What's the matter Al?"

"Nothing, have a good day," Al pointedly raised the paper again cutting off Ed's sight of him.

Sighing Edward made his way to the door, "We'll talk when I get home." he barley made out a grunt from behind the paper. What was eating Al? Ed's thoughts now laid on his little brother was he mad cause Ed was getting home late? It was only twice in the past week, sighing Ed knew the reason why Al was upset. It was cause Al knew he was hiding something, Al always knew when he was hiding things why would this time be any different. Edward just hoped he could keep Al at bay long enough for him to figure out what was going on.

When Ed got to HQ he made his way in avoiding as may people as he could, he didn't feel like getting a talking to from Riza or anyone else for that matter. When he got into his office he notice something on his desk. When he got closer he realized it was his jacket, laughing a little to himself he picked it up to go hang it on the coat hook on the wall, but a note fell from the folded cloth.


Figured you would want this back, since trying to answer questions about

why I had a jacket far to small for me in my office wouldn't be a prudent course

of action. You might want to make sure you have all your clothes next time, or

just have less to keep track of.

Ed couldn't help but blush at the last part of the note, but then again he couldn't fully ignore the 'small' comment. Shaking his head shoving the note into his pocket he hung up the coat and went back to his desk. He sat there at his desk trying to work but he couldn't focus on the tasks in front of him, his mind kept drifting from last night. Edward couldn't help but grin at how his stomach flipped when he thought about how Mustang touched him. He was lost in thought and all but fell out of his chair when his phone rang. Letting it ring for a second till he calmed himself he answered, "Elric."

"What's the matter Edward, did you still not get enough sleep this morning?" Roy obviously couldn't help but provoke the blonde.

"What do you want Mustang?" Ed snapped a bit.

"Come to my office," Roy ordered hanging up the phone.

He had to of been messing with him, half wanting and half hesitating he forced himself up and out of his office. He bit his lip as he made his way down the hall to Mustang's office. Knocking he waited for Roy to call him in, but he didn't he was going to knock again but Roy finally decided to call him in. Annoyed he walked into the office, "What the hell you call me over here and then you don't answer the door." Ed shouted at the man behind his desk.

"Why get so angry Fullmetal," Roy smirked watching the young man.

"Why play games?" Ed snapped.

"Fine no games," The brunette threw up his hands.

Ed was now confused and angry, "What are you playing at Mustang?"

"Nothing I assure you Fullmetal," Roy folded his hands on the desk, "Sit down Edward."

Exasperated by this point he sat hard on the chair, "What do you want." He demanded thoughts of last night forgotten, all he wanted to do now was punch the man in front of him.

"You," he smirked as he saw the blush move to the blonde's cheeks, and saw him make it even more of a point not to look at the man frowning more.

"Well aren't you a romantic, I'm leaving," Edwards said sharply getting out of the chair. He heard Roy move out from behind his desk, and tried to move faster to the door, just as he opened it Roy closed it. "Let me out Mustang," Ed's voice was dangerously low.

"You don't want to leave Edward," Roy's voice was low almost a whisper.

Ed didn't say anything, but the man's hand moved up barely touching, tracing the angle of the blonde's jaw feeling Edward shiver slightly. Ed didn't want to turn around he was mad at this mind fucking man, and if he turned around Ed wouldn't be able to keep the anger. The hand moved the collar down exposing the white skin, Ed shut his eyes hard as he felt warm breath closer to his skin.

"You get to mad to fast Edward," Roy whispered his lips ghosting the exposed flesh. Ed couldn't help but let out a small gasp gripping the door knob tighter, as the lips pressed firmly against his neck sucking and nipping softly. Roy's hand against the door moved down to join Ed's on the knob turning the lock. Grabbing Edward's hand he spun the blonde around pressing him against the door, "Why wont you look at me Edward?" Ed didn't answer keeping his eyes shut.

"Because I'm angry with you," He tried to sound forceful but it came out weaker then he wanted.

"I don't think you are that angry, but if it makes you feel better don't open them then," Roy smirked opening the boys jacket, and un-tucking the white shirt. Ed bit his lips as Roy's hand moved under the material rubbing against the flat of his stomach up to his chest thumb rubbing over his nipple. Mustang moved closer to the blonde pressing his body flush against the other pressing his thigh between Edward's legs. Ed couldn't hold back the low moan that passed his lips or the movement of his hips, Roy's hands moved to the blonde's hips guiding the boy's movements.

The only noises to be heard in the room was Ed's panting and an occasional moan from Mustang when Ed's leg brushed against his own need. It was getting to be to much for Ed his right hand clutched the door knob again, and his other clutched Roy's shoulder as he moved more franticly against he man. Roy tightened his grip on Edwards hips bring the blonde harder against him watching the boy's mouth open trying to take in more air, and watched his eyes screw shut tighter his cheeks tinted red. Roy couldn't think of anything more beautiful then the blonde in front of him. With in seconds Edward whispered Roy's name as he came tossing his head back against the door. After a moment when it looked as if Ed could stand on his own legs again did Roy move from him.

Ed grabbed the man's jacket pulling him back catching the man's mouth with his own, his hands quickly working on Roy's jacket pulling his shirt out, he began work on the man's pants. Opening, and pushing them down slightly with the man's underwear as well, Ed gripped Roy's hard member giving him a strong pull. Roy pulled from the blonde's mouth hands supporting himself against the door in front of the boy. Ed moved his hand quickly over Roy not giving the man a chance to think about anything. Ed moved his metal hand under the man's shirt causing his to gasp and ed heard him utter something like 'cold', and Edward just smiled focusing on what he was doing. Soon Roy was meeting Ed's strokes thrusting into his hand, his breathing was becoming more labored. Ed tightened his grip causing more friction just made the man move faster in the hand. Ed felt the man's movements become frantic, he came spilling over Ed's hand breathing hard shaking a little to keep from collapsing onto the blonde.

Roy opened his eyes, looking to the golden gaze leaning in he placed a tired chaste kiss on Edward's lips. Grinning Ed wiped his hand on Roy's shirt and did his pants back up, "Well why should I be the only one having to go the rest of the day with damp clothes." Ed smirked when he noticed the look Roy gave him after noticing the wetness on his shirt. Roy smiled bending in for another kiss this time a little more intense. Though their kiss was interrupted by a knocking on the door, quickly the two buttoned their jackets.

Ed grabbed a book off of a stand held it in front of himself, as Roy moved back behind his desk. When the knock was heard again Roy nodded and Ed opened the door , "Of course." Ed sighed annoyed moving around the smoking blonde.

"What did I do now?" Havoc asked entering the office.

Roy just shrugged, "What do you want Havoc?" Roy asked rather agitated himself.

"God did everyone around here wake up in a bad mood or what?" Jean sighed not sure he really wanted to talk with the Major General now.


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