Last Time: It all ended. Sakura recovered the final crystal, defeated an evil alien, and made her one wish. The one wish surrounded Xander…who suddenly, along with his people, found a new home. So what happened to everyone else? Let's find out.

Hunt For the Crystals: Epilogue

What happened to: Lita?

Once everything was done, there was no other reason for Lita to stay with Sakura. But it was funny, because Lita…didn't want to leave. She and Sakura really got close during this whole ordeal and they became good friends.

Sakura felt the same way and left Lita her home and cell phone number, so they could always keep in touch. Lita even offered to introduce Sakura to her friends…whenever they came back…which was due to be…in a few hours.

Realizing that her friends WERE coming back, Lita went back to the temple and tried to finish cleaning it up. She never noticed how much dust an old temple could gather in so little time. Then Lita remembered that it WASN'T in such little time.

"Do you think they'll come in without calling?"

That was Sakura. That's right. Lita wasted no time in calling her friend once she got back to the temple.

"Knowing my friends, they probably will. First, Serena will want to stop and get something to eat. Rei will probably drool over some guy…"

"I thought YOU were the one who drooled over guys."

Lita sweatdropped. "Well…Rei can drool, too. Hey, somebody has to do it while I'm not around. Anyway, after they eat, they'll realize what time it is and they'll come back here before everyone goes back home."

"You really seem to know your friends."

"Hey, isn't that the way it is with you and Madison?"

"Well…that's true."

"Hey, Sakura? Can I ask you something?"

"Sure…what is it?"

"I thought you were really going to make that wish. You really seemed so sure about it. What…made you change your mind?"

"Well…to be honest…"

Suddenly, Jupiter sweatdropped again. "Um…I'm sorry, Sakura. Can you call me back and tell me later. My friends are back."

"Ok, Lita. I'll call you in a few hours. Bye."

Lita hung up as soon as she saw her four friends coming towards the temple. She looked around one more time to make sure that the temple was as spotless as she hoped it was. And Lita did just fine. The temple was a perfect picture of cleanliness.

Serena, Amy, Rei, and Mina all suddenly spied their partner in crime and quickly ran up to greet her.

"Lita! We missed you!" Mina squealed.

"It wasn't the same without you, Lita!" Amy added.

"But you should have seen it!" Rei continued. "The United States is so big…and amazing. And…there were guys around every corner. Probably the type to…you know…"

"Remind me of my ex-boyfriend," Lita grinned…before it faded. "That jerk."

Rei then walked over to Serena and smirked. "Of course, we couldn't get Serena to take advantage. All she could think about was Darien."

"Rei!" Serena whined. "I was NOT thinking of Darien the whole time!"

"Of course not," Rei persisted. "Whenever you weren't thinking of your boyfriend, you were thinking of your stomach."

"Now that I think of it, I AM kinda hungry."

"We just had a hamburger!" Mina pointed out.

Amy sweatdropped and tried to change the subject. "I just wish you could have been there, Lita. Have you been at the temple this whole time?"

Lita…hesitated. "Not…exactly."

"Really?" Serena asked. "You've been keeping yourself busy?"

Lita hesitated again. "You…might say that."

"So what have you been doing?" Rei asked.

Lita sighed. "Well…you might want to sit down for this one. It's a LONG story…and you probably won't believe it."

Lita's four friends exchanged glances before finally sitting down on the clean ground and getting ready to hear the story.

"We're listening," Serena said.

Lita didn't know how to begin. "Well…it all started a little more than a week ago…when I was cleaning the temple…"


What happened to: The Brotherhood?

School was going as it usually was…except for one thing. Toad and his friends had missed a week and were up to their ears in homework. The Brotherhood were primed and ready to go after all of the losers from the Xavier Institute after what they tried to do to them. But Pietro thought it would be best for them to bide their time.

But it's not like they got the chance, anyway. After first period, Toad got a note to be in Principal Darkholme's office. So as soon as he got the note, he bounced over to the principal's office…where he found his three friends were also waiting.

"Hey, guys!" Toad bounced up and clung to the wall. "So…uh…what do you think we're in for this time?"

None of the other three answered, because the office door suddenly opened. And standing there…was Principal Darkholme.

"You four…in my office…NOW!!"

There was a tone of fury in the principal's voice. Whether she was in her disguise of Principal Darkholme, or in her true form as Mystique, this woman could get VERY angry. And Toad started to wonder how they got on her bad side this time.

Toad immediately started to panic. "Uh, Principal Darkholme…that slime on your car…I swear it wasn't me."

Principal Darkholme raised an eyebrow, signifying that Toad should have just kept his mouth shut. There was another reason she called them in here. And it could have been for just about anything.

"We sent you four on one simple mission," Principal Darkholme began. "Go out to Japan and retrieve eight crystals. A simple task. A task made exponentially easier by the fact that Xavier's students wouldn't stand in your way. So why wasn't I surprised when I found out that you four came back to Bayville empty-handed?"

The four Brotherhood members exchanged glances, not knowing what to make of this. The Blob was scratching his head. Avalanche just shrugged. Quicksilver did the same. Toad only blinked.

"Uh…crystals?" Pietro finally asked. "What crystals?"

Principal Darkholme slapped her forehead in frustration. "The crystals. The crystals! You were supposed to retrieve the eight crystals and bring them back to Magneto. What happened?"

"Um…I didn't know about no eight crystals," Toad blurted out.

"I thought we were dumped in Japan by Xavier's losers," Lance added.

Pietro nodded. "Yeah! We got beat by Xavier's punks, left in Japan, and Xavier tried to wipe our minds clean. Seems like it worked, too, because I know I can't remember why I even went to Japan in the first place."

"Yeah, I don't remember hearing nothing about eight crystals," The Blob finished.

Principal Darkholme groaned. "Well…I must say you four have gotten creative. Of all the excuses I've heard, that's one of the more original ones. But if you expect me to believe that, then you're insulting my intelligence. There's no getting passed the fact that you four FAILED. You can all think about that while you sit in detention after school. And if that's the worst thing that happens to you today, consider yourselves lucky. Magneto says he wants to deal with this issue personally, so let's just say I don't envy the four of you."

Everyone let out a nervous gulp. They knew they were telling the truth. So why were they in such hot water? Was there something they didn't know? They thought about that as they left.

"Oh, and as for you, Mr. Tolansky…make it A WEEK in detention! Maybe next time you'll think before sliming my car!"

Toad moaned. He could have gotten away with that innocent little prank, but he had to open his yap. Maybe he could think of better ways to have some fun while he was in detention.


What happened to: The Kingpin?

Wilson Fisk examined the newspaper. There were various strange sightings including what some witnesses said was a gargoyle. Like the rest of the media, Fisk dismissed these witnesses as nuts.

The Kingpin couldn't remember why he was in Japan. He knew something brought him out here. Maybe it was to get away from the constant pressure of Spiderman. But he couldn't put his finger on it. All he knew, though, was that he spent too much time there. It was time to go back to New York and tend to his 'business' there.

But before Fisk could board his jet, someone came running up to him.

"Hey, boss! Wait up!"

Fisk turned around to see an unexpected visitor. It was Rhino.

"So we's finished, boss?" Rhino asked.

Fisk raised an eyebrow. "I don't even recall sending for you. What are you doing here, Rhino?"

Rhino scratched his head. "Uh…we was supposed to go looking for crystals. But then we saw some weirdo with a suit fightin wit a schoolgirl. Then I went to get dem crystals and I started fightin wit some stuffed animals. Only they wasn't stuffed, they got really big. And then they threw me around and left me buried in the dirt like I was some flower. And I just got out now."

The Kingpin almost couldn't believe what he was hearing. These were the ramblings of a lunatic. For anyone else, it would have made absolutely no sense. Then Fisk remembered…this was Rhino.

"I knew you were always one straw short of a basket, Rhino. But even for you…this sounds preposterous. I have no time to hear of your nonsense. If you want a lift back to New York, then I suggest you get into the jet immediately."

Rhino scratched his head. "You know…come to think of it…it DOES sound pretty weird. I musta been dreamin or somethin."

With an absent-minded look on his face, the brutish thug in the rhino costume made his way into the jet. Wilson Fisk had to admit one thing, though. The delusion entertained him briefly. Giant stuffed animals. How amusing.

But still…The Kingpin wondered one thing. How did he get to Japan…and why did he go in the first place?


What happened to: Malachite?

Malachite finally stumbled back into familiar territory. One moment he was in the future, fighting for the eight crystals that were to ensure victory for the Negaverse. The next, he was sent back to his own time by a magic spell used by that girl known as Sakura.

Malachite looked up and saw a very disappointed Queen Beryl. She was still recovering from all the energy she had used to send Malachite into the future, so if there was any good that would come of this…it was that she couldn't possibly punish him.

"I trust you have the crystals?" Queen Beryl sneered.

Malachite dusted himself off. "I'm afraid I do not. Even in the future, the Sailor Scouts know just when to interfere. But it wasn't just them. There was someone else…"

"SILENCE! Those crystals were our last hope and you failed! I should…"


There was a sudden shaking…and a sudden stop. There was loud, blaring alarm sounding. The look on Queen Beryl's face was indescribable. It was a look of total horror.

"It's happening," she said grimly.

"What is?" Malachite asked.

"They're coming," Queen Beryl answered. "The Sailor Scouts are trying to infiltrate the Negaverse! They're coming after us!"

At no point since this whole thing began did Malachite think the Sailor Scouts had the courage or the brass to break into the Negaverse themselves. But it looked like they dared. Now it looked like the final fight was coming. And Malachite would give them a fight they would never forget.

"I shall amend my failure, Queen Beryl," Malachite said. "I shall intercept the Sailor Scouts…and destroy them myself!"

"Do not fail this time, Malachite!" Queen Beryl shrieked. "Do not let them through!"

Malachite nodded affirmatively. "If they want to face you…they'll have to kill me first."

And with those words…Malachite left…to his next mission: Stop the Sailor Scouts from advancing any further.

(A/N: If you saw the end of SM's first season…you know how THIS ends.)


What happened to: Madison and Eriol?

It had been a full day since the whole quest for the crystals had ended. Madison hadn't talked to Sakura since then, but she knew she should soon. All Madison did since it all ended was look over old tapes of Sakura during her days as a Cardcaptor. She looked so beautiful and so amazing. She was so brave and Madison was always there to catch her courage on tape.

"Why would she want to wish all this away?" she asked herself.

For Madison, it didn't make any sense. This was all so…cool. Being the best friend of a Cardcaptor was so exciting and the only thing that could be more thrilling…was actually BEING a Cardcaptor. Why did Sakura want all that to be erased? Why did she want to start over?

"Maybe the pressure's finally gotten to her."

Madison looked out the window to see Eriol hanging on a tree branch. It was a little habit he picked up from his 'dear descendant'. Madison opened the window and let Eriol into her room. It was at that moment that she was glad her mother was still away on business.

"What do you mean?" Madison asked. "I know this isn't easy…but I thought Sakura could handle it. She's so much stronger than anyone I've ever known."

"Maybe it's a combination of everything," Eriol tried explaining. "Sakura's had to endure a lot. She's had to go through sealing 52 Clow Cards, convert them all to Sakura Cards, fight me one-on- one…which is NEVER easy. Then add to that everything else she's had to do. She's had to seal the other books, she's had to master use of the Sakura Cards, and have you forgotten the months on end she spent trying to master the use of the Libra Card?"

Madison's eyes dotted. She remembered that story ALL TOO WELL. There were so many things that happened the day Sakura mastered the Libra Card. It was a special experience that Sakura and Madison experienced…together.

"I remember," was all Madison could bring herself to say about THAT moment.

"Then think about all she went through in the last few months," Eriol continued. "How many other people can say they've been stuck in a cursed pyramid? And how many other people can claim to have to use their magic to find eight legendary crystals before they fall into the wrong hands? That's the kind of weight Sakura had on her shoulders.

"And…I think when she saw what other people her age are doing…having normal lives…I think it drove Sakura over the edge. I think all she wants…is to have what other people have. She wants to have a life that's…normal."

Madison hung her head down. "I only wish she could see…that she has it BETTER than normal people. Her life isn't THAT different. She still has friends and she still does a lot of things like other girls. The only difference is…she has magical powers. I wish Sakura would see that as a blessing…and not as a curse.

"But…there's another reason…that I'm glad Sakura didn't make that wish. Eriol…I'm starting to think I've taken our relationship for granted. You don't know how much you mean to me. I don't know what I'd do if I didn't have you in my life. I'm happy…that you still are."

"I feel the same way," Eriol smiled. He reached over for a kiss…but Madison stopped him.

"I don't know…in here?"

"What's it going to hurt?" Eriol asked, smirking his evil smile.

"What if one of the bodyguards come in?" Madison pointed out. "They could break you in half."

"That's a risk I'm willing to take," Eriol grinned.

Madison shrugged. "Ok. If that's the way you feel."

Eriol leaned over and gave Madison a kiss…but as fate would have it…

"Madison! I'm home!"

…a call came from downstairs.

Eriol nearly turned white at the sound of Madison's mother. "Well…I'll call you!"

Without hesitation, Eriol jumped out the window, hoping to skillfully grab the tree branch on the way. Unfortunately…


…he missed…and fell to the ground.

Madison couldn't resist. She looked out the window…giggled…and took a picture.


What happened to: Julian, Nakuru, and…Tori?

Nakuru still waited patiently by Tori's bedside. Things didn't look to be getting any better. Yue had been gone for a while and she almost hoped he'd come back. But in a way…she was glad he was gone. Because that left her alone with Tori.

"Tori…I hope you can hear me," Nakuru pleaded. "That was really brave of you to do what you did back there. That was so brave of you to sacrifice yourself. But you didn't have to do it. Now look what's happened! Do you think it's easy for me to see you like this? And I don't think Julian's too happy about it, either. We just want you to be ok. We care about you. *I* care about you!

"Please wake up, Tori."

With that emotional speech out of the way, Nakuru just waited…and waited…and waited. Finally…about ten minutes later…

…Tori started to come to.

Tori opened his eyes. "Nakuru?"

Nakuru wiped a tear from her eye. "You have no idea how much you worried me. I'm so glad you're ok!"

Nakuru reached over for a hug…but at that moment…

"Tori! You're all right!"

Of all the times for Julian to come back, it HAD to be now. He came back in and rushed to Tori's bedside.

"I'm glad you're all right," Julian said cheerfully, embracing his best friend.

"I must have taken a big hit," Tori said. "How long was I out?"

"Almost a week," Julian answered.

Another thought ran through Tori's mind. "Sakura…is she ok?"

Nakuru nodded. "Sakura's just fine. She was just a little shaken up seeing her big brother in this condition."

"Well…as long as SHE'S ok," Tori sighed. "So anybody want to tell me what happened while I was out?"

Nakuru shook her head. "I think we know the best person to ask on that one. Let me just go make sure the coast is clear."

Nakuru got up, mentally beating herself over the head because she missed out on MORE alone time with Tori, and checked the aisles. There were no nurses on their way, so now was the best time.

So with that, Nakuru nodded towards Julian and he began to make that transformation into Yue.

Yue would give them the whole story and Nakuru sensed it would be a long one.


What happened to: Sakura and Li…and Kero?

Just because the crystals were back in their plots for another ten thousand years and Sakura had made the wish for Xander to find a home world didn't mean all was well. Kero was still sore at her and he showed it by going into his desk drawer and not coming out.

"Kero…please come out," Sakura cried. "I said I was sorry. Please forgive me."

For the first time since they got home, Kero stuck his head out of his drawer. "I don't know if I can."

"I just want to put this behind us, Kero. Won't you please forgive me?"

"Sakura…when you said you wanted to make that wish, you really hurt me. I thought we were friends."

Sakura smiled. "We are friends, Kero. That's why I couldn't make that wish in good conscience."

"You're just saying that. You didn't go through with it…because of the brat."

Sakura sweatdropped. "That was only part of the reason. Of course Li factored into my decision. I know that I would be happy as a normal girl…but I wouldn't be TRULY happy because I wouldn't have Li anymore. But Kero…you make me happy, too. I meant what I said a few nights ago. I can't picture my life without you.

"You make life exciting. You're always there whenever I need someone to talk to. You're like no one I've ever known. And frankly…life without you…would be boring.

"And I can never forget that you've always been there for me. I love you, Kero. And I don't want to lose you. That's why I didn't make that wish. Because as much pain as I've experienced through being the Sakura Card Mistress, I've also experienced a lot of joy.

"I was stupid to even think about wanting to erase all that joy. So…will you forgive me? Please?"

Kero didn't say anything at first. Sakura had never seen him like that…since the first day they met back when she was ten and she first opened the Clow Book. They didn't really get along at first and it looked like their relationship might revert back to that state.

But then…Kero smiled one of his brighter smiles. "I can never stay mad at you, Sakura. Of course I forgive you." He flew up on her shoulder and gave her a hug. "Just don't scare me like that again, kid."

"I promise I won't," Sakura said softly.

After that hug, Kero flew back into his desk drawer. "You know, you proved something to me over these last few weeks, Sakura. You proved to me that you ARE the world's most powerful sorceress. Don't ever forget that. You can stand up to just about anything."

"You really think so?"

A voice sounded from outside the window. "I know I do."

Sakura looked outside and opened the window, letting Li slide into her room.

"Hey, brat!" Kero snapped. "Sakura and I were sharing a moment!"

"Well, you obviously forgot that Sakura and I are going out tonight," Li shot back. He smiled at Sakura. "Are you ready?"

"Just give me a few minutes," Sakura beamed. She went to check her purse. "You know something? Maybe I do make too much of this sometimes. My life IS pretty good right now. Sure I've had a lot of weird stuff happen to me, but now that I look back…I wouldn't have it any other way. So are you ready?"

Li sighed. "I just can't believe that this is the last date we'll have before we go off to college."


Indeed, Sakura did live the life of a magician. She had a lot of unusual aspects to her life, some she enjoyed and some she didn't. And it was obvious that she wasn't a normal girl. She was an ordinary girl…with an extraordinary destiny.

But some of Sakura's life did fit the mold of a normal life…and that included…


With college ready to start…Sakura almost wished she was back to hunting crystals. Crystal hunting couldn't be any harder that going into what was sure to be a new world.

But whatever was in store for Sakura, she would face it. She had already proven to Kero; the love of her life, Li Shoran; and the rest of the world…

…that Sakura Avalon could take on anything.


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