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A Hand to Hold

Chapter 1- First Date

It's Sunday and Team 7 doesn't have anything to do because Kakashi is out for an important mission. It's getting hot & not to mention boring too. The Uchiha is sitting under a Cherry Blossom tree near a creek. He thought it would be a peaceful day until…



'What the hell…' Sasuke cursed. He surely know who's annoying voice is that. "…Sakura…" he whispered. Unfortunately, Sakura saw Sasuke even before Sasuke thought of hiding. "There you are, Sasuke."



Sakura and Sasuke were sitting side by side under the Cherry Blossom Tree. It was quiet that only from the running water from the creek can be heard.

"Uhmm… Sasuke…"

"What?" he said feeling annoyed.

" Can you b-be my d-date in the K-Konoha Flower F-Festival?"


"Sasuke, answer me!" she cried. Tears are ready to flow on her rosy cheeks.

"…" He still remained silent.

"Why can't you answer me? It's just a simple yes or a…"


In a split-second her tears fell. It was the moment Sakura was feared of to happen even in dreams. It was the worst nightmare ever!

"I'm sorry Sasuke…" she said still shedding tears.

"Sakura… It's not what I meant. I just…'

"No… I apologize for shouting at you. Excuse me, I need to leave."

"But, Sakura…"

Sakura stood up.


Sasuke tried to stop her but she ran fast. "Sakura…I would have said…yes, If only you let me explain." And he sighed. He stayed there andwatched the clouds. He was thinking deep. As deep as the deepest ocean on earth. The sun was setting. "I've got it!"


Ding! Dong! Ding! Dong!

'What the…it's too early to get up dumb ass! Ughh!"

Sakura stood up and rubed her eyes. She stretched while walking and she arrived at the front door. She opened it and yelled loud, "What the hell are you trying to do? Waking me up at this…" She couldn't finish her sentence because she realized that she was talking to no one. She looked around but no one is there. She just noticed a silver envelope w/ gold outlines under her feet. She picked it up and examined it. Her name is engraved on it neatly w/ color silvery-pink. At the back it was also neatly sealed. "I wonder…" And she went inside.

She didn't notice that Sasuke was watching her all this time and all he did was smile.

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