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Chapter 46 – Endings and Beginnings

Birmingham walked through the corridors of Night Wolf Command with a particular spring in his step, couple of days he'd had off from work over Christmas had done him wonders, plus spending time with al the others outside out in the wilds had been refreshing.

Even returning to Night Wolf and finding out they had had a visitation by some aliens didn't dampen his spirit, it had been dealt with, they even had some tech that they could use.

Birmingham knocked gently before walking into the Brigadier's office the contented smile on his face dissolving slightly as he saw the Brigadier scowling at his mug of tea as though it had just proclaimed sentience and had decided to work with the Americans.

"Something the matter Brigadier?" Birmingham asked taking his regular seat opposite the Brigadier.

"Have you seen this?"

"Renwick's report?" Birmingham asked, he got an incomprehensible mutter from the Brigadier.

"Yes, I read it a couple of days ago." The Brigadier made another noise.

"What's annoying you Alistair…is it that we had aliens over Christmas…that Renwick encountered Iris Wildthyme or that he fired experimental weapons in the inner London tourist district."

"Why didn't he contact me?" Lethbridge Stewart asked taking a sip of the tea that he seemed to have warmed just through glaring at it.

"Because I ordered him not to."


"I told Renwick not to contact you unless we had a fully fledged alien invasion or hostile take over on our plates, defined by 3 or more small ships or 2 heavy cruisers." Birmingham said dismissively.

"What about the experimental weapons, and the bullets, in fact Birmingham did you see how many weapons Renwick used on his outing?"

"He was thorough…" Birmingham started and earned a glare from the Brigadier. "Perhaps I shouldn't have appointed our head of weapons research to be in charge of Night Wolf Command over the Christmas break." He said as an after thought.

"Yes…" Lethbridge Stewart started. "Next year if we both need some time off, perhaps we appoint someone else…Xeno-archaeology perhaps…"

"Maybe then they'll just discover something in the ground that's been sitting and waiting for thousands of years, waiting to come out…" Birmingham said the last part with growl.

"Very droll Birmingham, and should that happen you're assisting the clean up crew." Lethbridge Stewart said almost too seriously.

"I received a response from Ms Granger." Birmingham said after a moment.

"She's quick, when did you send it?"

"Yesterday. The CCTV shows her dropping the response in person to the PO box we use in London."

"Was she discreet?"

"She didn't apparate in front of the box if that's what you mean Brigadier, in fact I had our good friends at MI5 to do a track of her through the CCTV network."

The Brigadier raised an eyebrow.

"They didn't object to you commandeering them?"

"Considering I explained that their 'terrorist' on Christmas day was…dealt with, they were grateful…they tracked her movements back through to Baker street tube station, and then she appears to have started her journey in the Regent's Park."


"Most likely, all other possible entrances were covered, also as it was raining there yesterday and she had no means to keep herself dry, it's very likely."

"Did she tick all the boxes and sign on the dotted line?"

"Of course."

"Very well then. What's happening with the remanants of Christmas day?" Birmingham raised an eyebrow at Lethbridge Stewart's emphasis on remanants…admittedly Renwick's weapons hadn't left a lot…and that which hadn't been subjected to his experimental weapons systems had been riddled with bullets or battle scarred from ATR fire.

"Finished in quarantine this morning. The Iceland facility has already requested the parts identified as being part of a hydrogen power facility. They want it to improve their own work."

"For the UNSCS ship." Lethbridge Stewart said.

"Yes." Birmingham nodded.

"Fine, I'll contact UNIT Iceland for the transfer."

Birmingham nodded.

UNIT Iceland, or Sameinuðu þjóðirnar Vitsmunir Sérsveit Ísland was mainly a research facility, for power systems on board the UNIT vessels, in particular it focused on hydrogen power plants which they were looking at becoming part of the back up power supply for their space craft, they were of course now were also working with more emphasis now on the United Nations Space Core Ship…or the big jump gate construction ship that the Brigadier had 'given' to the UN…for more funding, more personell and various other things.

As Birmingham left Lethbridge Stewart 'dialled up' the communications channel for Sameinuðu þjóðirnar Vitsmunir Sérsveit Ísland (UNIT-Iceland), located in the outskirts of Egilsstaðir, a particularly calm area, bracing and very peaceful…and as long as they didn't make any big mistakes while conducting their research it should stay that way.


Birmingham drew in a breath of the cool air as he reappeared in Sorrento in Victoria, Australia, it had been some time since he'd needed to apparate such a distance, but with all their ships currently outside the solar system it was either apparate or fly…or alternatively tell Harry to get his phone connected.

Aside from dropping off his substantial collection of research he'd amassed during his research of his 'plan' Harry had been into Night Wolf in the 2 weeks following the end of Hogwarts. Birmingham could understand after such arduous schooling Harry would want to settle his life for a little.

Looking around and then pulling out a handheld computer he checked the map he had loaded onto it before leaving Night Wolf and started towards his destination.

Walking down the driveway towards the small two storey house Birmingham understood why Harry lived here rather than in what were most likely huge mansions in England that many old wizarding families held for various reasons ranging from political intimidation to boltholes in case of war.

Birmingham knocked firmly on the door looking to his right at the beach that the house backed onto, from here it appeared quite a private beach at that.

"Come in, it's unlocked!" Called a voice unmistakably Harry's from within the house.

Birmingham walked in noting the noise of the waves crashing was only offset by a radio station playing some where.

"I'm up here." Called Harry again.

"I would have thought you would be more concerned about people wondering into your…" Birmingham walked into the kitchen which opened out into a lounge room, Harry was sitting at the table with…a large assortment of weapons before him. "house…Harry." Birmingham finished with a bit of cough upon seeing Harry's cache of weapons.

"Only my close friends know exactly where I live, and of course you and the Brigadier, so what brings you down here?" Harry asked as he wiped his hands on a cloth and rose from his place making his way over to the kitchen putting the kettle on.


"Please." Birmingham took the time as Harry busied himself with the process of making the tea to look around the rooms that he was able to see, it all very well made and kept, nothing had been changed since what appeared to be the 1970s or early 80s, but it was still quite modern and calm.

"So what brings you to my humble abode Birmingham?" Harry asked as they sat down.

"I came to request you accompany me for our meeting with Ms Granger."

Harry nodded.

"Hermione came to me over Christmas…very eager, though she's been relatively restrained when we were at Hogwarts…finishing…" Harry smiling to himself.

"Are you happy that it's over Harry?" Birmingham asked after a moment.

"It was a hellish 7 years Birmingham…the people that were lost…Sirius, Cedric…" Harry stared off into the middle distance remembering. "Quirrel, Tom Riddle…time travel…still can't believe we did that…it seemed so easy then…now…" Harry shook himself. "The Triwizard, the Ministry…Sirius…" Harry shook his head taking a long sip from his mug. "I'm happy Birmingham…it was something, the back stabbing the manipulations…the deaths…but there was also life, the living, the friendships, I wouldn't sacrfice any of it, it's all part of my life now, part of who I am…" Harry leant back into the chair. "So, when and where do you want me?" He asked after a moment.

"Where it started Harry, I thought some symmetry to all this."

"Tellus." Harry said after a moment. Birmingham nodded passing him an envelope from within his jacket.

"That's all the details of the when, where." Harry accepted the envelope placing it beside him.

"So how's everything at Night Wolf…sorry I haven't been in…I've been…busy.."

"Cleaning your gun collection?"

"Among other things." Harry answered quickly, before sighing. "Sorry, got used to Hermione asking me lead in questions like that and giving my 'ominous answers'."

"Vague and opened ended."

"And not very enlightening, yes generally it annoyed her, that'll change soon."

Birmingham drained his tea and stood.

"Well I should let you get back to it Harry, I have a great many things pileling up at Night Wolf." Harry nodded almost as though he wanted to have things that needed to be doing.

Harry walked with Birmingham out of the house into the back garden.

"One more thing Harry…look into getting your phone connected, I do enjoy a chat…but apparating is something I do only occasionally…"

"Ah yeah…" Harry started. "It's been on my to do list, but you know with the whole owls thing…and post…just picking up a phone to talk…probably would be easier…"

"Get someone accredited by UNIT to put in a secure line just in case as well."

"You think that's nessacary?" Harry asked.

"You never know Harry." Birmingham said giving him a nod, and then his face changing to momentary concentration and there was a feeling of the disruption of the air, but none of the accompanying sounds as he disapparated away.


Birmingham leaned back in the function room of the library, he would need to keep this place in mind for future meetings, it was very quiet, modern and new, it had been built to accommodate a large school and housing complex that never eventuated leaving the town of Tellus with top of the range fully kitted out library with various meeting room and discussion facilities.

Glancing at his handheld computer he could see Harry waiting patiently outside a short distance away from the coordinates he'd provided Ms Granger with in his initial letter.

There wasn't a need for anyone on this (such as a surveillance team) but that didn't stop Birmingham from being paranoid, a few wireless cameras placed at points outside of library and two covering points of access in and out of the town…just in case, you could never be too careful.

Checking the time, and knowing from Harry that Ms Granger was very punctual, especially considering all the secrets Harry had been hiding from his friend, nessacary secrets, but she was from what Harry had told him, eager to discover all that she could.

As her arrival time ticked over he watched the screen and from nothing behind an oak tree a young woman appeared.

She was looking around seemingly expecting something…something other than what she was looking at.

"Harry!" She said surprised, staring at him.

"Hello Hermione. I see you decided to come." Harry said in jest.

"Are you going to tell me…?" She trailed off looking around her.

"No, I'm just here as…a guide…"

"Quite dramatic Harry." Birmingham muttered to himself.

"Bit ominous isn't it?" Birmingham smiled at Hermione shrewd response.

"Cloak and dagger?" Harry said as though considering her statement momentarily. "Not really."

Harry glanced at his watch before looking around, checking the perimeter, Birmingham looked at the smaller screens quickly enlarging each one checking the local area, the most dangerous thing that was happening was the beer delivery arriving at the pub.

"Shall we go?" Harry nodded towards the path that they were just off.

"Where are we?" She asked following him.

"In a town I visited when this all began…" He heard Harry say as he walked out of range of that particular microphone towards the entrance of the library.

Birmingham looked up a minute or so later as Ms Hermione Grange walked into the room looking more than slightly nervous, Harry stepped in a moment later closing the door behind him.

"Ms Granger, please have a seat." Birmingham gesture to the chair on a diagonal opposite him.

"Do you wish that Mr Potter stay during this…discussion? He can leave for the duration if you wish." Birmingham asked calmly.

"No…no, Harry can stay…that's ok right?" She asked quickly glancing over to Harry who nodded subtly to her.

"Of course Ms Granger." Birmingham stated once more calmly, Birmingham nodded to Harry, he walked over to the table and took a seat, some distance away at the other end of the board room like table, far enough away for Birmingham to have discuss while allowing Harry to be within a distance conducive to his support.

"Ms Granger you expressed an interest through Mr Potter of the organisation that you believe he has had an association with."

"Yes…I'm sorry I didn't get your name." Ms Granger asked as he finished talking.

"Birmingham." He said simply, almost everyone called him that, Doris and a few others being the exception that proved the rule.

"Birmingham?" She nodded to herself confirming the name before shrugging.

"Yes…Mr Potter and I are part of said organisation…"

"Harry…" Hermione Granger turned and stared across and down the table at Harry who just smiled knowingly at her.

Birmingham passed the first of the two almost booklets of paper to her.

"This is the Official Secrets Act, if you could just read and sign it…"

"Why?" She stared at him, her tone and inflection suggested that she knew why, or at best she knew if the Official Secrets Act was being offered it meant something and she just wanted to be sure of her supposition.

"Because what we are about to discuss is covered by the act…" Hermione flicked through the act scanning it quickly and then signing it. Birmingham was a little surprised.

"You do not wish to read…" Birmingham started, from what he knew of Ms Granger she wasn't the sort of person to just flip through and not…

"I'm sure Hermione has already read the act or at least a edited version."

Birmingham raised an eyebrow, the Official Secrets Act wasn't impossible to get a hold of, and in general the blank act didn't have anything secretive in an of itself in it, but even so you couldn't just walk into a library and pull it off a shelf.

She would have needed to go into London to one of the larger university's legal departments and even then provided 150 points of ID before she could gaze over it.

"So…?" She said passing back the act, which allow her to know some things but not a lot of anything important.

"Mr Potter and I are part of UNIT. The United Nations Intelligence Taskforce."

"The UN…knows about magic…?" Birmingham inclined his head.

"No…not everyone…Mr Potter and I are part of a section of UNIT, which covers other endeavours that are above and beyond UNIT's normal coverage…this Ms Granger is something you will not have researched." Birmingham said as he passed over the second grouping of papers. "The Official Secrets Act Amended Articles."

"Has…" Hermione Granger asked glancing down to Harry again.

"I've signed it Hermione, everyone does." Harry answered her coming question.

Birmingham watched as Hermione Granger took the time to read over every sentence of the Amended Articles, many of which were drafted for the particular organisation or person in this case it had been tailored for a wand user.

A short while later, which indicated she was a fast reader, as Birmingham had watched her and knew she hadn't skipped over any of the information Hermione Granger signed and printed her name on the various dotted lines.

Birmingham accepted the papers back briefly checking them and then slid them into a deep black envelope that was impervious to any exterior scanning techniques.

"Thankyou Ms Granger, or may I call you Hermione?" Birmingham asked and looked down at his computer and pushed the button which was flashing.

"Hermione's fine…so…"

"It is always better to see rather than be told Hermione." He said ominously. "Harry I'll meet you at the primary entrance position…" Then the room and Hermione disappeared as he reappeared on board the RSCS Victory.

"Thank you Lietennant…you got them all with no problems?"

"None Sorcerer Birmingham, your coordinates were spot on." Birmingham accepted the small bag of his survielance cameras.

"Back down to Night Wolf sir?"

"Yes, thank you Lieutenant."

Birmingham was being teleported, partly because he didn't want to apparate and mainly because the Brigadier discouraged direct apparition into the Night Wolf surrounds any of the personnel at Night Wolf who wished to apparate would walk to the parking area, or even some distance further given the various experimental systems being worked on at Night Wolf, something which Harry frequently ignored.

Rematerialising by the 'moat' which some what separated the large castle in which Night Wolf Command stood from land he radioed to the Brigadier and requested the boat come round.

A few moments later Harry and Hermione Granger clamoured over the rise.


"Harry, they're just about to bring the boat around…"

"Honestly why don't you just use a freezing charm or something?" Hermione muttered. Birmingham smiled.

"Please Hermione, feel free." Harry gestured with a shrug.

Hermione walked over to the small dock and levelled her wand at the water.

"Congelo Extremus Vox." She said firmly.

Nothing happened, which considering there were several jamming devices which blanketed the area around close area of Night Wolf was understandable.

She looked down at the water, kicking some dirt off her shoes into the water making ripples she nodded to herself.

Birmingham raised an eyebrow.

Then she tried again, though this time a simple illumination spell, she watcher her wand as she said.

"Lumos." Nothing happened once more, Birmingham watched as she walked back away and up the rise, again trying, with no result, then she walked calmly back down to them, pocketing her wand and faced himself and Harry.

"Some sort of jamming device, like radar jamming or something?"

Birmingham smiled knowing that she was definitely not going to freak out…though she might ask a lot of questions.

"I think you will enjoy it here Hermione." He said as the boat arrived.

"Really? I just left one castle that tried to kill me and my friends for 7 years." She said looking at the large castle before them.

"The final year there was nothing in the castle. Even the 6th year…"

"There was Snape! Not to mention all the Death Eaters in training, not just the ones from Slytherin!" She said with wild eyes.

"Point taken." Harry sighed as he stepped onto the boat as it took them the short distance to an unassuming piece of brick work, which dissolved to show a blast…and everything else proof door.

Birmingham led them inside.

"Well Hermione I'll leave you with Birmingham, I'll be in the mess…" Harry said patting her on the back as Birmingham pressed a button closing the outer door.

"You're leaving?" Hermione turned to him sounding slightly worried.

"Just a bit peckish, didn't have breakfast, I'm sure you'll find me once you're done?" Harry looked over to Birmingham.

"Of course Harry." Birmingham said watched Harry go.

"Allow me to show you around Ms Granger…Hermione…"

As they walked she looked around.

"Have to say already this is good…" She nodded at the lights.

"The lights?"

"Yes, bright, efficient…and not flame lanterns…I've had more than one essay singed because of those at Hogwarts." Hermione said with a shake of the head.

Birmingham smiled leading her to his Sorcery department.

"There is fire, here and there, but used wisely…and not for lighting. This is the department I am in charge of, one of many within Night Wolf…"

"Sorcery…that makes you a…"


"So not just using wands…but all sorts, not just wanded magic but…oh my…" She went silent as they walked into the main part of the sorcery department where he had left several things half way through, it was a bit of a mess with an assortment of books, a computer trying to do match with the apothecary department over something he had in mind and various other things where people were working in the large open area, there were doors that led off to smaller work areas…and of course Hermione who had rushed over to the books, looking over them, then stared open wide at the computer and everything else in the room, slightly speechless.

Birmingham lead the almost…though not quite speechless Hermione back toward the Brigadier's office, he'd practically needed to expel her from the library, but throughout his introduction to everything he was very sure that they'd chosen wisely to bring Ms Granger to Night Wolf, an inquiring mind was always a good thing rather than a bad.

Birmingham knocked on the door and accompanied Ms Granger in.

"Birmingham, and Ms Granger…" Lethbridge Stewart watched her eyes flick down and around the office for a second.

"General…" There was a slight rising inflection, but considering there wasn't anything to immediately to suggest that he was a general, his clothing didn't immediately suggest anything, more comfortable and practical then dress uniform wise, or any uniform that gave a direct advantage over whomever they may encounter.

"Thank you Birmingham…" Lethbridge Stewart nodded to Birmingham nodded before leaving.

"Please have a seat Ms Granger."

"Thank you General…" She said slightly nervously, he raised an eyebrow at her.

"I could see…the top of what looks like a report…on your desk, just there." She gestured with a finger.

"That's some good eyesight Ms Granger." She chuckled.

"You'd think after being knocked out, petrified…" She trailed off for a second. "And all the other stuff that it would have effected my eyesight…but…" She suddenly stopped, her voice dropping in tone slightly.

"But?" Lethbridge Stewart prompted after a moment.

"But…it's just made me see much more clearly…after Mr…well Birmingham has shown me around today, and what I know about what Harry has done…I am sure that my eyes can be opened a lot more than what I have already seen." She said with an air of seriousness.

"What would you like Ms Granger?" Lethbridge Stewart asked as he rose from his chair moving to the side of his office. "And would you like a drink."

"Tea, milk and one sugar please…and I'm guessing your first question wasn't regarding drinks."

"No, what would you like, now that you have left Hogwarts?" He said as he placed a mug in front of her as he sat back down at his desk.

"I…I thought…"

Lethbridge Stewrt smiled gently.

"We won't be pushing you out the door, if you wish it you will have a job here…but what else Ms Granger…Hermione…"

"I…I don't really…I mean…I hadn't thought about it…not really…"

"What did you think about, when you were at Hogwarts?" He asked calmly.

"I well…surviving…"

He chuckled.

"It does seem like that is a common theme…"

"I did think about…" She trailed off shaking her head, her short hair brushing the sides of her face as she did so.

"You know what I never really thought about, when I was at Hogwarts, it was so…archaic, you never really thought about it because you were doing all these things inside the world. The Ministry…it's changed, but it's still secular…I mean it's still run like an old artistocracy with all the rich families lording over the governing over everyone and changing the rules as they want them…it was worse, but it's not exactly better, just more liveable on the surface." She shrugged seemingly trying to clear her thoughts.

"When I was at Hogwarts, I wanted to know everything I could about this new world I found myself in and now that I know a lot about that world, the amzing magical world…it's like they stalled a couple of hundred years ago…I was looking at some information on child birth for a history of magic essay…women still die from child birth, just because they can't do something like a blood transfusion, or use something as simple as stiches or even a scarian…other things, medicine, lifestyles, land is still tilled with a plough…manned by usually a muggle (she said the word almost with disgust) born, driven by magic of course but…"

Lethbridge Stewart nodded, he knew much of this.

"I don't want to become a farmer for some pig of a wizard General." She said after looking into her tea for a short moment. "I don't want to be stuck in some dead end area in the ministry as they push pieces of paper around changingt the rules to fatten their bank accounts and stomaches."

"How would you like university Ms Granger?" Hermione stared at him for a moment.

"I…I…how…I've been at Hogwarts for the last 7 years…wouldn't that sort of hamper me attending any institution…I mean I'd thought about it, but I'd need to go and take my GCSE…"

"That is where we can help Ms Granger…an associate of mine will be able to assist you…even help you choose a subject…or more to focus your studies in…"

Hermione blinked speechless.

"You would of course be welcome to work here gaining extra experience…"

"…" Hermione Granger sat speechless for a moment before recovering herself. "Where…?" She said still slightly glazed over.

"My associate is at Cambridge, UNIT has a relationship there…"

"I…I…Yes…I would but…"

"Jolly good." Lethbridge Stewart smiled and glanced at the clock. "Harry is probably still in the mess, I'll collect some information for you and come and get you later Ms Granger…" He pressed a button, a moment later Birmingham entered the office.

"General…thank you…I…"

Lethbridge Stewart nodded with a smile.

Later, as night was settling in Lethbridge Stewart walked into the grove where Harry and Hermione were standing and talking.

Hermione had been showed various other elements of Night Wolf, at his insistance that it might help in deciding what subjects to pursue at university, he did have to agree with Birmingham, they might need a crowbar to get her out of the library…but she was a clever grounded individual.

The final part of the tour was to show her the real space craft, she'd seen a video of the RSCS Firefox taking off, but there was seeing it and seeing it.

From past experience it was best to introduce all that Night Wolf dealt with in one go rather in incremental pieces, otherwise the mind takes those small pieces of information and tried to assimilate it into what they already know, usually blowing it out of or under proportions.

Alistair Lethbridge Stewart gestured at a telescope waiting a small distance from the pair and handed a piece of paper to Ms Hermione Granger with a smile.

""The RSCS Victory is located at…Merlin…" She whispered to herself as she ran over to the telescope.

"Oh my…it really is…it really is a space ship…a space ship..." She shook her head as Harry walked up wrapping her in a one armed hug as they broke into laughter staring up at the infinite darkness.


Lethbridge Stewart moved over to the side of the room looking out at that same infinite darkness and took a sip of the refreshing fruit juice.

The view was slightly different, after all he was standing inside the UNIT Moonbase, but the view was the same, space…

He was here, along with a few people who were going to be a part of the Uniter Nations Space Core Ship construction they were here to witness the first stages of 'official' construction on the ship…using parts produced by the Gibson Desert Research and Construction Facility of course…

He was also here to celebrate (slightly more discretely) along with Fiona Preston and Paul Wynne the safe and friendly Primary Contact with the Hith.

"Enjoying the view Alistair?" Wynne said as he joined him staring out the window.

"And the gravity." Lethbridge Stewart chuckled, he didn't mind the Moon's gravity in short amounts at least.

"Hello you two…" Fiona Preston walked over to the pair.

"Congratulations are in order for you Fiona and your crew on the Hattah." Alistair smiled, not a fake smile, but a genuine one, he raised his glass in a toast.

"Very much so…safe, friendly and successful Primary Contact…one for the UNIT books." Wynn said.

"Right next to all the unsafe, unfriendly and unsuccessful contacts…" Lethbridge Stewart chuckled.

"They won't be finding out straight away will they Alistair?" Fiona gestured the few people from the European Space Agency who had been cleared along with all the others milling around.

"Not at the moment, not until we have firm relations…we" He nodded to Wynn and Preston and towards Moore, McGeoch and Winter. "don't need to stuff it up by…sending the wrong message with the wrong people…and for now it is the Hattah and her crew."

Professor Fiona Preston grinned at the compliment.

"Hmmm…looks like they're ready…" Wynn said as everyone was moving away from the room.

They moved in small groups to a small train like conveyance which moved them from one side of the moonbase to another, closer (comparatively) to where the UNSCS ship would be constructed in orbit.

The area was more or less a storage area for various components, that could be decompressed.

The first parts that would be started today where just part of the large structure that would be used to support and set the parts of the ship in place as it was being built.

Lethbridge Stewart had surprised Preston with the information that he knew she'd constructed much of this support structure, something she didn't tell him, which probably meant she was going to re-use it for something else instead of on this venture.

The group of three were standing off the to the side watching on one of the smaller monitors, rather than one of the larger ones the other group were watching on.

"How many of those have you built?" Paul Wynne asked gesturing at the craft which was grabbing the first of the girders and moving out of the Moonbase.

It looked like a bigger more bulky thylacine with manoeuvrable arms and no weapons.

"Four at the moment, they were some what of an experiment than a full blown production craft."

"Still looks as though it has weapons, there." Lethbridge Stewart stabbed his finger at the image.

"Extra sensors for use with a transmat…"

"Have they fixed the transmat problem?" Wynne asked surprised.

"No." Both Lethbridge Stewart and Fiona Preston answered.

The problem was the moonbase was constantly under a low level occlusion field (a just in case measure), which meant that it proved unsafe for the transmat to operate, the teleport area was isolated for people to use, but as far as large objects there were still a great many bugs to work out, therefore all supplies had to be transferred directly from the ship to the surface, or they had to disengage the fields protecting the moonbase from any prying eyes, scans and sensors which others might have pointed at the moon.

"My matter transmission experts are still working on the problem…well problems…"

"Send through your data to my people maybe if we take different tacks at it we might work it out." Wynne said.

"And to me." Alistair said, Fiona nodded.

"So have you narrowed down the planets Brigadier? I've seen some interesting data coming in." Preston said after a short while. The ESA people and who ever else was up there with them were still watching rivetated.

"It's coming along, we may need to meet with our various people to discuss the final choice."

"Very wise, if we're going to make this a semi-permanent base and all…" Wynne nodded, agreeing with the Brigadier.

"Did you two get my last memo?"

"Which one Brigadier?"

"The request from the UN, transport craft."

"The 'non-lethal' craft if I recall the wording of the original brief…" Preston said looking around the room.

"Yes…is it doable…"

"Anything is doable Brigadier…but I don't like the idea of a non-lethal craft." Wynne said as he walked over and grabbed a jug of juice from a near by table, topping up everyone's glasses as they continued to watch the fist structure being assembled.

"I had a meeting with my contacts in the intelligent services and the military a week ago, they're ready and willing to assist us with whomever we need, they thought…'UNIT must be mad, enterprising and downright crazy'…when I introduced the ideas that we have, and yes they've all signed the Ammended Articles and know full well what we do down in the desert." Fiona said as Lethbridge Stewart started to open his mouth, instead he stared into his cup.

Fiona enjoyed a much liberal environment as far as working with various agencies outside of UNIT, there was much more willingness to work with them…the politicians who ever was in power still refused to know all the details of her and their work, plausible deniability and all that, than he and Wynne did in the United Kingdom…just because of how many aliens had attempted incursions there and the more 'active elements' of the wand user community in Britian perhaps made the government slightly more paranoid, but Lethbridge Stewart was working to bring more integration with UNIT and the British forces so there would be a better working relationships and such…likewise Wynne was investigating outsourcing some of his production for the ships, as Fiona did in Australia, with everyone under tight Amended Articles and Official Secrets Act documents.

The group turned as the other group of ESA and whoever else cheered, they each looked down and noticed that a section of girders had come together forming the first part of the structure that would hold the United Nations Space Core Ship.

"Were we ever that jubilant?" Lethbridge Stewart muttered.

"I seem to recall we were both rather…excited when the Victory first launched." Wynne started.

"My 2IC has a photo of me jumping up and down in a rather embracing manner when the Hattah was first launched." Preston chuckled.

"It seems so easy to take it all in now, in our stride." Lethbridge Stewart said smiling.

"There's still some magic to it…" Wynne chuckled.

"In more ways than one." Fiona said with a smile.

Alistair Lethbridge Stewart chuckled and couldn't help agree.

Down below them on the Earth in a small, comfortable house Harry Potter had just finished a phone call with Night Wolf, organising to meet the Brigadier, who was 'out of the office'.

Harry Potter, saviour of…whatever and all that, was…going slowly out of his mind.

It had been barely 3 months since he'd 'officially' been into Night Wolf when he was there with Hermione.

Three months and he needed to be doing something, after seven years of always doing something he couldn't do nothing…he wanted to, needed to be doing something.


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