Part 3 - Attack

Inside the ancient cavern; the same ancient cavern that an evil was awakened two years ago; a cloaked figure knelt before a figure wreathed in flame.

"Our plan is working perfectly Sire," the cloaked figure spoke, keeping his head lowered to show respect.

"Indeed" the deep growling voice echoed around the ancient walls.

The cloaked figure rose and looked into the eyes of his 'lord'. "Soon, Sire, you will have enough power to take on a coperal form."

"Yes, but for now I must make do with what tools I already have at my disposal."

No sooner had those words been spoken, a group of demons entered the cavern. With them they dragged a struggling figure.

"No please...let me go..." the man cried in panic.

"You do not have a say in this" the flaming figure snarled, moving quickly to the man's side.

"I..I..I won't let you control me again!"

The flaming figure let out a bark of evil laughter, finding the sudden show of defiance amusing.

"You can not stop me Damien."

Damien Carter's eyes widened as the figure dissipated before him and a stream of flames entered his body through his eyes. After a brief inner struggle, Damien's eyes flashed into flames and he smirked evilly.

"No one can stop me!"


"I can't believe that with the future knowledge of this happening that we're no closer to finding out, then when we were months ago!" Phoebe said, after Paige filled her in on the situation at Magic School.

"I know," Paige sighed, "either we're really bad at this or this is one smart demon."

"How's Piper taking it?"

"Err we haven't told her yet!" Paige said with a grimace. "What? Don't look at me like that - Leo and Chris think it'll be too much for her to take in her condition."

Phoebe smiled. "Oh right - but we better come up with something soon...she'll be on our case about it otherwise."

Paige nodded grimly and then her eyes went wide and she looked at Phoebe in shock.

"Oh my god...something's happened at Magic School!"


Paige and Phoebe orbed into Magic School and were greeted by utter chaos. Students and teachers were fighting a group of demons and darklighters.

"What the hell!" Phoebe gasped.

After a brief glance, they spotted Chris and Piper acroos the room - mother and son working in tandem to blow up and TK demons and darklighters. Just to the side of them, Leo was doing his best to protect Wyatt, who had his shield up.

"Arrow!" Paige cried, noticing a darklighter fire upon Chris and Piper.

Suddenly, as if they were given a signal, all the demons and darklighters shimmered/black orbed out of the school.

"What the hell was that all about!" Piper's angry voice echoed around the room.


"But I thought this place was protected?" Phoebe said.

Gideon sighed in frustration. "It is...or it was. I don't understand how this could happen."

"Well we know why it happened," Leo said, earning everyone's attention, "they were after Wyatt!"

"Which means the demon that turns him has surfaced" Chris added, grimly.

"Or is about to" Paige mumbled.

"Well I'm not staying here then!" Piper snapped.

"Piper..." Leo began.

"Don't you 'Piper' me! You said I should stay here! You said me, Wyatt and the baby" at that Chris pulled a face, "would be safe here!"

"You are perfectly safe here Piper," Gideon said assuredly.

"Like hell I am! If these low level demons and darklighters can get passed your 'defences', then how are you going to stop a more powerful demon!"

"I assure you this will not happen again."

Piper glared at the Elder and opened her mouth to say something else but Leo stopped her.

"Piper please...give it another chance."

Piper sighed, "fine! But if there's one more incident, I'm out of here!"

With one last glare she stalked off down the hallway, closely followed by Leo and Wyatt.

"I will try to find out what went wrong" Gideon said, walking off towards his office.

"I still don't like him," Chris mused, once the Elder was out of sight.

"Why?" Phoebe asked.

"It's just a feeling...I dunno, maybe I'm just being paranoid"

Paige smiled. "That's probably it. I mean just look at who your mother is!"

Chris scowled at her and rolled his eyes.

"Anyway, I'm sure this was just a one time thing" Phoebe said hopefully.

"But what if it isn't?"

Paige rolled her eyes at her future nephew's comment. "Oh now you really are being paranoid!"

To Be Continued...