Well this is it… I'm here…"

Hinata had finaly came to Naruto's house. After that evening she had spent with him, he had invited her over one of these days and today was the day. She stopped infont of the door and was really nervous. Thoughts rushed through her head as she was about to knock. She thought about her tears, Naruto's tears and that sweet kiss he had given her. She blushed at that thought, but this was it, she was here now…

She lightly tapped at the door and almost simultaneously, the door swung opne. There stood Naruto with a noodle hanging out of his mouth. He blushed slightly and slurped back the noodle.

"Did I catch you at a bad time?" asked Hinata.

"Not at all…" said Naruto rubbing the back of his head awkwardly "… I just had a late lunch is all… you're right in time Hinata.

"Okay…" she said blushing.

"So um… come on in!"

Naruto held the door open for Hinata and closed it gently behind her as she walked in. Hinata looked around.

"Sorry about the mess…" said Naruto smirking.

"That's… okay" said Hinata sweatdropping.

Hinata knew that Naruto was disorganized but never thought that his house was this messy. IN her head, she had no trouble with it, she thought it was charming.

"Seriously, I knew you were coming… I should have cleaned up…" said Naruto with a regretful tone.

"Seriously Naruto… it's okay, how about I help you clean?"

"No way! I could never ask you to do that Hinata…"

"You don't have to ask, I'm offering! So… where do we start?"

Hinata went up the hall and started to tidy up some study scrolls. Naruto wondered why he never saw Hinata this way before. After that evening, he had never stopped thinking about her. He had never looked at Hinata in that way before and really struggled with the thought. She was so sweet and kind and she must in some way share deep pain like him, plus it helped that she was really cute too. He blushed at that thought and ran up the hall to help her…

"Heh! Thanks Hinata, I really appreciate… WHOA!" with a bang and a boom, Naruto tripped over a pair of pants and landed flat on his face. "Ow…"

"Oh my goodness! Naruto, are you okay?" said HInata bending down to help him.

Naruto got up weakly, shook his head vigorously and grinned widely at Hinata with that big goofy smile he always has.

"Heh, heh! I'm clumsy today, aren't I?"

Hinata smiled sweetly and giggled softly. Naruto looked at her warmly and said something that he just couldn't hold back.

"Can I tell you something HInata?"

"Um… sure…"

"You look really cute today…" he smiled

She blushed really hard.

"Um… uh… thank… you…" She was tripping over her sentence and was super red in the face.

"Heh, you know…" said Naruto getting upright "… you don't have to be so embarrassed around me, otherwise I'll start blushing too…" he smiled.

"Hm…" she giggled "Okay… I'll try…" she blushed one last time and after that, she stopped because she was beginning to be really comfortable with him. They spent all afternoon cleaning, laughing and having a really fun time with each other.

Around & o'clock, they were sitting on the floor under a window looking at an old class picture.

"Heh, heh, what a class we were!" said Naruto.

"Hm… yeah. Oh look at Kiba and Shino!"

"Ha! Kiba made Akamaru take the picture too!"

"Yeah. Look at Sakura and Ino! You can almost feel the electricity of the glare that they're giving each other."

"And look at that Sasuke in the middle of them! He thinks he's so special that smug…"

"Naruto… you shouldn't talk about your teammate like that, but…"

"Huh? But what…"

"Well I wasn't like the other girls… I never had a crush on him…"

"Well, who did you have a crush on?"

"What? What makes you think that I had a crush on anyone?"

"Well I don't know… you seem to be getting awfully flustered for someone who never had a crush on anyone…"

"Well… if you really want to know…"

"Yes…" said Naruto getting interested. He was happy to hear that she never had a crush on Sasuke, but he was even more interested to hear who she really did have a crush on. He was mentally crossing his fingers that it was him. His sudden change in feelings towards her was making him really want to ask her to be his girlfriend. He payed even closer attention when she began to speak.

"Okay… well, back in school I had the biggest crush on… well… it was… you…" she blushed and smiled sweetly at him. Now he began to blush.

"Um…" he said flustered "so…, do you… well what I mean is… who, do you like now?"

"Hn… well, it's… you, obviously…" she looked down.

Angels began to sing in Naruto's ears. Yes! She liked him back, she still liked him! He got up, knelt down infront of her and took her hands into his. He was smiling softly and looked Hinata directly in the eyes. He was blushing slightly and he had small tears in his eyes. Hinata looked at him blushing as well. Naruto gulped and Hinata was unaware about that bomb that he was about to drop.

"Um… Hinata…"

"Uh… yes?"

"I just wanted to tell you that…" he gripped her hands tighter and blushed harder. "… well Hinata… after getting to know you, and after seeing how well you make me feel about myself I just think that it's only right for me to ask well um to… well… Hinata, where there was and empty part of me and where I was so distanced from anyone else, you've filled that part of me and pulled me back to where I think I belong and well Hinata… I feel like I belong… with you. Hinata will, you be my girlfriend?"

The red on both their faces were the equivalent of a tomato painted red with a sunburn.

"Naruto, I…" started Hinata "I'm glad that I can be all of those things for you…" tears started in her eyes. "You were all of those things for me too… you are like a ray of sunshine to me… you're one of the only things that make me happy and so… Naruto… I'd be honored to be your girlfriend." Tears of joy rolled down her face as did Naruto. Naruto reached out a hand to wipe Hinata's tears.

"We really have to stop crying like we do… we'll be water logged by the end of the day…"

Hinata giggled and then Naruto looked her straight in the eyes. Hinata knew what was coming next and she was happy to accept it. Naruto kissed her sweetly on the lips and she gladly kissed him back. At least this time it was a kiss of love and happiness and in both their minds they were hoping there would be a lot more in the future…

S.Z.- lol well this was an unexpected second chapter for everflowing tears that my best friend begged me to write, so I did. It's a bit happier and fluffier than the first chapter but I mean come on, these two sweethearts need a happy ending somewhere right? Hope you've enjoyed!