2 Years Ago…

Dark, damp and evil – that's how this particular underground shrine-like cavern would be described as. Ancient would be another word to describe it. The air within the cavern was stale and old, and all around it; scribbled on the walls; were words written in Latin – many of which were warnings placed there long ago to ward off anyone who got too curious. It was also warm and getting warmer by the minute.

The soft murmurings of someone could be heard echoing around the cavern walls. A dark figure stood at a alter, reading from an ancient tome. Before him on the floor was a strange circular symbol, which had began to glow orange when the figure had started reading. With each word of Latin the figure spoke, the glow grew more intense and the cavern's temperature rose.

As the figure spoke the last word, flames erupted from the symbol and burst upwards towards the ceiling. Gradually a dark figure formed in the flames and two eyes wreathed in flames stared out and locked onto the cloaked figure at the alter.

"Who dare summons me?" a voice bellowed from the flames.

"My lord, your followers have news" the cloaked figure exclaimed, kneeling before the figure engulfed in flames. "A powerful child. Born to a Charmed one!"

"The Twice Blessed one…" the voice responded, a hint of excitement in it's tone.

"Yes Sire."

"Very good – Evil will soon have the upper hand once more. Come we must prepare!" With that the flames receded and the now black cavern was filled with a bone-chilling and blood-curdling laughter.