Meet the Team 7

Chapter three: Life goes back to normal

The next day, training was on. They had been training rigorously all morning and it was finally time for lunch. Kakashi was gone for a little while and he had left his students to eat. Sakura and Naruto were eating lunch together while Sakura appeared to have taken off just like Kakashi. It was silent fro the longest time when Sakura broke the silence…


"Huh? What?"

"I wanted to apologize for yesterday."

"What do you mean?"

"/is that all you can say when I talk damn it?"/ I guess… well… I'll tell you the truth: When I saw how happy you were with Hinata and how sweet you were I have to admit I was a little jealous. I actually regretted how much like trash I used to treat you. Believe me, I'm still sorry for that but I'm not jealous anymore. I'm happy for you Naruto."

Naruto didn't know what to say over the speech… what do you say to something like that?

"Um… thanks Sakura. I'm glad that I have your blessing."

"Heh! Like Kakashi-sensei said: You're team is like your family. You have my blessing, his blessing but that still leaves…"

"Augh! Sasuke!"

Sakura giggled at this.

Lunch passed and Kakashi came back, yet Sasuke still hadn't returned. Where was he?

"Naruto" said Kakashi "I think you should go look for Sasuke…"

"I don't think so sensei, he might try to kill me!"

"He's not that bad Naruto" said Kakashi smiling through his mask "Now go and look for him… you little ninja you…"

Naruto went off in the woods, thinking his sensei was acting odd, to look for Sasuke.

"Sasuke! Sasuke! God, I sound like Sakura. Sasuke! Where did you go?" called out Naruto.

I'm right here you idiot…"

"Huh?" Naruto turned to see Sasuke emerge from behind a tree. "What happened to you?"


"Say something!"

"How can you be happy with her when there was a person suffering just like you right in front of you?"


"You heard me! Naruto… you're alone… I'm alone… why…"

"Maybe the fact that you always called me names and said that you hated me!"

"I never hated you! I… well, I…"

"Well if you never hated me, then why did you always make it seem that way?"

"I was afraid! Don't look at me like that, I was. I was afraid that if I got close to anyone it would jeopardize me and my mission! The truth is… I was alone and I still am. I saw you alone like me and I guess that overtime it kind of formed into an attraction towards you… I guess it was false comfort but, not to me… no…"

"Sasuke I… well it's too late now. Hinata was the first one to ever give me the time of day as an equal. She made me feel important and I do the same for her… I'm not about to give all of that up for you…"

"I understand that… I made a stupid mistake and…"



"That doesn't mean that I still can't be there for you when you feel alone. Kakashi-sensei told me: agnolige them as you would have wanted… that way we'll avoid more neglect and pain. I think that I'm starting to understand what he meant. Your team is like your family and a family is supposed to be there for each other so Sasuke… you're not alone and whenever you need something to hold onto, we're all here for you… and that's not false comfort…"

Sasuke didn't say a word. He walked over to Naruto and stood about and inch away from his face. Naruto stood there… unflinching.

"Thank you… but before we move on and forget about all this, do one last thing for me…"

"What?" asked the blonde.

Sasuke leaned in and gently kissed his teammate, and to his dismay, his teammate actually slightly kissed him back. They pulled apart and in complete silence walked back to the training grounds. Although, the silence wasn't awkward… there was an air of warmth and comfort… And even though no words were said there was absolute closure…

It was another day off and Naruto and Hinata were spending the day together. They were watching the clouds.

"So Naruto…" asked Hinata "How has it been ever since your team found out I was your girlfriend?"

"Well Kakashi-sensei gave us his blessing from the start and Sakura after a while. Heh… even Sasuke gave us his blessing… with some convincing, but it's all good now…"

"I'm glad Naruto… you know, you make me feel really special"

"And you do the same for me…"

Thank you Hinata thought Naruto and you Kakashi-sensei for setting things straight. It did start out rocky but it looks like life is getting a lot better, and it doesn't matter how much anyone hates me or appears to, I'll never take anyone for granted again…

Naruto smiled to himself and leaned in to give Hinata a light kiss on the cheek. They cuddled closer and continued looking at the clouds gently floating along the sky…


S.Z.: Well what did you guys think of this one? I hope it was a good sequel and I hope you guys enjoyed. Thanks for reading!