Author's Note: This is a little something that just popped into my head. It's a long quest and it will contain a couple of cameos from other animated series (both anime and non-anime). Make no mistake about it, though. The main protagonists are our CCS characters (and one more hero from the anime universe). It'll be a long story with many twists and turns. Hope you all like it!

Hunt For the Crystals: Prologue

One month away. The time for college was quickly approaching and the eighteen-year old Sakura Avalon couldn't be more excited. Time was flying fast and Sakura was ready to cherish the time she had left by spending it with her friends…especially Li Shoran.

"Are you two going out again?" Kero, the little guardian beast, asked.

"We're only meeting at the coffee shop," Sakura replied. "Is there something wrong with that?"

"You've seen him every night this week," Kero pointed out.

"I don't see anything wrong with that," Sakura said. "Maybe Tori does, but I don't."

"I'm just saying…"

Sakura held her hand up. "Wait…" She walked over and opened up her window. Sure enough, Li Shoran came sliding in. "You really have to stop doing that, Li."

"Am I becoming predictable?" Li asked.

"At least you didn't wake me up this time," Kero observed dryly.

Sakura wrapped her arms around Li and gave him a kiss. "Ready?"

"I'm ready," Li replied with a smile. "Um…we should go out through the window. I don't want your brother finding me here."

It was a good point. Tori would probably tear Li apart if he found him here alone in Sakura's room. Tori had yet to get over the fact that Sakura and Li were a couple. So Sakura took his advice and climbed out through the window.

It was a great time to be alive for Sakura. There were no worries in the summertime. There was nothing to worry about: no school, no work, and, most importantly, NO MAGIC! Sakura could worry about just being an ordinary girl and after all she had endured in her lifetime…the idea sounded sweet.


It's only been a few weeks since he landed on this planet called Earth. But the green humanoid alien, Xander, has managed to successfully blend in as a human with his human disguise. Usually he wouldn't set foot on a planet such as this one. Personally, he'd rather be back on the ship searching for another world, but that's not what his superior had planned.

His superior had informed him that ten thousand years had passed and that meant it was time. The eight crystals were about to emerge from their inert states and now was the time to take them all.

Suddenly, Xander's communicator beeped. He looked around and made sure no one was around, then he ducked into an alley and answered it. In the small screen was an old, deteriorated-looking green humanoid. He was a bitter alien, never smiled, and had sought this day for a long time.

"This is Xander."

"Has the machine been activated?"

"No, Shuma. It's still off."

"Then the crystals have not yet risen. You know what to do, Xander. Your mission is to find and recover the eight crystals so that I may put them to good use. To benifit our civilization."

"What are the crystals supposed to do, Shuma? Will they help us find a new home?"

"I will explain it all to you once you have them. Do not fail, Xander. Our entire population is depending on you."

"Just what am I dealing with here? You haven't told me what these crystals even look like."

"The crystals rise every ten thousand years and they don't come out in the form of crystals. They are crystals of eight elements and they come out in the form of fierce creatures. It is only through an ancient Earth incantation that the creatures return to their crystal form."

"What do these things do, anyway?"

"I'm getting to that! Whomever places the eight crystals together is granted one wish."

"I get it. We can use that one wish…to find us a new home."

"Oh…yes…home. You just be sure to find those crystals, Xander. When the device comes on, then that means the crystals have risen and morphed into their animalistic forms."

There was one more detail Xander needed. "Um…what's that ancient Earth incantation?"

Through the screen, Shuma grinned.

"It goes like this…"

But before Shuma could say anything, Xander felt a vibration coming from the pocket of his Earth jeans. He pulled out another device…that suddenly turned on.

That meant…it was time.


Sakura calmly sipped on her mocha latte. It was a nice time to take a time out with Li and just talk. And it was a long conversation. Sakura had just come back a few days ago from being stuck in a pyramid in Egypt, an experience that still blew her mind. Meanwhile, Li just came back from Hong Kong after helping take care of his still-ailing mother and saying goodbye to Meilin.

Finally, Sakura looked out the window. "It's a beautiful night, isn't it?"

Li nodded. "Yeah…really is."

Li sounded like he was out of it. Sakura had to feel for him. He had to be worried about his mother. Sakura didn't want Li's mother to die. She knew what it was like to lose a mother and she didn't want Li to feel that same pain.

Before Sakura could say anything, though, a loud explosion sounded.

"What was that?" Sakura asked.

"I don't know," Li replied. "It couldn't be anything serious…could it?"

Sakura blinked. "I…don't…know." Then she shook her head. "No…couldn't be."

Sakura figured it would be better to just shrug this off. There was no way this concerned her. How could it concern her?


Lita sighed as she kept sweeping the front of the temple where her friend, Rei, lived. It was a bad time to be Lita. Her friends, Serena, Amy, Mina, and Rei, all left for a vacation in the United States, but Lita had an emergency to attend to and couldn't go. Now that the emergency was over…Lita felt bored and she felt lonely. All she could do was help keep the temple clean for Rei.

"This is so boring," Lita mumbled to herself. "I wish there was something to do."

All Lita wanted was something to do. No…she actually wanted to be with her friends, but there was no way that was going to happen. Now all she wanted was a source of excitement.

Then she heard a loud explosion.

Lita looked out towards the distance. There were seemingly a series of explosions, but she heard one coming from a place nearby.

One thing was for sure. Lita could feel she wouldn't be bored for long. She put the broom down and left the shrine. She went out…to investigate.


A loud explosion.

Kero heard the explosion a few minutes ago and began to wonder. At first, he didn't make anything of it. It couldn't possibly involve him. It must have been an isolated incident. So Kero went to his desk and started to close his eyes.

"Wake up, Kero!"

Kero woke up at the sound of that. He looked towards the window…and scowled. "Suppi! Do you mind?"

Suppi flew in and shook his head. "How lazy can you be? Didn't you hear what happened outside?"

"Yeah, an explosion. So?"

Suppi glared. "Kero…don't you know what this is?"

"Um…I don't know. A bomb?"

Suppi had to be blunt. "Kero, it's been ten thousand years. Don't you remember the legend? The one Eriol shared with us?"

Kero shook his head. "Uh-uh. Doesn't ring a bell."

Suppi slapped his forehead with his paw. "The one about the crystals? THOSE crystals?"

Kero gulped. "I…thought that was just a story."

"It wasn't," Suppi growled. "It's really been ten thousand years, so we'd better check just to be sure."

"Um…shouldn't we wait for Sakura?" Kero suggested.

"We can't wait that long," Suppi answered. "If the crystals are out…then it won't be long before others go chasing after them."

Kero stopped in his tracks. "Wait…others?"

"You think we're the only ones who know about this legend?" Suppi pointed out. "While it's not fairly common, there are others who know about this legend. Others who will try to hunt down the crystals themselves."

"But it's only supposed to be a legend."

"So are magical cards."

"Uh…touché. So you want to go now?"


Suppi couldn't take wasting any more time, so he grabbed Kero by the arm and dragged him out. Kero had a hard time believing that the legend of the eight crystals was true. But if it was…then Japan, and maybe the world, would be in a lot of trouble.

Hopefully, this was nothing. But if it was…then Kero would have to tell Sakura.

Next Time: Well, now we have the prologue. So next time, do Kero and Suppi find crystals? And will they run into anybody in their search? And if it's true that the legend of the eight crystals is known…then who else will join the hunt for them (cough ::cameos:: cough)? And when will Sakura find out about all this? So many questions, so come back for Part 1, won't you?

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