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Summary: This story shows the inception and creation of a division of UNIT seen in Sorcery, UNITed, Independence, Space. A quite long HP/UNIT story of mine, this has some events (from Sorcery) Chapter 11 onwards.

This is a totally separate story from anything else and can be read alone…

UNIT: Night Wolf – Beginnings

By Tangerine – Alert

Chapter 01 – Meetings

Brigadier Alistair Gordon Lethbridge Stewart walked along the quiet carpet of the United Nations in Geneva, he turned sharply at a junction and continued down a corridor through into the 'classified' section of the UN.

Classified as far as anyone who didn't know about it, didn't for good reason.

These were the halls, offices and records of the United Nations Intelligence Taskforce.

A technically secret organisation, which had some publicity in the past in order to 'preserve it's knowledge as a secret organisation' which in practise meant that you couldn't ring up UNIT or ask to join specifically, but some people knew, and conspiracy theorists had an inkling. 'Plausible Deniability' was another of those words that was thrown about whenever he had asked.

The Brigadier had spent some time recently in Geneva, so much so he and Doris shared a small villa near by rather than him commuting the distance in between meetings.

UNIT had recently been called in to assist with Britain's 'space freighter' experiment, it had been a series of rockets, manned and designed to go out to the asteroid belt and mine certain elements and return, unfortunately like the Mars missions not all went to plan.

The Brigadier hadn't been present but had received several reports from all that were in charge, another alien race to add to the UNIT encyclopaedia the Kraals.

The cleanup was already in progress with UNIT dealing with the more 'interesting' elements.

The Doctor and Sarah Jane Smith were also present…

The Brigadier hadn't personally seen or met the Doctor since the business with the Zygons and Loch Ness…

The Brigadier walked into the meeting confidently, he was there for an informal meeting with many of the 'high ups' of UNIT to discuss some of UNIT's long term goals and other related matters.

"Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart."

"Field Marshall, Generals, Admiral…" Lethbridge-Stewart nodded to those collected only stumbling slightly by the few people not in uniform.

"This is Professor Winter, Professor Wynne and Professor Moore." One of the generals indicated the two men and woman. "Please Brigadier sit, this is an in formal discussion…of UNIT's current operating structure…"

"Sir…" The Brigadier started.

"We all have security clearance Brigadier, I'm not actually sure what would happen if we weren't…" Professor Winter trailed off.

"Brigadier, you've been at the forefront of some of the most prominent alien incursions onto Earth in recent years, including one of the events that precluded UNIT's creation."

"Yes Sir."

"You've done admirably…"

"Sir? Is there…"

"We've asked you here, as the commander of UNIT UK to answer some honest questions about your scientific advisor known only as 'The Doctor', he's down on UNIT UK books as a Doctor John Smith."

"Yes sir…" The Brigadier said slowly, he had on many occasion personally vouched for the Doctor, but it hardly ever came to this, a closed doors 'informal' formal meeting.

"Don't look so panicked Brigadier." Another of the Generals said gruffly but with a smile. "We know the good that this Doctor has done for UNIT, for this planet…but what is your honest opinion of him now?"

The Brigadier had initially only ever written one report which went to UNIT in Geneva, where he reported most things, but left some details out, mainly about the Doctor's 'origins' but following the Styles/Peace conference event he was asked to prepare a second report detailing everything, the heads of UNIT were quite forgiving when they learnt everything.

About the Doctor's 'exile' to Earth by his own people and following the Omega incident his gaining of freedom, the Brigadier did feel in some ways he was betraying his old friend, but in others he knew that the Doctor wouldn't always be around, and wasn't always around to save the,

"I believe that the Doctor assists us whenever he happens to be passing through…however there have been incidents that UNIT has dealt with where the Doctor hasn't 'turned up' to assist us."

"Can he be guaranteed to come should we need him using this…'space time telegraph'?"

"The Doctor did come during the Loch Ness business."

"The genetically engineered creature that was able to swim up the Thames?"

The Brigadier nodded.

"Brigadier, are you aware of the destructive acts that the Doctor has committed whilst under the employ of UNIT?" Professor Moore asked looking down at her file.

The Brigadier paused for a second thinking.

"I'm sorry…could you explain…." The Brigadier eventually said.

"UNIT operates to protect humanity, however we have also been research other means, less than conventional means of battling, and operating…" One of the generals enlightened.

"As a result all results of alien incursions have been researched to develop more effective counter measures." The Brigadier found himself nodding along appreciatively.

"I take it you approve Brigadier?"

"Yes General, sounds like a good idea, I've met more than one bullet proof alien…" The Brig chuckled as did most of the military members.

"However, whilst you have encounter many of these alien incursions personally much of the offensive weaponry and devices appear to have been removed, destroyed and in some cases 'boiled out' I believe was the phrase you used in a report."

The Brigadier remember this, it was when the Master had first turned up, 'Too late Brigadier, I've boiled out the contents'.

"Yes…I do recall this…but…" The Brigadier was going to argue but stopped himself.

The rest of the meeting was spent discussing various personnel movements within UNIT and the army in general and various purchases made by UNIT throughout the various years, assembled did agree that more training was required amongst other things.


That meeting with one of UNIT's most experienced officers, together with many other confirming reports from UNIT offices in France, Australia and Russia convinced UNIT to pursue an idea which had been brewing ever since its formation and renewed during the Recovery 7 incident.

UNIT would fund and provide for a new division of UNIT, which would both be backed up by Broadsword, UNIT's intelligence division.

UNIT had tried this once before with the Paranormal division, but it had been too small in scale and no real application for defence of humankind.

This new division would be code named Night Wolf, a covert division within the already secret organisation.


Night Wolf started as a very small division with a handful of people going over the various ins and outs of UNIT's operation. People were moved from UNIT's R&D division to this new command of a Professor Wynne, who had once headed the advisory committee at UNIT Geneva.

The British government keen to move away from their costly venture into space exploration which had turned into what some namely the United States called a 'joke in space', leaving Britain red faced about the whole ordeal.

A disused and still secret base was located in the heart of the Scottish highlands and was large enough to contain an idea which the Mars Probes had started.


Slowly the British government was able to weed out the people within the government agency known as C-19, those who had been working against the UN and the British government to procure and develop alien technologies for private institutions.


Slowly but surely Night Wolf developed.

References throughout this story to televised Doctor Who stories:

The business with the Zygons and Loch Ness is from Terror of the Zygons

The Kraals are from The Android Invasion

Styles and the Peace conference are from events that took place in Day of the Daleks

The Doctor was exiled to Earth and first appeared in Spearhead from Space.

The Omega incident refers to The Three Doctors

The Space Time Telegraph first featured on screen at the end of Revenge of the Cybermen, and called the Doctor to Earth for the events of Terror of the Zygons

The quote 'Too late Brigadier, I've boiled out the contents' comes from Terror of the Autons, and refers to a bomb that the Doctor neutralized.

The Recovery 7 incident refers to The Ambassadors of Death.

C-19 was first mentioned in Time-Flight

References to original Doctor Who novels:

Broadsword are first mentioned in a Doctor Who New Adventures novel No Future By Paul Cornell

UNIT's Paranormal Division first appeared in Doctor Who New Adventures novel The Left Handed Hummingbird By Kate Orman

Future chapters won't be as reference heavy.

As stated at the top this is a semi-prequel, to Sorcery, UNITed, Independence, Space…

However this tracks the origins of UNIT: Night Wolf and is thus more of a Doctor Who/UNIT X Harry Potter crossover, seen from UNIT's perspective, which is totally separate from Sorcery…

Sorcery, UNITed, Independence, Space can be found in my profile, however if you want to just read the chapters in which UNIT: Night Wolf appears: see chapters: 11 – 16, 22 – 23, 27, 39 – 44, 46 – 48, 50 – 57.