Ramen & Rice


"It's true…"

"Where is she?"

"By the river…"

"Take Akamaru! I'm gonna go find her!"

And off he went to his teammate's aid.

Disturbed from a deep sleep that night, Kiba had ripped through the sheets, down the stairs to open the door that had vigorous knocking on the outside. Kiba flund it open to witness a none-to-traditional out of breath Shino who seemed worried. According to his story, he had seen Hinata by the river about to do something oh too fatal. Kiba hearing this paid no attention that he was only wearing shorts. He quickly pulled on his shoes and fluffy jacket and ran straight out the door… No other thoughts crossed his mind as he was running, only to save Hinata from doing this/Just wait till I get there Hinata/ he thought /I'll save you from whatever it is that forced you to do this/

Kiba arrived to the clearing around the river to find no one. /No, I couldn't be too late, I just couldn't/. Surrounded in an erray of emotion, Kiba collapsed on his knees in shock. He didn't know what to think or say or do. Why did he lose his teammate to this? Something that could have been prevented so… why?

"See…" said a calm voice behind him.

"Huh?" said Kiba turning around quickly, only to find an extremely calm Shino standing there.

"I knew it…"

"Knew what? And why aren't you upset? Hinata just killed herself!" tears began to appear.

"I lied, haven't you figured that out by now?"


"You always refuse to listen to me, so I did this to make you see for yourself… you love Hinata…"

"What?" Kiba fell into a fit of rage and punched the bug boy in the stomach making him fall to his knees. "You Bastard! Why the hell would you do something like that? WHY?" He yelled it at the top of his lungs and blurted it out with tears flying everywhere. Kiba was furious, not once in his life had he experienced, worry, anxiety, mourning and fury all in the matter of 15 minutes.

"Open your eyes…" said Shino holding his stomach "You jumped to help her without even thinking or asking questions… you love her…"

"Rrrrrrr…" growled Kiba trying to hold back his tears. "it still didn't give you the right to do something as low as this! Hinata is my teammate, of course I jumped to save her, it doesn't mean that I love her!"

He turned and began to walk home. He was discusted with the way Shino had acted. What if Hinata really had died. Never again would he train with her, never again would he fight by her side, never again would he protect her, console her, hold her when she cried, wipe her tears, see her face… her eyes, those pure beautiful eyes. What? Kiba came to his senses… scratch that last thing, he didn't think it… he didn't mean it…

He kept walking towards his home, beginning to shiver from his rushed outfit. Why were his thoughts always running back to the same thing? The image of Hinata's pure and sweet face kept rushing infront of his eyes. Why was there a knot in his stomach? Why did it feel like someone was grasping his heart like it was gonna burst? He began to become dizzy with all of the emotions. He made himself believe that it was only because he was tired and did his best to ignore the feelings…

He got home, went up the stairs and off to his room. He plopped on the bed and fell asleep instantly but only to have a very sweet dream about his blue haired teammate…