The next day was just as humid as the last if not more. Today the sky was darkening with grey clouds, which gave all the more reason for Shikamaru to go outside and watch them. He went back to his usual hillside tree.

"I knew you'd be here…"

"Huh?" said Shikamaru looking around the tree trunk. It was Ino once again. "Ino, um… hi"

"Hello Shikamaru…"

There was an awkward silence that fell between the two.

"Finish it…" said Ino.

"Huh?" replied Shikamaru.

"Finish what you were saying to me yesterday. And you what…"

Again, Shikamaru knew what he wanted to say, but he couldn't possibly say it…

"I… I…"

The clouds started to roll in and it got even darker. Ino could see that Shikamaru was blushing hard and was having a tough time saying what he wanted to say.

"Please tell me Shikamaru… I want to know…"

"Listen, it may have only really hit me like two days ago, I think it's always kind of been there all along for me but Ino… I…"

The thunder crashed and the rain started to poor. It sent a chill down both their spines but they didn't care after that.

"Ino, I… really, really care about you… a lot."

"Oh Shikamaru!"

Ino threw her arms around Shikamaru's neck. The dark haired Shinobi was stunned. He had no idea how to react to the sudden embrace.

"Ino? But I thought… what about…"

"Sasuke? Do you know where he was going that day I was following him?"


"He was going to Naruto's house, and well… you don't wanna know why…"


"Heh, heh… shut up Shikamaru."

And with that, Ino gently kissed Shikamaru's lips. Together finaly, alone in the rain, unaware of what crazy thing they might get into next…


S.Z note: lol I'm really proud that I've actually finished something for once! I don't know how good this story is or what, but I had fun making it and it's actually finished! Lol. Anyway, I hope you guys have enjoyed this story! Thanks for reading!