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Fateful Decisions!

"Naruto, stop getting beat up by little kids" Sakura sighed watching as Konohamaru and two other kids tackle Naruto.

"What a loser," someone said from behind, Sakura turned around to see a boy in black with purple make-up on his face and behind him a blonde the her hair in four ponytails.

"You want some of this!" Naruto yelled at him, he just laughed "please I could take the whole thing," he said cockily.

"Kankuro stop it" the blonde ordered, "what he's the one who want a fight," Kankuro said.

Sakura just glared at him, 'what an ass' she thought, 'let's kill him we can take that weirdo on!' Inner Sakura yelled.

"Ow!" Kankuro yelled holding his arms, "don't mess with me team, outsider" Sasuke said from a tree above, Sakura sighed 'Sasuke'

She had given up on him about two weeks ago and he didn't seem to notice or at least she didn't see any change in him, 'oh well' she sighed again, they were still friends.

"Temari, Kankuro stop fooling around" a voice ordered, Sakura looked up to see another boy on the tree with Sasuke, but he was upside-down and he had red hair and a giant gourd on his back.

'What a hottie!' Inner Sakura cheered; 'he is really cute, I think he is even better looking then Sasuke' Sakura blushed at her thought of the red head.

"Come on Gaara we were just having fun," Kankuro pleaded, 'Gaara so that's his name' Sakura thought never leaving her eyes off him.

"Stop including me with you, you did this on your own!" Temari yelled, "Just shut up and let's go! We are supposed to be training for the chunin exams" Gaara glared at them.

'He's going to be in the chunin exams! Yes I'll get to see him!' Sakura cheered inside.

Gaara looked at Sakura, 'why is she staring at me? what a strange girl…' he thought disappearing in a gust of sand and appearing before her.

He had a kanji engraved on his forehead that read love, 'wow, it looks really good with his hair' she thought.

Sakura turned bright red, "girl what is your name?" he ordered, Sakura turned a deeper red, "Sakura" she squeaked.

'What is wrong with her? She is all red' Gaara thought, he looked at her strangely.

"What is it? Do I have something on my face?" she asked, now she began to look like a cherry, "no, your name suits you" he sighed and walked back to the other two.

Sasuke jumped down beside Sakura and Naruto, "what was your name again" Sasuke snarled, Gaara turned his head to the side, 'this one is an idiot' Gaara inwardly sighed.

"Sabaku no Gaara" he said, then walked off with the others, Sakura stared at the place where he was, 'he was soo cute and even cuter up close, but he has very dark circles under his eyes, I wonder if he is an insomniac'

"Hey guys I'll see you later" Sakura said walking off waving to the boys, once she was around the corner she dashed trying to find where Gaara went.

"Naruto" Sasuke said facing the blonde loud mouth ninja, "what? I want to go get some ramen" he complained.

"Do you think something is wrong with Sakura?" Sasuke asked, Naruto looked at him "you mean when she was red, no Sasuke you really are out of it today aren't you" Naruto sighed.

"She was blushing dumb ass," Naruto said blankly before walking off, "no I mean she hasn't asked me out once the past two weeks" Sasuke stopped him.

"Oh that's right you don't know, she gave up on you two weeks ago said it was to much trouble or something I think she seems happier though," Naruto began.

"Well what ever I'm going to go get some ramen wanna come?" he asked lazily, Sasuke nodded "why not"


Sakura just finished looking all over for Gaara, she sighed 'I looked everywhere' she sighed again 'I guess I'll just go to my favorite spot in the park'

Sakura walked sadly into the park and headed for a hill that over looked the entire park where a large cherry blossom tree grew.

Sakura made her way up the hill, when she noticed a red haired boy sitting under it with his dark eyes closed.

'Gaara!' she inwardly cheered as her face lit up, she walked up to him, and he looked like he was in meditation.

"Mind if I join you?" she asked sweetly, Gaara twitched 'how dares interrupts my meditation' he thought angrily.

He opened one eye and saw the girl from earlier 'it's that Sakura girl'; "sure" he said trying his best to be nice to the Konoha shinobi.

Sakura sat besides him and looked at the setting sun, "so I can tell you're from wind country" she smiled at him.

He looked at her, 'why is she even trying isn't she afraid of me' he wondered, he nodded.

"What is it like there?" she asked, he just stared at her "well…" he started he was not very good at socializing, "its…sandy" he stated.

Sakura giggled, 'wow he is so new at this' she looked at him, "you know the chunin exams are beginning tomorrow"

"You are participating?" he asked, she nodded "you are too right" she blushed, 'why does she keep turning red?' he thought.

"Are you ok?" Gaara asked, she stared at him "yea why?" she nervously questioned, "you red" he pointed out.

Sakura turned even redder, "ugh…ugh…I'm just a little flustered" she lied, "ok" Gaara said closing his eyes again.

"So" she interrupted him, he growled "I am trying to meditate" she glared at him, "well you don't have to be rude about it!"

His eyes shot open and he watched her walk off, 'my god Konoha has weird girls' he thought trying to meditate again.

But his mind kept traveling back to the girl named Sakura, "what the fuck?" he said aloud.

He gave up and decided to go back to the apartment they were residing in, Gaara sighed as he walked into the apartment greeted by Baki, Temari, and Kankuro.

"Gaara rest up, we need you all in good condition for the exams," Baki informed as he went into his room, "night Gaara" they both said before heading for bed.

Gaara sat by the window and watched the sky, it was a full moon, a picture of Sakura flashed in his head, 'what is going on?' he questioned himself.

"Why can I not forget her?" he wondered, "she was the only person who has talked to me willingly so comfortably"

Gaara shook his head and went into meditation, 'tomorrow will be a long day' he sighed.


Sakura waited by the academy for Naruto and Sasuke, "Gaara" she said dreamily, "Oi! Sakura-chan!" Naruto called, followed by Sasuke.

"Come on you guys were late!" Sakura called as they all ran to the building; finally they arrived to the doors leading to the exam hall.

Naruto busted through the doors making a dramatic entrance, everyone stared at the three, and Sakura gulped 'I hate it when people look at me'

Sakura saw Gaara was staring at her at first but suddenly looked away, Sakura's head dropped down.

"WELCOME ALL!" a voice boomed, everyone looked and saw a big bald man speaking to all the contestants.

Sakura looked around the room and saw Lee, Neji, and TenTen in a corner, also Hinata, Kiba, and Shino closer to them, and then Ino, Shikamaru, and Choji against the opposite wall.

Sakura also noticed tree suspicious looking sound shinobi, but Sakura ignored it and began to pay attention to the man in black.

Soon they were led into a room where they were given pieces of paper with numbers on them.

"Please find the seat that corresponds with you seat" the man informed, Sakura found her seat and located Sasuke and Naruto, she nodded to them.

She heard the seat beside her be taken and looked to see who it was, 'G-Gaara' she turned red.

There he sat with that gourd of his beside his chair, she just stared at him, 'oh my god he is sitting beside me'

He looked at her, 'great I'm trying to get her out of my mind and I end up sitting beside her' he sighed, '…a very long day'

"Konichuwa, Gaara-kun" Sakura blushed, Gaara just stared at her, 'what did she just call me?' he puzzled.

"Here are the rules!" the man started, Sakura looked around everyone was seated and there were teacher on all the walls.

"It will be a written exam and the rules are: if you get caught cheating you will be disqualified, you have three chances if you get three strikes it is over!" he announced.

'A written exam!' Sakura, Naruto and Sasuke all thought, 'crap Naruto will fail,' Sakura gulped, Sasuke frowned, 'Oh god Sakura-chan and Sasuke are going to kill me!' Naruto thought.

"And if even one of you fails…you all fail!" he laughed, 'Oh crap!' Sasuke and Sakura shouted in they're heads.

'Yup completely dead," Naruto teared, Gaara looked at Sakura she looked worried, 'probably an idiot' he thought.

"Now begin the test!" he yelled, everyone began reading the questions, Gaara read the first one, he twitched 'what is this? An impossible question'

He then heard something, a pencil writing on paper, he looked out of the corner of his eye; Sakura was already on the 3rd question.

Gaara sat there for about 20 minutes, eyes closed analyzing the situation, 'I got it' he opened his eyes, 'well that was a pretty good trick' he thought.

Sasuke sat smiling, 'so that's it huh? We are supposed to cheat, it is to test our sneaky-ness, I'm sure that Sakura has figured it out, but I don't know about Naruto'

Sasuke activated his Sharingan, 'ok Sakura lets see how far you have gotten'

Suddenly the exam teachers called out a few numbers and told them and they're teams to leave for cheating, Sakura smiled in satisfaction 'almost done only two more questions to go'

Gaara placed two fingers over his left eye; suddenly an eye began to form from sand particles.

The eye eased over to Sakura and began to read her paper, soon he began coping her paper, and soon he was finished and dissolved the third eye.

Naruto panicked, 'what am I supposed to do?' he thought long and hard, "Naruto-kun" Hinata whispered, 'when did she get there!' Naruto thought.

"You can copy off of me" she blushed and slide her paper near him, he smiled "arigato Hinata" he whispered back.

"Times Up!" the teacher yelled, Sakura sat up from her nap and looked around 'wow not a lot of people are left' she thought.

"Ok please pass all of your tests forward" he told the remaining few, the teachers quickly scanned over the tests.

"Congratulations, you remaining few pass" they announced, Sakura smiled 'good Naruto caught on' she looked at Gaara 'I'm glad he made it too' she smiled.

He noticed her, "what?" he asked with his emotion-less face, "well Gaara-kun, I was wonder if well maybe," Sakura began.

"Ok report to the caged area tomorrow at 9:00am, you teachers will give you directions" they teachers interrupted her.

'She is the most annoying person I have ever met,' he thought 'but' he looked at her 'she seems to find talking to me interesting'

'She is kind of cute' he gazed, 'no I can't, I won't' he told himself, "well Gaara-kun I was wondering," she blushed.

'I won't let this progress' he broke his thoughts, "no" he stated picking his gourd up as he stood.

He stayed there for a bit, he looked in the corner of his eye to see her sitting in defeat she had the saddest look on her face.

Gaara placed his hand over his heart and clenched the shirt there, 'I haven't had this pain for about 6 years,' he thought sadly.

He walked off as Temari and Kankuro followed, Sasuke and Naruto came behind her, "hey Sakura good job on the test you didn't even have to cheat" Sasuke said.

"Let's go" she said sadly, they walked out of the building it was around sunset, "I'll see you two tomorrow" Sakura sighed and walked in the direction of the park.

She reached her spot by the cherry blossom tree on the small hill and sat against the trunk, "Gaara you are so confusing" she said aloud.

Sakura sat and watched the sunset; Gaara walked up and saw her asleep against the tree.

He frowned, 'why is she everywhere' he complained, 'what a pretty little cherry blossom' Shukaku smirked, 'shut up' Gaara commanded.

Gaara walked up to her and kneeled down in front of her, he looked at her facial features, she was beautiful, and he reached his hand out and touched her cheek.

The second he touched it he tore it back, "what am I doing" he whispered to himself.

He looked at her face again, "see you tomorrow" he whispered and then disappeared in a swirl of sand.